Windows 10 Mail App Not Working with Yahoo Mail – Resolve Issue

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Cannot add Yahoo account to Windows 10 mail? Worrying about Windows 10 mail app not working with Yahoo mail issue? If yes, then don’t worry. In this blog, we have given the appropriate solution to tackle this issue.

Windows 10 Mail App comes with built-in mail client support. It includes all the essential features to manage Yahoo Mail accounts, but sometimes users are facing issues with Windows 10 Mail App not working with Yahoo Mail properly.

Now many Yahoo users are complaining against Mail App Win 10 that they are unable to add Yahoo account to Windows 10 Mail App.

Windows 10 Mail App Not Working with Yahoo Mail – Various Causes

Read the reasons if your Windows 10 Mail App cannot add Yahoo account, let’s start now:-

  • Yahoo account not working on Windows 10 Mail App

After installing brand new Windows 10 mail app, fully updated users are facing that Yahoo account refused to work in Windows 10 mail app.

  • Yahoo mail not syncing with Windows 10 mail app

Users are facing syncing problem with yahoo. After changing password of yahoo account, they are unable to sync their yahoo account with Windows 10 Mail App. After this their Windows 10 mail app is not working properly with Yahoo.

  • Unable to view all Yahoo emails

Users are complaining continuously that every time they login, some of their emails got disappeared and they are unable to find them after that.

  • Can’t add Yahoo account to Window 

Users are facing issues sometimes in setting up Yahoo account in Windows 10 Mail App. Due which they are unable to operate their yahoo account in Windows Mail.

Note:  Before opting for any solution to resolve the ‘Windows 10 mail app not working with Yahoo’ issue the user must convert his Yahoo mails to any file format. He can also take a backup of his emails. By this user will not lose any of his important data.

Yahoo Mail not syncing with Windows 10 Mail App

Why Converting Emails is Important before Solving Issues ?

As we all know that email contains important data and we can’t afford to lose those important data. It will lead to a huge problem. Whenever Windows 10 mail app does not work properly with Yahoo, take a backup of all your emails. By doing this users will not have to face data loss issues in the future.

Users can also convert their emails into other file formats whichever suits them. This is also a great option for securing their emails. For taking backup or converting emails users have to use the Windows 10 Mail App Converter.

Secure Way to Backup by Using the Application

Windows 10 Mail App Backup Tool understands the need of the Windows 10 mail app users and their difficulty as well. This application performs the easiest migration from Windows 10 mail to multiple file formats. Some major features of this tool are:

Download for Windows

  • It will convert emails into multiple file formats like PDF, PST, DOC, MSG, MBOX, etc.
  • Use advance settings filters for selective Windows 10 Mail App Email migration process.
  • Migrate Windows 10 Mail all folders including Inbox, Drafts, Sent, Deleted, Junk, All mails, etc.
  • The tool supports both POP & IMAP Windows 10 Mail App profiles.
  • Compatible with all Microsoft windows & windows server operating systems including x64 & x 86 bits of variants.

How to Use Recommended Software ?

  1. First, download the suggested application and install it on the Windows platform.
  2. Select Configured Windows 10 Mail App mailbox data or choose Windows 10 Mail App files or folders.
  3. Then, select the required file saving option from the list in which you want to save.
  4. After that, select a required destination path for saving the final data.
  5. Then, press on the tab to start the backup process of emails of the Windows 10 Mail App.
  6. The tool will automatically open the resultant folder.

Saving option

The Demo version of this application is also available, users can use the demo version also and can check that this tool is working on their issues or not.

Now users can try manual methods to fix the issue of the Windows 10 Mail app not working with Yahoo.

The Solution to the Issue of Yahoo Mail does not Sync with Windows 10 Mail App

Manual method for the issue of users

Method 1: Sync Yahoo emails with Windows 10 Mail

Users were complaining that they are unable to view all the email messages of Yahoo in the Windows app. For solving this issue, they have to follow some simple steps:

  1. First, they have to open the Mail App.
  2. Then, click on Yahoo account and right-click on the account, and select account settings.
  3. After that, click on mail change box sync settings and make sure that the email sync option is checked.
  4. After syncing user will be able to add Yahoo mail to Windows 10 mail app.

The solution to the issue of Yahoo account setup issues in Windows 10 Mail App

Method 2: Some users were complaining that they are unable to get Yahoo mail on Windows 10 Mail App. For setting up users have to follow these steps:

  1. Open mail
  2. Click the settings button located in the bottom left corner
  3. Inside the settings flyout, click on manage accounts.
  4. Click on add account and select Yahoo from the list
  5. Type yahoo email account & next.
  6. Sign in and agree to allow the app to access your yahoo account.

After this user will not face any issue in setting up yahoo account in Windows 10 mail app.

Bottom Lines

If Windows 10 Mail App not working with Yahoo, then before solving any issue never forget to take a backup or converting emails to other file formats. Saving emails will help users in avoiding loss of data. If still user is unable to solve his issue then he must migrate his emails to different email clients and he can do so by using this tool. Feel free to ask our technical support team if faced any queries.