Convert Excel File to ODS (OpenOffice Spreadsheet) – Know How?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 10th, 2024 • 5 Min Read

How to batch convert Excel files to ODS?” is the most searched query these days. As there are many users who want to batch convert XLSX to ODS (OpenOffice Spreadsheet) to manage their data. But how? is the biggest question to perform XLS to ODS conversion.  Therefore, I have come up with a direct solution to convert multiple MS Excel files to ODS format. Read on to know in details, how to open XLSX to ODS file.

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Free Download Excel to ODS Converter Online

You can use XLSX to ODS Converter free download to know about features and working of Excel to ODS migration tool. Once you are satisfied with free Excel to ODS Converter you can purchase its full version.

Step-by-Step Process to Convert Excel to OpenOffice Spreadsheet

Follow the given steps of instructions to perform LibreOffice convert XLSX to ODS format as mentioned below:

  • Download and install Excel to ODS file converter in your Windows machine
  • Select Folder option if you want to migrate multiple Excel files to ODS otherwise go for Select File option.
  • Check desired files that you want to move from XLSX to ODS format >> click on Next.
  • Choose ODS option from the list of saving options to convert XLS to ODS format.
  • Browse the desired location to save your MS Excel spreadsheet in ODS format directly >> click on Convert.
  • Once the migration is completed, you have the completion message on your screen.

In this way, you can easily move your Microsoft Excel files to OpenDocument Spreadsheets easily. Before moving to the end, let us have a look on the software part also.

XLS to ODS Converter: An Authentic Solution to Rely Upon

Excel, XLS, or XLSX files are used for maintaining contents, which are meant to be managed in the tabular format. Tabular structure of Excel files inspires manageability that promotes simpler access along with data manipulation. Microsoft Office provides an application in its suite of applications that is meant for organizational purposes. But many times users want to move their data from Excel to ODS spreadsheets.

Thus, to perform the migration in an easy way, there is a software namely, Excel to ODS Converter. Using this utility, one can easily execute XLS to ODS migration successfully and fulfil their requirements accordingly. The integrity of data is kept intact throughout the migration process to convert XLSX to ODS format. The XLS to ODS converter converts multiple Excel spreadsheets easily to ODS format. Not only this, one can easily convert selective Excel files also with this software.

XLSX to ODS Converter Tool – How Should It Be?

Rendering all your investment on a single application is a big thing. Hence, the decision must be taken sensibly with precisely detecting the software for all qualities that you want to have.

Meanwhile, some of the idealistic attributes, which are there in XLS to ODS Converter tool have been stated below:

  • The XLS to ODS Converter comes with an ability of converting all Excel spreadsheets to ODS format spreadsheet safely i.e. file does not get damaged in the process of conversion.
  • It would be better for users to get a software that comes with a free of cost trial edition capable of demonstrating the process of conversion in an illustrated manner to make easy to know what all capabilities are owned by the software. This way you can invest on tool with more confidence and with assurance of what kind of software it is.
  • The application has a capability of offering migration for the unlimited number of files without any problem surfaced in the process or any sort of slow-down or hang-ups in the process.
  • Conversion of Excel to ODS data can be executed over any version of MS Windows OS flawlessly.
  • Safe, secure, and bug-free conversion from XLSX to ODS is done with the software easily.

Before jumping to end let us have a look on user’s review on the software.

What our Client’s Say?

“It is an amazing software to batch convert Excel file to ODS format without any data loss. The best thing is that the integrity of data is retained throughout the process of migration. XLSX to ODS free software is amazing to know about it completely before spending on its licensed edition.”

– Viki Peterson, United Kingdom

“I like the feature of saving the resultant data at desired location after conversion from Excel to ODS file. It makes the tool more comfortable to use. I appreciate all those who have worked behind the success of the tool.”

– Jeremy Ward, Australia

Summing Up

By ending my talk of the day, I must say that in this application rich arena every solution is served by some or the other software program. But we have to choose the correct one from the list of software’s to convert Excel to ODS format as I have used a precise solution to perform my data migration process.

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