SQL Server Error 926 – Introduction & Troubleshooting Tips

Rollins Duke   
Published: March 7th, 2024 • 7 Min Read

error 926 SQL Server

Working with data is an everyday phenomenon, so organizations use SQL Servers to satisfy their business requirements. But sometimes, SQL Server error 926 can cause productivity issues. Therefore, dealing with it should be the priority for any organization that wants to get ahead.

Users can rejoice, as in this article, we will provide an in-depth discussion covering the root causes, methods of identification, and solutions for countering this database MSDB cannot be opened error.

SQL Server Error 926 Occurs Due to These Reasons

Unavailable Files: When the server cannot access the critical files of the database, it can result in error 926. Files may be missing because of data deletions, file corruption, or permission issues.

Concurrent Database Access: It means that the database has been accessed, in an unauthorized manner, from multiple sources simultaneously. Due to this, inconsistencies may arise within the log file, which can further develop into errors.

Improper Database Detachment or Attachment: Another reason users may find an error in a database, is due to irregularities during the attachment or detachment of .mdf files. Moreover, these files may also mismatch due to a shortage of free memory in the database.

Database Marked as Suspect: Users need to recover SQL Database from SUSPECT Mode in case the database is marked as suspect. This happens due to corrupted data files.

Virus, Malware, Etc: There are possibilities that users are facing error “database ‘MSDB’ cannot be opened. it has been marked suspect by recovery” due to viruses or malware in the system.

Power Outages or Shutdowns: Having constant power outages or abrupt system shutdowns can result in hindrance of the ongoing transactions which may be the cause of error 926 SQL Server for users.

How to Fix Microsoft SQL Server Error 926 Via Automated Tool

Regardless of technical knowledge, all users will find the BitRecover SQL Recovery Software easy to use. The advanced tool is not only recommended by experts but also the favorite of many users. The advanced algorithms in this tool can recover even the most severely corrupted MDF flies.

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It is natively supported on all Windows versions and can work with every SQL Server version that came after 2000. Simply follow these steps to make the best use of this tool to solve SQL Server error 926.

Step-1. Install the tool and launch it on your PC.

Launch Tool

Step-2. Locate the faulty data file via the tool’s UI.

Add Files

Step-3. Choose the Advanced Scan option for in-depth analysis.

Select Advanced Scan

Step-4. Configure all the required details according to your preferences.

Select Export Options

Step-5. Set the location where the recovered file will be exported and click on “Export”.

Export the File

SQL Server Error 926 Fixed Manually Using SSMS & Contol Panel

The following steps are provided for the users to achieve their goals:

Step-1. First of all, launch SQL Server Management Studio and navigate to the Object Explorer section.

Step-2. Then, right-click on SQL Server causing the issue and select “Stop” to halt the server.

Step-3. Next, minimize the SSMS window and open up the Control Panel of your PC, browse for “Administrative Tools,” and then click on “Services. to fix error 926 SQL Server”

Step-4. In the dialog box that opens up, look for “SQL Server (MSSQLSERVER),” when you right-click on it, and a drop-down menu appears, choose the “Stop” option.

Step-5. Now, follow this file path to the directory: 

C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL10.MSSQLSERVER\MSSQL\DATA.

Step-6. Select the master data file & its associated log file and move them to a different location.

Step-7. Copy the .mdf and .ldf files from the new location back to their original location to repair SQL Server error 926 by browsing:

 C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL10.MSSQLSERVER\MSSQL\DATA.

Step-8. Restart the SQL Server service once again.

Step-9. Lastly, open the database in SSMS again and sever the connection of the MSDB file.

How to Fix Microsoft SQL Server Error 926 Using SQL Queries 

Open a query window on the SSMS to execute the following commands.

USE master;

Description of this Query Structure: These commands first take the database offline and then bring it back online, effectively resetting it to solve error 926 SQL Server.

If this procedure fails to give desired results, then users can use the alternate set of queries given below.

DBCC checkdb (‘UserDataBaseName’) 

Description of this query structure: These SQL statements try to repair the damaged database. For this, we first use the emergency criteria and set the database to single-user mode. Then use the inbuilt repair mechanism to fix the problem. After which, we bring back the database to multi-user mode

Limitations of Manual Methods 

Complicated: Different and Complex SQL queries and other hidden details make these processes highly problematic as a solution for SQL Server error 926. 

Lengthy: These are not made for the average user. Even with deep technical knowledge of SQL Server’s functionality, these methods consume a lot of productive time.

Faulty: Apart from being difficult, and time-consuming, the manual solution also has a high rate of failure. This is particularly concerning as there is a risk of data loss.

Lacks Advanced Features: The manual solutions do not offer as many features compared to the advanced utilities. There are no ways that users can customize their results as per their preferences.

No Guaranteed Results: Even if users execute all of the steps correctly in the manual method, there is no guarantee for the desired results here.

These drawbacks once again make a case for using the above-mentioned automated tool. 

Tips to Fix “Database MSDB Cannot be Opened Error 926” in SQL Server

Now that we are aware of both the manual & automated ways, it’s time to get a sneak peak into some useful tips. These tips might not help users in all the scenarios but it will surely affect the results in some cases. Why not give them a try if error 926 SQL Server can be solved easily.

  1. Refresh your SQL Server Instance Connection.
  2. Detach SQL database & then attach it again.
  3. Restart entire SQL Server from beginning.
  4. Restart SQL Server Management Studio.
  5. Shutdown or Restart the entire system.
  6. Cross check the networks & Internet.
  7. Look out for corruption in database.
  8. Cross-verify all of the indexes.

The Conclusion

As we end our discussion regarding SQL Server Error 926. Users can now confidently say that they not only have a complete understanding of the causes of this error. But are also aware of the techniques to troubleshoot it.  

Additionally, we provide them with the workings of a professional utility to skip over the limitations of manual methods. By following the guidelines mentioned here, DBAs can maintain a stable and reliable SQL Server environment for their company. Evidently, he error database ‘MSDB’ cannot be opened. it has been marked suspect by recovery is not a tough one to fix if users are aware of the right techniques.