How to Transfer Frontier Email to Gmail? [Solved]

Rollins Duke   
Published: April 2nd, 2024 • 5 Min Read

Several users want to learn how to transfer Frontier email to Gmail account in this digital world. If you are one of them, this article is for you because this blog post discloses the top 2 ways to transfer and forward Frontier email to Gmail.

Users prefer to use Gmail instead of any other web-based email services. Gmail comes with extraordinary features; hence, this is the first choice of users. Let’s read some reasons behind the procedure.

Why Do Users Forward Frontier Email to Gmail?

There are various reasons to migrate Frontier email to Gmail account, here we are mentioning the top possible reasons that can be different depending on the users:

Easy to Use GUI: Gmail comes with the simplest graphical user interface hence most users prefer to use Gmail instead of any other email services.

Enhanced Security: Gmail provides top-in-class security features including two-factor authentication, app password, and suspicious activity alerts.

Increased Storage Space: Gmail offers 15 GB storage space for emails, drives, and photos while Frontier comes with 5 GB quota storage space.

Widely Used Email Service: Frontier email service is available only for residential users. While Gmail is suitable for home and professional users.

How to Import Frontier Email to Gmail Manually?

  1. Login to your Gmail and click the “Gear” icon to open Settings.
  2. Then, select the “See all settings” option from the right corner.
  3. Choose “Account and Import” and then select “Import Mail and Contacts“.
  4. Type your Frontier email address in the box and press “Continue“.
  5. Sign in to your Frontier account and accept the terms and conditions.
  6. After successful authentication tap the “Start Import” button.
  7. After that, please wait while Frontier emails are being imported.

What Are Manual Method Limitations?

  • This technique may take up to 2 days to transfer Frontier email to Gmail.
  • The manual method requires technical knowledge to complete this task.
  • There is no option to forward Frontier email to Gmail within a date range.
  • You may face several errors related to authentication and import settings.

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Automated Method to Migrate Frontier Email to Gmail

IMAP Backup Software is a perfect solution to resolve how to transfer Frontier email to Gmail query automatically. This application asks only Frontier and Gmail account credentials to perform this task effectively.

This software provides multiple benefits compared to the manual approach and comes with a free trial version. You can also use its free demo version to evaluate this utility before upgrading to licensed editions.

What Are Pre-Migration Settings?

#1 Frontier Settings:

  • Email Address: Frontier Email Address
  • Password: Frontier Email Password
  • IMAP Host Name:
  • IMAP Port No: 993

#2 Gmail Settings

How to Transfer Frontier Email to Gmail?

  1. Launch the suggested utility, type Frontier IMAP credentials, and click Login.
    Launch software
  2. Select the required Frontier email folders and choose Gmail as a saving option.
    Choose Gmail
  3. Use additional settings to migrate Frontier email to Gmail with specific requirements.
    Additional settings
  4. Enter your Gmail account credentials i.e. Email Address and App Password.
    Gmail credentials
  5. After that, click Backup to start importing Frontier email to Gmail account.
    How to transfer Frontier email to Gmail
  6. See Frontier email to Gmail transfer process completed successfully.
    Forward Frontier email to Gmail
  7. Lastly, login to your Gmail account to access Frontier emails.

What Are Software Benefits?

  • It provides additional filters to forward Frontier email to Gmail within a date range, email subject, sender, and receiver.
  • The tool permits you to check and uncheck required Frontier folders to migrate them into your Gmail account.
  • Best software to transfer Frontier email to Gmail together with attachments, subject, signature, inline images, etc.
  • This is a fully automated and easy solution that asks only Frontier and Gmail account credentials for the completion of the task.
  • The tool is suitable to download Frontier email messages in several standard email and document formats.

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Quick Questions Quick Answers

Q 1: How do I transfer my Frontier email to Gmail?

  1. First, login to your Gmail account and open Settings.
  2. Choose Account and Import >> Import Mail and Contacts.
  3. Enter Frontier email address and accept the terms & conditions.
  4. Complete the account authentication and press Start Import.
  5. Importing emails from Frontier to Gmail, please wait.

Q 2: Can I skip spam and trash folders while forwarding Frontier email to Gmail?

Yes, the software allows you to select required folders for transferring hence, you can easily skip unnecessary folders.

Q 3: Does frontier email still exist?

Yes, Frontier Email has shifted its platform to Yahoo. Now Frontier’s email service and support are handled by Yahoo so take care.

Summing Up

In the above article, we have disclosed manual and automated solutions to resolve “how to transfer Frontier email to Gmail” issues. Before suggesting these explored techniques, we tested both methods in the BitRecover lab. Both are tried and tested ways to forward Frontier email to Gmail account.