The Simplest Way to Add Emails to Gmail Account

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 13th, 2024 • 5 Min Read


If you recently switched to Gmail, but wish to import all your old emails to Google mail account, BitRecover company makes it a breeze. Automatically add email to Gmail address within few seconds.

Many times, it seems like the surge of email messages in the email address is unlimited – from your chief, your bank, your relatives, your independent customers.

If you have more than a email account then keeping a track of all your emails can sometimes look like a daunting task. For that, you need to check many email accounts to stay on top of all messages in your inbox.

Would not it be easier just to log into One email account and view all emails in a single place? When you create a Gmail account, you can use the POP and IMAP feature to collect your email messages from several email accounts.

However, if you have a massive collection of emails (folders and subfolders) then transferring it to Gmail becomes a problem. You can maximize efficiency by utilizing automated software.

Yes, the BitRecover company provides the best software to add email to Gmail account. So, that there’s no compelling reason to stress over inbox clutter – just import emails from to Gmail within couple of seconds.

Import Emails from to Gmail in a Precise Way

In order to import emails from email to Gmail account, you first have to download IMAP mail backup tool for Windows. This software is compatible with all latest and older versions of Microsoft Windows Operating Systems such as Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, etc.

Besides, if you are someone who is having multiple accounts and intend to transfer all emails to Gmail then this tool is a must for you. It gives a batch mode feature using which you can create a CSV file containing the email login credentials of accounts. Thereafter, upload the file into the interface for migrating webmail to Gmail.

How to Add Email to Gmail Account with Attachments and All Email Elements ?

You can start enjoying the benefits of our software in just a few clicks:

Firstly, launch it on your Windows machine.

Now, enter the email ID and password of the email account. Also, fill in the IMAP incoming mail server as and port number as 993. Click on the login button.

Then, choose desired email folders that you need to import from to Gmail.

Thereafter, go to the list of saving options and choose Gmail.

Enter the Gmail email address and password in the respective fields.

Lastly, click on the backup button to begin to add email to Gmail account.

Prime Benefits of Using our Software

  • One can import multiple email account data to Gmail at once.
  • The to Gmail email conversion is carried out in few seconds irrespective of the number of emails.
  • There is no need for any external app installation in order to import to Google mail.
  • The tool only requires your email address and password for the login and it never saves the user’s information in the database.
  • There is no loss to the information of users while migrating email messages to Gmail.
  • It protects the email compOnents such as formatting, mail headers, images, attachments, hyperlinks, etc.
  • The utility maintains the on-disk folder hierarchy during the conversion of emails to Gmail.
  • It’s a safe and 100% reliable method for to Gmail backup process.
  • Users can selectively choose emails by utilizing the data filter options available in the software.
  • The installation process of this software is very easy and does not require any technical proficiency.


How can I add email to Gmail?

Follow these steps to import to Gmail:

  1. Open the into Gmail migration tool.
  2. Enter email login credentials.
  3. Select required mailboxes for the task.
  4. Choose Gmail and fill its account login details.
  5. Start to add emails to Gmail account.

Will your software migrate all emails from to Gmail account?

Yes, the tool will transfer all emails to Gmail account without missing any information.

Does the software delete emails from email account after migration into Gmail?

No! It gives the facility to add email to Gmail account but does not delete emails from the original account.

Do I need to have an internet connection while executing the to Gmail migration process?

Yes! There is a requirement for an internet connection during the transfer of emails to Gmail.

Is it right that this utility will move emails with embedded attachments into Gmail?

Yes, it is an all-in-One application. This application will add all emails and attachments from webmail to Gmail.

I am not a technical expert but want to implement a smooth migration of data into Google mail. How can I do it?

The software described above is very self-descriptive. Just install and perform the steps properly. There will be no hassle to migrate to Gmail with this tool.


The above blog described the complete method to import emails from to Google mail. The suggested software has a very intuitive Graphical User Interface. You can use it to perform the bulk conversion for fast results. By using this application, you can add email to Gmail account with all information.