How to Export Webmail Messages using Webmail to Outlook 365 Converter ?

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Published: May 15th, 2024 • 5 Min Read

Summary- Do you want to convert Webmail to Outlook 365 account? Don’t’ know an accurate solution for the same? If yes, then you have landed on the right page. Stay here and find a reliable Webmail to Outlook 365 converter tool for migrating Webmails emails to Outlook 365 account.

In today’s digital world, the importance of Webmail is no where hidden. Webmail accounts are used by nearly everyone – students, teachers, professionals, small enterprises, big enterprises, home users, etc. But, do you know that irrespective of so many good functionalities of a particular Webmail, still many users intend switch from Webmail to Outlook 365. Reasons may vary – with office 365 you get strong security, team collaboration, availability of subscription-based payments and many more. So, keep reading this blog to find out a reliable solution to convert Webmail to Outlook 365.

Webmail to Outlook 365 Converter – Reliable Solution!

The Webmail to Outlook 365 converter is built by professionals of BitRecover company. It is a trusted software that gives a direct function to export Webmail messages to Outlook 365. The tool gives Webmail email source and asks for only the email credentials. User just need to fulfil all the conversion requirements and thereafter pick the Outlook 365 as saving option. Throughout the process to convert Webmail to Outlook 365, the tool never saves the credentials of your email account inside the software’s database. Also, it maintains the email folder hierarchy during Webmail to Outlook 365 conversion.

How to Convert Webmail to Outlook 365 ?

Follow this procedure to export Webmail emails to Outlook 365:

  1. Download and start Webmail to Outlook 365 converter.
  2. Choose Webmail from email source and fill account details.
  3. Enable desired Webmail folders to migrate into Outlook 365.
  4. Select Office 365 as saving option and enter the account credentials.
  5. Begin to convert emails from Webmail to Outlook 365.

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Export Webmail Emails to Outlook 365 with All Attachments Directly

If you want to know a complete description about how to convert Webmail to Outlook 365 then, read these instructions. For the user’s help, we have also added screenshots here. So, let’s get started!

First of all, download and launch the Email Backup Wizard on your Windows machine. You can install this application on any of your Windows OS.

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Then, in the left side of the software panel you can see the email sources list. Here, choose Webmail option to migrate Webmail to Outlook 365.

Now, enter the login details of your Webmail account and hit on the login button to start the process.

Thereafter, the tool will start analysing all Webmail folders. Just choose the required email folders of your Webmail account which you wish to move webmail into office 365 account.

Then, navigate to the saving options list. Here, scroll down and choose Office 365 as saving type.

After this, please fill the account credentials of your Office 365 email account. Once this step is done, now you just need to press the backup button and that’s all.

The process to export Webmail emails to Outlook 365 has started successfully. You can see the live conversion progressive report. A completion message will be displayed on the screen once Webmail to Outlook 365 conversion ends. So, click on OK button to finish the task.

Lastly, open the office 365 account to get all your Webmail messages.

Read About Highlights of the Software

Batch Convert Webmail to Outlook 365

The BitRecover Webmail to Outlook 365 converter provides a batch conversion feature too for those who holds more than one email account. With this feature, a user can easily export multiple Webmail accounts to Outlook 365. For this, the tool will only require the CSV file comprising all the email IDs and passwords information.

Export Entire Data from Webmail

This application is the best choice to migrate complete Webmail database to Outlook 365 account. It successfully transfer all Webmail emails to Outlook 365 with associated attachments. Moreover, there is no file size restrictions while doing Webmail to Outlook 365 converison.

Advance Data Filter Options

If you are looking to migrate some selective emails of Webmail account then, Webmail to pdf converter is the most preferred choice. It gives a “Use Advance mode for Selective backup” option that enables to move Webmail to Outlook 365 in a selective manner. You can migrate messages as per date range, subject, email headers, etc.

Accomplish the Accurate Results

With the Webmail to Outlook 365 export tool, you will bet the exact results as you desire. It never saves the details of your Webmail account in the software’s database. Also, the tool maintains the email properties throughout the Webmail to Outlook 365 conversion process.

Windows Compatibility

There is no denying the fact that the suggested solution of Webmail to Outlook 365 converter provides a direct way for email migration. But, along with this, there will be no issues related to the software’s installation process. You can easily launch it on any Windows machine such as Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista, etc.

The Closure

In this blog, we have covered the frequently asked query of how to convert Webmail to Outlook 365 account. Using the recommended Webmail to Outlook 365 converter, one can batch export emails or selectively migrate emails with all properties. Thus, download this software today and perform a hassle-free conversion. If you are facing any queries, please contact to our technical support team.

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