Convert WMF to TIFF Without Compromising the Image Quality

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Published: May 13th, 2024 • 6 Min Read

Are you in search of a WMF to TIFF Converter but, unable to track a suitable one? Not to worry because now we are here with an effective and efficient way to fix your issues regarding “how to convert Windows Metafile WMF to TIFF (Tagged Image File Format)”.

We understand different concerns when users look for a method that allows them batch convert WMF to TIFF. Different thoughts come in mind when an individual searches for a solution to export WMF files to TIFF. Below listed are some questions that commonly strikes in one’s mind :

  • What all alterations will be made in the image of WMF files during the conversion?
  • Will there be any change in the existing picture while converting WMF files to TIFF in bulk?
  • If bulk conversion takes place, will there be any compromise in image quality?

Having such sort of queries in mind is pretty obvious! And there is nothing wrong with that. Everybody is conscious about their quality of image files and the same goes for users who want to convert WMF to TIFF. Therefore, today we are here with a solution that will resolve this issue in a hassle-free manner.

Hello, all! I am Kelly – a graphic artist. One of my co-workers provided me few WMF files that I wish to save in TIFF format. Since its some kind of a secretive activity going on so, I can’t rely on online WMF to TIFF converter tools. I believe that there could be chances of data breaches if I opt for such utilities. So can anyone of my friends please suggest a suitable offline solution that converts WMF to TIFF? I am ready to pay any amount of money but, only in one condition i.e., program should be trustworthy. You guys have really helped me out in solving my many technical issues. And I hope this time also you’ll not disappoint me.

An application named as WMF to TIFF converter is a workable solution to convert WMF to TIFF in bulk. Generally, it is used by several artists and photographers to save WMF files in TIFF format. They reviewed this program by acknowledging it for its smart and easy way of conversion. Well, next comes the section from where you’ll get to know that how simple it is to convert WMF to TIFF in batch.

How to Convert WMF to TIFF Images Quickly ?

Follow these quick steps to convert Windows Metafile WMF into TIFF Tagged Image File Format.

  1. Download all-in-one BitRecover WMF Converter Wizard and install the product setup on Windows Computer.
  2. Choose one option from Select Files or Select Folders for uploading Windows Metafile WMF in the software panel.
  3. Check WMF Windows Metafile from software interface and hit on the Next button to continue.
  4. Select TIFF as saving format and browse a specific destination path for storing the resultant *.tiff images.
  5. Press the Convert button to start WMF to TIFF conversion process and wait for a while.

Convert Windows Metafile to TIFF File Format

WMF to TIFF converter is a well-structured application that allows the conversion of WMF files to TIFF. It holds all features in it that are required to export bulk WMF files to TIFF. Users need not to worry about image loss or manipulation if they use this conversion method. It is so because this approach is programmed and designed in a way that none of the internal content is hampered. The image quality, formatting, and structuring of WMF files remain as it is in TIFF format. Following listed are the steps that allow conversion of WMF files to TIFF :

1 – Download the installation file of WMF to TIFF converter and install it.

Download New Purchase New

2 – When the successful installation takes place, launch the program without any delay. Now click on Next to continue.

successful installation

3 – Here, you have to browse source WMF files by using the ‘Select Files’ or ‘Select Folder’ option. As per your choice, you are free to use any one of the provided options.

Select Files

4 – Its time to click on Next to convert WMF to TIFF.

windows metafile to tiff

5 – Select those WMF files that you wish to export in TIFF format. After this, click on Next.

export in TIFF format

6 – Now you simply have to explore the menu of ‘Select Saving Option’. Select the TIFF option from the explored list.

Select the TIFF option

7 – Define the destination path where you wish to save resultant TIFF files.

Define the destination path

8 – Finally, click on the Convert button to begin the execution of the entire procedure.

begin the execution

Wasn’t it simple to convert WMF to TIFF in batch? You don’t have to do any coding or technicalities to accomplish the task successfully. You simply have to browse the files and as per the requirement, perform few mouse clicks. It becomes a game for people when they get a simple way to convert bulk WMF files to TIFF.

Why Professionals Use WMF to TIFF Converter ?

We can’t assume any particular reason to batch convert WMF to TIFF. But yes, we can give an answer to this question by telling the main cause due to which TIFF is preferred by many professionals.

One of the main advantages of the TIFF file is that it can deal with data and images within a file. This single file includes header tags like definition, image-data arrangement, size, etc., which makes it flexible and adaptable. For example – one TIFF file can include both PackBits and JPEF compressed images.

Another reason for using the TIFF file is that it could be rendered in any classes. These classes include color palette, grayscale, or RGB full color. Therefore, it is a single file format that is usable across several system platforms. Also, another interesting fact of the TIFF file is that it stores image data in a lossless format. This means that the file is useful to archive images to edit and save it without any loss.


Wait for a second! We don’t want you to believe what we say. But, we want you to feel the ease of WMF to TIFF converter by trying its free version. You can convert WMF to TIFF in batch for free by downloading its trial edition. It is available with all the features that are required to export WMF files to TIFF. You on your own can feel the simplicity of the product and then, go for its purchased version.

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