How to Migrate Alibaba Emails to Other Email Services?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 10th, 2024 • 5 Min Read

Several professional users/ administrators/ business owners want to know the better options for Alibaba Mail Migration. Nowadays various cloud-based email applications are available which are much better compared to Alibaba (Aliyun) Mail.

In this technical era, users don’t want to take any risks about security features because data breaches and leak-related cases are increasing day by day. In this blog, BitRecover will provide you a great method to migrate Alibaba email messages to another cloud platform.

I am using Alibaba (Aliyun) Mail service to handle my business emails since 2017. I have approx 100 user mailbox accounts. But now I am planning for Alibaba Mail Migration and want to know the best alternatives to replace Alibaba Mail. Do you have Alibaba Email Migration Tool for resolving my problem? I am looking for a professional solution because I don’t want to take any risk with crucial email accounts.

– Dawson Thomas, Florida USA

Expert Reply for Alibaba Mail Migration Process

Hi Dawson Thomas, don’t worry about your concern, we have a fully automated solution to migrate Alibaba email messages to another email service. You can continue reading this complete write-up to learn about Alibaba Mail Migration Tool and alternatives.

Our suggested software will ask only for account credentials of both source and alternative accounts for completing the Alibaba email migration process. Even Aliyun Mail Migration Tool comes with a free trial version which allows to migration of 25 emails from each folder.

Best Alternatives for Alibaba Mail

Nowadays Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace are the most trending professional email services available in the market. Most small and medium-sized businesses use these cloud-based email services due to multiple reasons as mentioned below:

  • These email services come with online productivity applications.
  • Both Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace are available at affordable prices.
  • Users prefer to use these emails due to scalability features.
  • These suggested email services offer the world’s best security features.

Pre-Migration Suggestions for Migrating Alibaba Mail

Purchase Licenses: First decide, where you want to migrate Aliyun email messages. Thereafter, purchase the required licenses and set up them according to your requirements.

Assign Permissions: After purchasing the license keys, you can assign roles/ permissions for specific requirements like Admin, Shared Mailbox, User Mailbox, etc.

Alibaba Mail IMAP Settings: Use the below-mentioned IMAP details for Alibaba Mail (Aliyun Mail).

  • Server Name:
  • Server Port: 993 (Encrypted)/ 143 (Normal)

Destination Account IMAP Details: Go to and know the IMAP details of your destination email account. This is mandatory because our solution will ask about them.

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Free Download Alibaba Mail Migration Tool

BitRecover Email Backup Wizard is the best solution to migrate Alibaba emails with 100% accuracy. This software has an isolated option to migrate emails from IMAP to IMAP. So, it can be used for Alibaba email migration using the IMAP details of both source and destination accounts.

Free download Alibaba Mail Migration Tool for transferring 25 emails from each Aliyun folder to another cloud-based email account. The free demo version is helpful to check and know the software’s working process before upgrading to a licensed edition.

How to Migrate Alibaba Email Messages and Items?

  1. Run Alibaba Email Migration Tool and choose IMAP as an email source.
    alibaba mail migration tool
  2. Enter Alibaba credentials with IMAP details and press the Login button.
    enter credentials
  3. You can also use the Batch Mode option to migrate bulk Aliyun Mail accounts.
    use batch mode
  4. Thereafter, choose the required Alibaba email folders for transferring data.
    select folders
  5. Select IMAP Server as a saving option as shown in the screenshot.
    select imap as saving option
  6. Aliyun Mail Migration Tool offers various useful filter options.
    filter options
  7. Afterward, enter your destination account’s credentials and press Backup.
    click on backup
  8. The process to migrate Alibaba emails is beginning, please wait.
    migrate alibaba emails
  9. The Alibaba email migration process has been successfully completed.
    completed successfully
  10. Now login to your email account and see the migrated data.

What are Software Capabilities?

  • Aliyun email migration tool can migrate Alibaba email to all cloud-based email services according to your choice.
  • This software supports batch mode so that you can easily transfer Alibaba emails from multiple accounts at once.
  • It is completely automatic software that asks only for account credentials and IMAP details for migration.
  • The tool comes with several email filters like Date Range/ Specific Sender and Receiver/ Subject/ Exclude Folders/ Has the Words.
  • Alibaba Mail Migration Tool preserves the original folder and sub-folder structure while transferring emails.
  • The tool allows to migrate Aliyun emails with To, Cc, Bcc, Date, Time, Year, Subject, Signature, Email Body, Attachments, etc.
  • You can select specific email folders for Alibaba Mail migration from the software window.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ques 1: Does your software allow to migrate Alibaba email messages to all email services?

Ans: Yes, Alibaba Mail Migration Tool is capable to transfer Alibaba emails to all cloud-based email services. Even you can export Alibaba email to several commonly used email and document formats.

Ques 2: Can I use your Alibaba Email Migration Tool on both Windows and Mac OS?

Ans: Yes, our software is well-suitable to work with Windows as well as Mac OS machines.

Ques 3: Does your software require technical expertise while using?

Ans: No, this is an easy-to-use software that can be easily operable by non-technical users.


We have introduced the easiest method to migrate Alibaba email messages. You can opt for Alibaba Mail Migration Tool which is the best software that comes with several output-saving options such as Office 365, Google Workspace, Yahoo, Gmail, Rediffmail, Zoho Mail, etc.