How to Export Eudora Mail to Thunderbird with Address Book and Attachments ?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 13th, 2024 • 4 Min Read

The following information will be discussed in this blog post.

  1. About Eudora Mail and Mozilla Thunderbird.
  2. Why do users want to convert Eudora to Thunderbird?
  3. Solution to transfer mailboxes from Eudora to Thunderbird
  4. How to import Eudora Mail into Thunderbird?
  5. How to import Eudora address book to Thunderbird?
  6. Features of Eudora to Thunderbird Converter.
  7. What our clients say about this procedure.
  8. Final words

About Eudora Mail and Mozilla Thunderbird

Eudora Mail and Mozilla Thunderbird both are desktop-based email clients, which are specially designed for sending and receiving email messages including various advanced features. Eudora Mail client is developed in 1988 by Steve Dorner and later it was acquired by Qualcomm in 1991, Eudora Mail generates MBX files to save email messages at C:\Users\USER_NAME\AppData\Roaming\Qualcomm\Eudora\ this location. Thunderbird email client is developed by Mozilla Foundation in 2004, Mozilla Thunderbird generates without name MBOX files to save email messages at C:\Users\<Windows user name>\AppData\Roaming\Thunderbird\Profiles\<Profile name>\ this location. Both Eudora Mail and Mozilla Thunderbird email clients support IMAP or POP3 protocols to configure email accounts.

Why Do Users Want to Convert Eudora to Thunderbird?

These are possible reasons to switch from Eudora Mail to Mozilla Thunderbird: Features, User Interface, Performance, Security, Stability, Backup facilities, Spam filters. Multi-Tasking, Import / Export options and User choice

The Solution to Transfer Mailboxes from Eudora to Thunderbird

Eudora Mail Converter can transfer email messages and contacts from Eudora Mail to Thunderbird within few simple steps. Users can download this software to upgrade Eudora to Thunderbird without the loss of previous email messages and address books. The tool is also known as Eudora to Thunderbird Converter, which comes with a free demo edition so users can easily evaluate this software before investing money to purchase license keys.

How to Import Eudora Mail into Thunderbird?

First, download Eudora to Thunderbird converter software into your Windows computer after that follow given steps for transferring Eudora to Thunderbird.


  • Run Eudora to Thunderbird converter, it will automatically pick all email messages and items from default storage location of Eudora Mail client. Now select all folder from software panel and press Save button.

Run Eudora to Thunderbird converter

  • The tool offers various saving formats, from here MBOX as saving format and click on Folder icon as shown in the screenshot.

Saving format

  • Select destination path and click on Ok to continue.

Select destination path

  • Confirm destination path by clicking on the Ok button again.

Confirm destination path

  • Converting Eudora Mail to Thunderbird format, please wait.

Converting Eudora Mail to Thunderbird

  • After completing the migration process, go to the destination path to get resultant data.

Resultant data

  • Run Mozilla Thunderbird email client and choose File >> ImportExportTools >> Import MBOX file option and complete the procedure. Now users can access Eudora Mail to Thunderbird.

Run Mozilla Thunderbird

How to Import Eudora Address Book to Thunderbird?

Eudora to Thunderbird converter supports conversion of Eudora address book, nicknames which are saved into nndbase.txt or nndbase.toc formats. First, convert Eudora contacts to VCF (vCard) format after that import resultant VCF file to Thunderbird by following these simple steps.

  • Start Mozilla Thunderbird email client and click on Address Book option.

Address Book

  • Now select Tools >> Import option.


  • Select Address Books and press Next button.

Select Address Books

  • Select vCard file (.vcf) and complete the process. After completing the procedure, users can access Eudora contacts to Thunderbird.

Select vCard file (.vcf)

Features of Eudora to Thunderbird Converter

  1. Import Eudora MBX to Thunderbird without size limitation.
  2. Automatically load Eudora MBX files in the software panel.
  3. Import Eudora address book to Thunderbird without error.
  4. View Eudora Mailboxes in the software panel before converting.
  5. Free trial version to convert few emails from Eudora Mail to Thunderbird.
  6. Search option to find out any specific information from whole Eudora data.
  7. Convert Eudora to Thunderbird with 100% accuracy.

Final words

After reading the above content, all Eudora Mail users can easily upgrade Eudora to Thunderbird in a professional way. This blog post has also described the steps to import Eudora address book into Thunderbird. Just follow these steps for migrating from Eudora to Thunderbird including emails, address book, attachments and other all email components.

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