How to Add iCloud Emails to Thunderbird in Five Simple Steps ?

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Published: May 8th, 2024 • 5 Min Read

Want to know how to add iCloud emails to Thunderbird application? Do you want to setup your iCloud+ email account into Mozilla Thunderbird? If yes, don’t worry! We have a top-notch solution for you to overcome such queries. One of our client Mr. Daniel recently asked us how to add iCloud+ email to Thunderbird.

Hi, from past few hours, I am trying to import iCloud emails to Thunderbird account. Though with the manual solution, I have tried to synchronize my iCloud+ data into Thunderbird, but it is showing an error “incorrect username/ password”. I’m sure I am entering the right details. Now, I can’t put much of my efforts and time in doing this conversion. Can you help me out to backup iCloud emails into Mozilla Thunderbird? I need an automated solution for quick results.

Acknowledging the above issue, we have come up with a professional approach to add iCloud to Thunderbird. BitRecover iCloud Backup Wizard is an ideal solution to import emails from iCloud+ to Thunderbird. It is a trustworthy application that is professionally tested by our team. There are features in this iCloud to Thunderbird converter which are unbeatable such as – efficiency, Windows compatibility, selective email conversion and many more. So, let’s start it out!

How to Add iCloud Emails to Thunderbird ?

  1. Launch iCloud to Thunderbird backup tool.
  2. Choose iCloud+ email source and enter login details.
  3. Specify required iCloud data to import into Thunderbird.
  4. Use advance settings option for selective backup.
  5. Hit on backup to begin to add iCloud+ to Thunderbird.

Read A Professional Solution to Add iCloud to Thunderbird – Detailed Stepwise Solution

Before you start to migrate iCloud emails to Thunderbird, we suggest you to try the free demo version of iCloud to Thunderbird transfer tool. It allows to convert first 25 items from iCloud+ account to your Thunderbird. Hence, you can evaluate the tool’s features with this demo version and later switch it to the full pro version by activating the license keys.

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Step 1: Now, go to the email source list and choose iCloud. Here, enter the details of your iCloud account such as Email address and password. Then, hit on the login button to begin.

Email address and password

Step 2: Thereafter, preview the entire iCloud+ data and enable the specific email folders which you want to import from iCloud+ to Mozilla Thunderbird.

enable the specific email folders

Step3: Then, navigate your mouse towards the saving options list and thereafter, choose Thunderbird.

Add iCloud to thunderbird

Step 4: Now, use the Advance settings option for selective backup if required.

Advance settings option

Step 5: Then, hit on the backup button to start to add iCloud to Thunderbird.

start to add iCloud to Thunderbird

Thus, in this way, one can add iCloud emails to Thunderbird with these five simple steps. Now, open your Thunderbird account to check the migrated emails.

Benefits of iCloud to Thunderbird Converter

Windows supportability: This tools to add iCloud to Thunderbird can be downloaded on any version of Windows. You can run it on all the latest and earlier versions of the Windows OS. It supports Windows 10, 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2012, etc.

Simple GUI: The iCloud to Thunderbird tool comes with a very easy and intuitive interface. Any professional or novice user can utilize this application to backup iCloud+ emails into Mozilla Thunderbird.

Independent utility: The iCloud to Thunderbird migrator is a standalone application. It does not require the installation of any external software for the conversion.

Preserves the folder structure: You can add iCloud to Thunderbird without experiencing any change in the folder hierarchy. The tool maintains the internal folder hierarchy of all iCloud+ emails to convert into Thunderbird.

Shows live conversion report: While doing the conversion of iCloud emails to Thunderbird, you can see the live conversion report. With this report, you can analyse the entire data migrated into Thunderbird.

Keeps intact the Metadata properties: The tool to add iCloud to Thunderbird maintains the email properties such as sender and receiver details, attachments, inline images, hyperlinks, subject, etc.

Frequently Asked Queries

Q1: Can I transfer iCloud+ folder to Thunderbird?

A: Yes, with the above steps you can easily move folders from iCloud to Thunderbird.

Q2: Can I selectively migrate emails from iCloud+ account to Thunderbird?

A: Yes, with the advance settings option, you can selectively move iCloud+ emails to Thunderbird.

Q3: What are the limitations of iCloud to Thunderbird conversion tool?

A: There are no file restrictions of iCloud to Thunderbird backup tool. With the demo version, you can convert only 25 data items. However, with the full pro version there is no such limitation.

Client Testimonials

I have been using the iCloud to Thunderbird backup tool from past one year. I am a big fan of this utility. This application is absolutely essential for my daily email productivity. The selective email conversion facility, Windows compatibility, batch conversion features makes a HUGE difference in the time it takes to handle all emails. It’s fantastic and so, I have recommended it to my colleague as well.
-Sophie, USA

I have almost 55 emails in my iCloud+ account. With the iCloud to Thunderbird tool, I have effectively managed to do the email conversion. During the process to add iCloud+ to Thunderbird, I faced no difficulties. It keeps me stay organized and probably saved a of my time. Thank you!
-Lauren, New York

Handling Over to You

Just a little concluding remark to you that the iCloud to Thunderbird migrator is simply one of the best utility. It has no errors and provides 100% precise results. No file limitations and wonderful software GUI makes it an amazing product. Hopefully, now you can easily add iCloud+ to Thunderbird without hassle. If you have any doubts, please contact to our technical support team.

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