An IT Professional Solution to Batch Convert WMF to PNG Format

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Published: May 13th, 2024 • 5 Min Read

In comparison to other conversions, people find the conversion of WMF to PNG quite tough. It is so because they have a major concern about image transparency during the conversion procedure. This means users demand for a solution that convert WMF to PNG with transparency. It is considered as one of the major requirements when an individual thinks to convert WMF to PNG.

I have a file with .wmf extension that I need to export in PNG format using your WMF to PNG Converter. I had successfully installed the trial version of your software on my PC but, I have a doubt in my mind. Please can you tell me that does your application maintains transparency of the WMF image in the PNG file?

There are many users who consider transparency a crucial topic. Therefore keeping all the aspects in mind, we are here with one of the suitable approaches to batch convert WMF to PNG. This method involves the use of an intelligent program named WMF to PNG Converter. Now you are going to read more about this smart solution to convert WMF to PNG in batch mode. Also, this solution ensures transparency of WMF files when they are being exported in PNG format.

Come let’s begin!

How to Convert WMF to PNG with Transparency?

You can go with these simple steps to export Windows Metafile to PNG transparent images.

  1. Firstly download WMF File Converter and after that configure the product setup on your Windows Machine.
  2. Launch the tool and pick one option from Select Files or Select Folders for uploading Windows Metafile in the software GUI.
  3. Check desired WMF files from the software window and click on the Next button to be continued.
  4. Choose PNG from the list of saving formats and browse destination location as per your choice.
  5. At last, press the Convert button to start Windows Metafile WMF to PNG conversion and wait for few seconds.

Use of WMF to PNG Converter – Step-by-Step

WMF to PNG converter is an independent solution to batch convert WMF to PNG format. It is a Windows-based application, which is compatible with Windows 10 and below versions. The solution holds an easy-to-use interface with zero complications in it. This means that even a less technical person or novice user can use this product to convert WMF to PNG with transparency.

No technical coding is required to export WMF files to PNG via this solution. Users can feel stress-free while using this particular method to convert WMF files to PNG format in bulk. There is no restriction on the number of WMF files to be exported through this method. As many files you desire, you can use WMF to PNG Converter to save them in .png format. Well, the following listed are the simple steps required to batch convert WMF to PNG with transparency :

1 – Download and install WMF to PNG Converter’s setup file on your computer.

Download New Purchase New

2 – Once completed with the installation of the utility, launch the app. Click on Next for beginning the procedure.

Export Windows Metafile to PNG

3 – Click on Select Files or Select Folder to add WMF files in the software. These files will be the ones that you wish to save in PNG format.

convert wmf file to png

4 – Click on Next to continue with the conversion of WMF to PNG files.

batch convert wmf to png

5  – Click on the checkboxes of those WMF files, which you want to convert into PNG format. Again, hit on Next.

convert wmf to png with transparency

6  – Explore the menu of ‘Select Saving Option’ to display a list with different file saving formats. Click on the PNG option because here we are converting WMF files into PNG format.

Select Saving Option

7 – After all, define the destination path where you wish to save resultant PNG files.

save resultant PNG files

8 – Finally, click on the Convert button to begin the execution of the procedure on the basis of defined settings.

click on the Convert button

The solution consumes the shortest time duration in converting bulk WMF files to PNG. You on your own can test the functionality of the program by checking out its trial version. This edition is available for free downloading, installation, and use. Users who found this solution interesting and useful for their purpose can try free WMF to PNG converter.

How Is It Possible to Batch Convert WMF to PNG?

Around 100 WMF files are there on my system, which I want to save in PNG format. When I came to know about your recommended solution, I found that it fulfilled all my requirements to convert WMF to PNG with transparency. But, I am unable to understand a thing that how can I collectively export WMF files to PNG format. I don’t know whether I have to click on the ‘Select Files’ or ‘Select Folder’ option? Can anyone of the support executive help me out by giving the answer to my query?

There are different clients who raise this question. Well, we are going to clear this doubt by following two points :

  • Select Files – You can use the ‘Select Files’ option when you have to select only one or few WMF files from a folder of PC.
  • Select Folder – This option is suitable when you have to collectively select all WMF files of one PC folder. With this, you simply have to select the folder so that software can automatically extract all source WMF files in one cycle.


A foolproof solution to batch convert WMF to PNG with transparency is described in this post. Readers can understand the things thoroughly and use the trial version of WMF to PNG converter. It is not going to charge you any cost. So, what are you thinking? Have some doubt? Don’t worry! Our support team is always there to serve you 24*7. You can ask your query from them and get the answer to your question that is roaming around in your mind.

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