An Effective And Efficient Solution to Convert WMF to XLS

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Published: May 13th, 2024 • 5 Min Read


Googling for an approach to convert WMF to XLS file format? But, failed in tracking a workable way for doing the same!

Are you one of the suffering persons who are unable to get a suitable approach to batch convert WMF files to XLSX? Now not to panic, because now you had landed at the correct place. In this blog, we are going to illustrate that how you can import WMF to Excel XLS / XLSX without complications. It is not much difficult as it seems to you. You simply have to browse WMF files and convert them in XLS format.

For us, it is just a game of a few mouse clicks! Before we jump directly to the solution, let us first understand that why users look for WMF to Excel converter. Following points are going to describe the major causes due to which the need to batch convert WMF files to XLSX occurs :

  • When a business user has to open a file with .wmf format in the Microsoft Excel program, he or she has to convert that file in XLS or XLSX format.
  • It might be a scenario that users don’t have any supportive application to open WMF files on their PC. In such case, they can convert WMF files into XLS format and see the file in MS Excel program.

Reason can be many but, it is essential to be known with an appropriate means to perform the conversion. Therefore, we are here to tell you about an effective and efficient method to import WMF to Excel without any loss. For this, you need to read this post further! Come let’s see….

WMF to Excel Converter to Export WMF to XLS

The solution demands for downloading of a virus-free software named as WMF Converter Software. It is an easy-to-use utility that allows users to batch convert WMF files to XLSX. Users do not have to roam around here and there to look for its setup file. It is so because the program’s installation file is easily available on its official site. One simply have to click on the download button and install it on their PC.

It is a much better solution than online WMF to Excel converter because it works in offline mode. It means that there are no chances of data breaches or cybercrimes to take place during the process. Readers can now convert WMF to XLS file in an effortless manner by using the following guidelines :

1 – As instructed above, firstly you have to download and install the setup file of WMF to Excel Converter.

Download New Purchase New

2 – Launch recently installed software on your PC. And now begin with the procedure to batch convert WMF files to XLSX by clicking on the Next button.

import wmf to excel

3 – Use ‘Select Files’ or ‘Select Folder’ to add one or more WMF files simultaneously via this solution.

Select Files

4 – Click on Next to convert WMF to XLS

convert WMF to Excel

5 – Check the checkbox of those WMF files that you want to save in the XLS file format. Click on Next to proceed further

WMF files

6 – Its now time to explore the menu of ‘Select Saving Option’ and click on ‘XLS’

click on XLS

7 – If want to change the default destination location, use the icon of the browse button to alter the path. Otherwise, skip this step.

destination location

8 – Finally, click on Next to execute the process of conversion from Windows Metafile to XLS.

Windows Metafile to XLS

Wait, wait, wait! Where are you going? Still, there is a thing about which you should be known. This solution is available for FREE on the official website. Yes, you can download the trial version of the utility to convert WMF to XLS for free. This edition is programmed with all the features that are required to batch convert WMF files into XLSX. The only limitation with this version is that it converts only 5 WMF files into XLS. You can eliminate this limitation simply by opting for the product’s PRO version. After this, users will be able to browse any number of files and of any size in the program.

How to Import WMF to Excel 2019 / 2016 / 2013?

I had used your software to convert my 88 WMF files to XLS format. And trust me it was a great experience for me. The simplicity of this application made my task easier. Hardly it took a minute in finishing the entire task. But, I need help from you! Actually, now I am having converted Excel files with me but, I don’t know that how to import them after the conversion in Microsoft Excel 2016 program. Can anyone please assist me with the same?

There are several users who raise this question. Considering this problem as common, we are listing down the following points to assist with importing of resultant XLS file in MS Excel :

  1. Launch Microsoft Excel 2019 / 2016 / 2013 and press Ctrl+O keys simultaneously.
  2. This opens a window where you have to select the XLS files that you converted via WMF to Excel Converter.
  3. Now check that ‘All Excel Files’ option is selected in the drop-down field. This field is located just next to the File Name.
  4. Finally, click on the Open button to view converted XLS files in the desired MS Excel program.


We hope that we have solved all your problems related to the conversion of WMF files to XLS format. Now you can take a deep breath and use this method to convert WMF to XLS in batch mode. Just in case, you have any doubt then, don’t worry. Contact the support team and you’ll definitely get a satisfactory answer to your raised query.

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