How to Find Unhide Emails in Outlook ? Here’s the Best Solution

Rollins Duke   
Published: November 21st, 2023 • 6 Min Read

If you’re seeking to scratch the unhide emails in Outlook? Then, you aren’t alone in the queue. There are multiple factors due to finding the emails becoming a hercules task for the Outlook users. Therefore, users spend hours or even days discovering their important or sensitive emails.

Besides this, several reasons behind not showing the emails in the mailbox. Hence, it will hinder the users from reading, sharing, and downloading those crucial emails. In this article, we will unfold the best solutions to find hidden or deleted emails.

User Query: Hey! There is some issue in my Outlook application though which I’m unable to receive or even see my old emails. Unfortunately, I don’t know the professional and manual methods to unhide emails in Outlook errorless. Therefore, please suggest the right practices so that I can quickly resume my day-to-day tasks.

Since it is just one query, there are unparalleled queries to cover while digging into this issue. With this, you perhaps understand the fact that it is among the common issues inherited with any email services. Before delving into unleashing the solutions, let’s first find the reasons behind not receiving and showing the emails in the Outlook application.

Unread Emails in Outlook Not Showing -Know the Common Reasons

In this subsection, we will particularly focus on addressing those factors that bring the issue of finding the solution to unhide emails in Outlook. Although there are several reasons, some of the most prominent ones are mentioned below, so read them thoroughly for better understanding.

  1. Unstable Connection:- Often network issues are considered the most common factors that enable disruption and errors while receiving and sending mail. Users perhaps find hindrances while accessing emails, for the same, check the network connection if you’re encountering this issue.
  2. Synchronization Factor:- Sometimes sudden power cuts or shutdown leads to Outlook crashing and even results in unread emails in Outlook not showing. Therefore, users need to fix the errors to quickly restore confidential and other crucial emails.
  3. Oversized PST File:- If you’re a frequent user of the Outlook application then certainly, you might know the importance of PST or Personal Storage Table. Since the size of the .pst file varies from one version to another. Hence, large-sized PST files result in PST file corruption or unresponsiveness. Further, it creates a risk factor as the file is either corrupt or hidden in any folder. Besides this, it is recommended to split the PST file into smaller parts to mitigate this risk.
  4. Deletion of Email:- There are several instances when accidentally users delete emails. Further, if you configure the IMAP protocol then, it will be permanently removed from the data. For this issue, there is no manual solution to restore those emails.
  5. Insufficient Storage:- The issue behind unhide emails in Outlook also occurs due to Outlook storage getting full. Moreover, it will impact the overall performance of the Microsoft Outlook application. Further, those issues are PST file corruption, inaccessibility factor, slowness problem, and not receiving or finding the emails.

Overall, these are some of the frequent factors that cause the issue of hiding emails. Now, if you’re looking for the best go-to solutions to resolve the problem. Then, we will walk through the professionally suggested methods for restoring unread emails in Outlook not showing.

How to Unhide Emails in Outlook? Use the Expert Solution

In the previous section, we have uncovered all the factors incorporated with this issue. Moreover, problems such as .pst corruption, accidental file deletion, damaged pst, etc can’t be fixed using free or manual solutions. Therefore, use the BitRecover PST Repair Tool; it is a highly preferred and professionally considered one-stop method to find hidden or not showing emails in Outlook.

The exceptional features of using this software include risk-free recovery of permanently deleted emails, finding unread emails in Outlook not showing, and bulk restoration of .pst files into different file formats. Also, this tool further helps users to perform these functionalities even without an Outlook environment. Most importantly, users can repair the PST file into a new file.

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Now, let’s head to learn the steps of using this edge-cutting tool.

  1. To begin the process, download and run the software in your system.
  2. In the first interface, attach the file using the Select Files option > Next.
    attach the PST file
  3. Here, in the pop-up window, users first need to deselect the checkbox. Then, manually select those boxes having lost emails, or folder options to unhide emails in Outlook and press Next.
    select or deselect the checkbox to find the unhide emails in Outlook
  4. After implementing the above steps, choose the PST file format using the Select Saving Option. Further, select the path of the resultant file using the Destination Path. Now, move the cursor to Repair.
    choose the PST file format
  5. With this, the process of repairing the PST file will start in a few seconds. Once it repairs the file, it will automatically show the pop message of PST Repair is completed successfully. Now, click on OK, and check the resultant file in the chosen location.
    PST is successfully repaired

Since it is among the secure and best go-to solutions for unread emails in Outlook not showing. However, if you’re looking for the manual one as well then, in the next subsection, we will unfold them.

Use Manual Methods to Unhide Emails in Outlook

The free solution for finding hidden or lost emails isn’t popular among professional users due to multiple factors. Moreover, there are several drawbacks to using these manual methods such as complex, tiresome, and retaining risk or error. Most importantly, these solutions don’t fix the problem however, they can mitigate the cause issue.

Now, let’s begin to know the free solution for restoring hidden emails in the Outlook application.

  1. Change Default View Settings:- The significance of using this option is to check the sync duration and remove all the redundant filters while using the Clear All option.
  2. Delete the Old Mailbox Data:- As we know oversizing is among the constant issues that can further create problems such as unread emails in Outlook not showing, PST file corruption, and more. Therefore, delete the old emails using the Mailbox Cleanup as it can free up space.

Moreover, these are some manual solutions to restore hidden emails. However, these can create more hindrances due to the complexity factor so, it is advised to use the expert-recommended solution.

The Bottom Line

In summary, unhide emails in Outlook problems are among the common factors with any email services. Moreover, we have shed light on both manual and professional suggested solutions to deal with this issue. Further, we can find that using the free solution can hamper your work due to certain errors. On the other hand, using the aforementioned software is considered the better approach as it is user-friendly, intuitive, and free from any error or risk.