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(Standalone tool to examine maildir & maildir++ files for forensics investigation related purpose}

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Free Download — Maildir Viewer for Windows

Download Maildir Reader freeware tool to open, preview and read Maildir filename format. The software helps users in reducing their efforts and save time by viewing Maildir structure instantaneously. The application can be accessed on any Windows Operating system to view Maildir structure. The utility extracts all Maildir filename format information without data loss.

Features of Free Maildir Web Viewer

  • Free Windows Maildir Reader to preview Maildir file format.
  • Portable device to open and read local Maildir.
  • Browse all files/folders containing Maildir & Maildir++ files.
  • No file size as well as file content limitation to open Maildir file.
  • Preview unlimited Maildir files to save time and effort in content.
  • Upgrade option available to switch Maildir files into other formats.
  • Preserves the data integrity while viewing Maildir structure.
  • Free of cost Maildir web viewer to read mail from maildir with items.
  • Offers an easy process to search, evolution Maildir and Maildir ++.
  • Maildir viewer is accessible on all version of Windows OS.
  • Completely safe and error free utility with guarantee.

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Generic FAQs

Maildir e-mail format is a common way to save mail messages, where every mail message is saved in a separate file with a single name, and every folder is a directory. This improves efficiency because individual emails can be modified, deleted, as well as added without disturbing the mailbox or other mails, and makes it safer to utilize on networked file systems. The main goal of Maildir is to remove program code having to handle locking, which is quite difficult.

Maildir++ supports subfolders and mail quotas. The directories of Maildir++ contains subdirectories with names that starting with '.' (dot) that are also the Maildir++ folders. This extension is not a violation of the specification of Maildir, which clearly offers for the possibility in adding more than tmp, new, and cur to a Maildir.

Maildir is located in ~/Maildir directory. The location of mail is specified with,
Mail_location = maildir:~/Maildir
It uses Maildir++directory layout by default. It contains all mailboxes that are saved in a single directory with dot as prefix such as:

  • Maildir/.folder/
  • Maildir/.folder.subfolder/

To utilize it in hierarchical directories, as mentioned:

  • Maildir/folder/
  • Maildir/folder/subfolder/

Users need to enable fs layout:

mail_location = maildir:~/Maildir:LAYOUT=fs

Common files you will find in a maildir directory are maildirsize, dovecot.index.log, dovecot-uidlist, dovecot.index.cache, dovecot.index.log.2, dovecot.index and folders like cur, new, tmp.

Troubleshooting FAQs

No, the Windows Maildir Reader is completely freeware software for usage. You do not have to pay anything for its utilization.

Yes, the software is designed in a way that it can read maildir format without any limitation in batch by preserving the data originality.

No, this software will only allow to open, preview as well as read Maildir/Maildir++ files by using Freeware Maildir Web Viewer. To save these Maildir files, users need to upgrade to Pro Maildir edition.

Yes, Free viewer application is compatible with all Windows 32-bit and 64- bit Operating system and supports all versions of Windows such as Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, etc.

Maildir format is designed to be suitable for processing via multiple application or email readers. A number of email reading applications support Maildir file, some of them are listed below:

For instance, you can read a Maildir format on Thunderbird for it being a commonly used and comparatively familiar application. You will have to use ImportExportTools add-on for Thunderbird to view Maildir messages.

NOTE: Using the ImportExportTools add-on remains the same as usual. You just have to change the file type to All Files when browsing Maildir file from the machine to be imported in Thunderbird.

You can change the default directory layout to hierarchical manner by enabling fs layout Perform the following change in Maildir to maintain hierarchy of sub-folders:

maildir:~/Maildir: LAYOUT=fs

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