How to Transfer Verizon Email to Yahoo Mail?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 13th, 2024 • 4 Min Read


If you need to transfer Verizon email to Yahoo Mail for any good reasons, this guide offers the best way to do. A few years back, Verizon put in words that “all email customers have to transfer the account to any other third party.” But this does not apply to users who previously chose Yahoo as their portal partner. They can continue to maintain their email address on the Yahoo platform following their service terms with Yahoo. From that time, how to transfer Verizon email to Yahoo Mail has become a common user query.

Once you follow the guide, you will know that transferring Verizon email to Yahoo Mail is quick and straightforward. It doesn’t involve any technicalities or any long steps. Many have successfully transferred all their old or essential emails from the Verizon account to Yahoo Mail in our guidance. It is a complete, safe, and easy-to-understand process. So, let’s talk about it comprehensively.

The Most Convenient Way to Transfer Verizon to Yahoo Mail 

If you want to transfer all Verizon’s old emails to Yahoo Mail email address, it is easy and quick. It is an entirely automatic and safe process—free download Email Backup Wizard on your Windows supportive machine. Using the software, you can transfer emails along with attachments from Verizon mail to Yahoo. You can select the required folder of Verizon emails and transfer to Yahoo Small Business in a few clicks. The simplified and consistent interface makes it an ideal choice for any user.

Now, let’s see the full process of transferring Verizon email to Yahoo Mail with images. It doesn’t require any supportive application rather than the discussed software installation.

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Here’s How To Transfer Verizon Email to Yahoo Step-by-Step

Follow these given steps to quickly get your Verizon emails in Yahoo Mail account with complete precision.

  • Start the software on a Windows computer or laptop and read the guidelines.

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  • Tap on the Verizon email source in the list. Fill the account credentials such as email address ad password. Next, click on the Login button.

  • Now, the software starts analyzing files and folders. Automatically upload in software panel and choose the required email folder.

  • Select Yahoo Mail in the saving list. It has also had many other options for transferring Yahoo emails.

  • Enter the login credentials of the Yahoo Mail account and click on the Backup button.

  • In case you want to sort Verizon’s email for any specific purpose, check the Filter Option and see if any required.
  • It’s all done in a few clicks.

The Eminent Features of the Software

  1. Advanced settings for selective transfer: Verizon to Yahoo email transfer tool provides advanced settings for selective backup. It selectively allows Verizon’s email transfer to the Yahoo Mail account.
  2. Unlimited email transfer: The software allows you to batch transfer Verizon emails to Yahoo Mail. There is no limit to the number of files that can transfer.
  3. Compatibility with Windows OS: The utility is compatible with all Windows operating system versions. Some of them include Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows XP, etc.
  4. log in to advanced mode: If you encounter any difficulties when logging into your account, whether to Verizon and Yahoo Mail, you can easily log in using the developed method.
  5. Maintain the folder hierarchy: When you transfer Verizon emails to Yahoo Mail, the Verizon email transfer tool will maintain the correct folder structure.
  6. Transfer to multiple languages: The utility provides many language options. You can select any required language to switch from Verizon’s email to Yahoo mail.

The Conclusion

Now, we hope you have a clear understanding of how to transfer Verizon email to Yahoo Mail with attachments. The process is straightforward and fast. In a few steps, you Verizon account email in Yahoo easily with complete information. If you any more details or have any questions, come to our live chat.