How Can I Convert WMF to HTML in Bulk? Let Us Fix Your Problem

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Published: May 13th, 2024 • 5 Min Read


Hello, All! Since the last three days, I am in search of a solution that can convert WMF files to HTML. I tried to execute lots of manual tricks for this but, none of them worked. Now I am tired of again and again trying for a suitable solution. So, now can anyone of my social media friend suggest me that how can I convert WMF to HTML file format? You can either put a comment below or inbox me to recommend the approach.

While using a computer, there can be a situation where you may have to export batch Windows Metafile to HTML format. Although it is not a common requirement but, it is a need. You never know when you will require a solution that can batch convert WMF files to HTML. Therefore, it is mandatory to at least be known about an approach that provides the facility to perform WMF to HTML Converter.

Rarely, there exists an effective way to convert WMF to HTML. Not to worry; we are going to suggest you a relevant solution that will definitely solve your problem. In fact, this solution allows exporting of WMF files in PDF, DOC, XLS, etc. It means that you can consider the method as an all-in-one approach to convert WMF files into any desired file format.

Excited to know about the solution about which we are talking about? Yes? Now we will not trouble you anymore and without wasting a second let’s move further.

Download WMF to HTML Converter & Complete The Task

The method involves the use of an application named WMF File Converter. It is a standalone utility that converts WMF files to HTML without compromising image quality. The program works independently when it performs the batch conversion from WMF files to HTML format. Users can relieve themselves from the tension of image quality and structure loss. It is so because the method does not alter the picture quality and keeps it as it is, as it was before the conversion.

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How to Convert WMF to HTML Web Pages?

Now its time to realize that how you can effortlessly convert WMF to HTML. For this, you need to read out following instructions that will show the working of Windows Metafile to HTML converter :

1 – Click on the Download button given below and install the EXE file of the program.

2 – When the installation gets completed, open the software on your computer. Click on the Next button to begin.

windows metafile to html converter

3 – Now you have to add source WMF files. For this, you can either click on the ‘Select Files’ or ‘Select Folder’ button and browse the files accordingly.

convert windows metafile to html

4 – Continue with the procedure to batch convert WMF files to HTML by clicking on the Next button.

wmf to html

5 – Its time to enable the checkbox of all those WMF files, which you wish to save in .html format. Click on Next to proceed.

WMF files

6 – Expand the menu of ‘Select Saving Option’ and choose ‘HTML’ Hypertext Markup Language from the displayed list.

Hypertext Markup Language

7 – Finally, click on the Convert button to initiate the process

initiate the process

After reading the above steps, we hope that you have realized the working of the program. Still, in case you have some doubt then, use the FREE version of WMF to HTML converter. The program developer had designed this edition to enable end-users to test and analyze the tool’s performance. Without paying any extra charges, interested clients can use the trial version of the utility. It is embedded with all smart features that are needed to convert Windows Metafile to HTML file format.

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How Do I Open Converted HTML Files?

After using WMF to HTML Converter, I got all my files exported in HTML file format. It was undoubtedly a great experience while using this application. It is so because its easy-to-use GUI made things simpler for me to perform. Talking about the image quality then, for this, I need the help of a support executive. I am confused that should I use web browsers or notepad to open the resultant HTML files…. Unless I don’t view my files I can’t give my feedback regarding the image quality. So, anyone please help me out by solving this problem?

Alike the above customers, there are many users who raise such types of questions. Therefore, we are providing steps to open converted HTML files on your system.

  1. Simply right-click on any one of the resultant HTML files.
  2. Click on Open With the option to explore the further menu. This displays a list with all the supportive application of HTML files.
  3. Now as per your convenience, you can choose any one of the listed options like Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera, etc.

Not to Worry For Such A Small Thing – The HTML files created by the application can be easily accessed by all its supporting programs. You can use any one of your suited program to view these files.


The post briefly describes about an effective and efficient solution to convert WMF to HTML files. Users can read this post and use the method to accomplish their tasks. We assume that we have successfully fixed your issue. Just in case you have some queries in your mind then, feel free to chat with us at any time. Our support team will resolve your problem in the shortest time duration.

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