How to Transfer Roadrunner Email to Gmail Account in Bulk ?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 10th, 2024 • 5 Min Read

If due to any reason, you don’t want to continue using Roadrunner account services, but wish to keep its old email messages to some other email providers like Gmail, then, you can go through the information provided in this write-up. Here, we have elaborated the right technique to transfer Roadrunner emails to Gmail account with attachments.

Roadrunner is a remarkable email service that is being utilized by an unlimited number of professional and home users. Its service is given by a famous communication-based organization, Time Warner Cable (TWC) Internet Service Provider. Only those users who have Time Warner accounts can access their emails.

I am trying to help my sister to switch from Roadrunner email to Gmail. But, the problem is I am unable to setup Roadrunner email on android for Gmail usage. How can I transfer Roadrunner email to Gmail so that she can access her old Roadrunner emails in Gmail account?

If you are also someone who is looking to forward Roadrunner email to Gmail, then read the solution given below.

Effective Way to Transfer Roadrunner Email to Gmail

The Roadrunner IMAP Mail Backup Tool is an all-rounder solution for those individuals who want to import Roadrunner email to Gmail account. This software has the capability to transfer bulk emails from Roadrunner webmail to Google mail. Hence, the whole processing takes place in less amount of time as compared to other solutions available on the Internet.

Users can install this application on any Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2019, Windows Server 2016, etc. It is also compatible with Mac OS such as 10.15 Catalina, 10.14 Mojave, 10.13 High Sierra, 10.12 Sierra, OS X 10.11 El Capitan, 10.10 Yosemite, 10.9 Mavericks, 10.8 Mountain Lion, etc.

You can download the software for the free trial:

How to Import Roadrunner Email to Gmail Account ?

Follow the steps to import emails from Roadrunner to Gmail:

  1. Download & Open Roadrunner to Gmail converter.
  2. Enter Roadrunner email login & IMAP Server details.
  3. Choose the required mailboxes for the transfer process.
  4. Select Gmail and fill in its account login credentials.
  5. Click on backup to import Roadrunner email to Gmail.

What are the Steps to Forward Roadrunner Email to Gmail with Attachments ?

  1. The first step after the installation of the software is to enter all email login details of the Roadrunner account.

    Import Roadrunner Email to Gmail

    • The email settings for Roadrunner webmail account-
    • Email address- Fill in your email ID of Roadrunner webmail
    • Password- Enter the password of the Roadrunner account
    • Incoming mail server-
    • Port number- 993
  2. Thereafter, click the Login button. The software fetches all mailboxes from your email account.

    all mailboxes

  3. Now, enable the specific folders that you want to transfer from Roadrunner to Gmail.

    enable the specific folders

  4. Then, go to the available list of saving options and choose Gmail.

    saving options

  5. Next, enter the Gmail account email address and password in the provided fields. Lastly, tap on the backup button to begin transferring Roadrunner email to Gmail account.

    Transfer Roadrunner Email to Gmail Account

Take a look at the Prime Features of Software

If you have recently switched to Gmail, and intend to transfer all your Roadrunner email to Gmail, then this software can help you automatically import Roadrunner email to Gmail without any file limitations.

  • Batch email migration-

    With this software, one can transfer thousands of Roadrunner emails into Gmail in a couple of seconds. It has fast processing and facilitates bulk import of Roadrunner email to Gmail for users’ ease. This software does not impose any kind of limitations to execute the conversion.

  • Preserves folder structure-

    The Roadrunner to Gmail backup software is programmed in such a manner that it maintains the internal folder hierarchy. It efficiently migrates all email folders from Roadrunner webmail to Gmail such as inbox, outbox, sent items, personal folders, spam, etc.

  • Keeps intact email elements-

    This application never disturbs the integrity of data. It preserves all email attributes during the migration of Roadrunner emails to Gmail account. The tool maintains attachments, inline images, hyperlinks, email headers (subject, To, CC, From), formatting of text, email signatures, etc.

  • Advanced settings for filter backup-

    This software allows users to import only selective Roadrunner email to Gmail. It provides various filter options such as date interval, subject, email address, and exclude folders, which help users to sort Roadrunner emails as per their needs.

  • Supports multiple saving options-

    Other than Gmail, this tool also offers various other saving options. These options include G Suite, Yahoo mail, Office 365,, IBM Verse, Rediffmail, IBM Domino Server, Zimbra Collaboration Server, etc.

  • Bulk Roadrunner email account transfer to Gmail-

    You can use the batch mode feature of this tool to transfer multiple Roadrunner email accounts to Gmail. The tool asks for all Roadrunner webmail email IDs and passwords. Just enter all these details in a CSV file and upload it into the software panel.

Time to conclude

In this blog post, you learned how to transfer Roadrunner email to Gmail in an efficient manner. Take a free trial of the software for evaluating all the features and functions of the tool. You can switch to the licensed edition only after getting satisfied with the software’s performance.