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Eudora Viewer 100% Free Download & Advanced Tool

View Eudora MBX Mailboxes without Limitation

(Open and read corrupt or unreadable Eudora emails with entire content and attachments)

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Free to use Smart and Effective Eudora Viewer Tool

Eudora free viewer utility performs instant access to corrupt or unreadable Eudora .mbx files with the complete content along with attachments. As well, as maintains the message formatting and metadata during read Eudora files (webmail). A reliable, time saving and virus free tool contains simple user-friendly interface, which is handy and very useful, especially for forensic investigators to investigate evidence from Eudora files. Upgrade option is also available for this software to repair and save Eudora messages to multiple formats.

Features of FREE Eudora Mail Reader

  • Simply download and directly run this tool. Moreover, no Eudora email client installation required to open Eudora MBX files.
  • Eudora File Viewer is very much simple to access, handy and easy to use utility.
  • An only utility that allows user to open, view and read one or more than one Eudora files along with attachments.
  • By utilizing Eudora Email Opener, users can easily view contact details along with contact photo.
  • Allows users to view corrupt or unreadable Eudora files with 100% accuracy.
  • Includes advance search option with the help of which user can find locate particular search term or word in email messages.
  • Eudora Viewer includes in-built viewer that provides instant preview of Eudora mail messages.
  • Scan Eudora mail messages by caches for previewing and faster reading
  • It maintains message formatting and metadata during the preview of message.
  • Eudora file viewer implement faster reading of large Eudora files and shows the preview of all of its emails with appropriate folder structure.
  • It has no file size limitation, capable to view files ranging from 2 GB to 30 GB.
  • Compatible with all version of Windows operating system including the latest Windows 10 as well as supports all editions of Eudora email client.

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Generic FAQs

Eudora is developed by Steve Dorner in 1988, a well-known email client which is used the Apple Macintosh and Microsoft Windows Operating System but is no longer under development. It supports POP3, IMAP and SMTP protocols. Eudora also has support for SSL and in Windows, S/MIME authentication which allows users to sign or encrypt email communications for greatest security.

The default location is:


  • Suitable email client for both home and business users
  • Supports number of mailboxes and nested mailboxes
  • Supports phone book, nicknames and mailing list

Troubleshooting FAQs

Yes, Eudora Viewer scans and easily opens corrupt or unreadable MBX files of Eudora without any data loss issues. User can easily read the entire content of data with 100% accuracy.

Eudora Viewer is highly designed with intelligent algorithms containing extremely advance features. And one the of most amazing feature of Eudora Viewer is that it allows users to view emails with attachments.

Yes, why not. It is highly capable with all version of Windows operating system, no matter whether you are working on earlier version or newly launched.

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