How to Export IMAP to PST file for Windows & Mac ?

Mark Regan | July 26th, 2021 | Convert Your Data

Summary: Backing up data is a wise decision even if your account is configured with an IMAP mail server which always preserves a copy. In this blog, we are going to describe how can one export IMAP to PST in Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, 2019, etc.

Read the User’s Problem: Hello, experts! I am working as an IT admin and want to export IMAP to PST in Outlook 2016. Though I have tried with the free solutions available online, but I got disappointed everytime. Now, I can’t take any risk with my data, and I need an automated IMAP to PST export tool for Windows & Mac OS . Please share the solution!

IMAP which is called as Internet Message Access Protocol, gives you access mails on a webmail server from computer. But, if you want to download emails from IMAP Server to email clients like Outlook, then problem arises. Reason being, technically this migration process requires technical knowledge if you are trying with a manual method.

However, one can export IMAP to PST with an automated solution easily. One such software is IMAP Mail Backup Tool. This beneficiary solution will let you to convert IMAP to PST for Mac & Windows OS   with all emails properties and attachments. Let’ see the corresponding solution for dealing with issue “how to backup IMAP to PST”.

How to Export IMAP to PST for Outlook ?

Follow these steps to convert IMAP file to PST:

  1. Launch IMAP to PST Migration tool.
  2. Choose IMAP email source from the software.
  3. Enter email account credentials and fill IMAP details.
  4. Select PST saving option and destination path.
  5. Click on Backup to export IMAP account to PST.

Download for Windows     Download for Mac

IMAP to PST Export Tool – Learn the Software’s Working with these Screenshots

Firstly, download and launch IMAP to PST downloader on any Windows & Mac OS Computer.

Now, enter IMAP account credentials such as Email ID and password. Then, enter IMAP login details such as IMAP Host and IMAP Port No.

Preview all the IMAP mailboxes in the GUI.

Thereafter, go to the saving options list. Pick PST option to convert IMAP to PST file for Windows & Mac OS.

Then, enter a destination path for saving the resultant data. One can also browse a required path by clicking on the Change button.

Press on the Backup tab to start to export IMAP folders to .PST.

The conversion is running successfully with a completion message at the end.


Now, you can see the resultant folder containing the IMAP to PST exported file. Open your Outlook account for importing the resultant email messages.


Download IMAP to PST Tool for Windows & Mac OS – Best Utility for Migrating IMAP Mailboxes

This IMAP to PST converter is an impeccable tool that gives facility to export IMAP to PST in Outlook. It has made the email migration from IMAP Server to Outlook, an easy to do process. Let us see some of the reliable features of the software:

Batch conversion: This outstanding utility facilitates to backup IMAP email to PST format in batch mode. In this way, the users can export multiple IMAP mailbox to PST in a single processing.

No data restrictions: With this wizard, the users can backup IMAP mailbox to PST file format without any file limitations. You can convert unlimited IMAP emails to PST format without any hassle.

Advance Mode option: Using this software, you can do selective backup of emails from IMAP server to PST format. This is possible using the Advance mode option. One can enable this option to

Supports all Outlook versions: This software enables the users to export IMAP to PST for Windows & Mac OS for any version of Outlook. It is compatible with Outlook 2019, 2016, 2012, 2010, etc.

Windows-compatible software: The application runs smoothly on all Windows versions such as Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2019, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2012, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques1: How can I export IMAP to PST in Outlook 2016?

  • Ans: Firstly, launch the software on your Windows machine.
  • Then, choose IMAP email source and enter account credentials.
  • Fill IMAP details such as IMAP Host No., IMAP Port no.
  • Select PST as saving option and a target file saving location.
  • Press backup to start migrate IMAP to PST.

Ques2: Does this software works on Windows 10 OS for archiving IMAP to PST format?

Ans: Yes, this application is a Windows-based utility. It supports all Windows versions including Windows 10.

Ques3: Can I perform batch migration of emails from IMAP Server to PST ?

Ans: Yes, with this tool it is possible to export IMAP account to PST in batch mode.

Evaluate Software’s Proficiency – Try Demo Version for Free Now!

If you want to test the tool’s functionality before investing your money on buying it. Don’t worry! Just download the software’s demo version. It allows to convert first 25 mailboxes from IMAP server to PST format very easily. Later, once you have analysed its working, now, you can activate the tool’s licensed version. This will enable you to export IMAP to PST files without any limitations.

Download for Windows Download for Mac


IMAP to PST migration is tough with manual solutions. Use this software to change IMAP to PST for accessing IMAP Server mailboxes in Outlook account. In this blog, we have explained a complete technique for exporting IMAP account emails to PST format.

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