SQL Server Error 8946 Solved – Complete Overview with Solution

Rollins Duke   
Published: April 2nd, 2024 • 6 Min Read

No organization can survive the demands of the modern era without data management. Therefore, many businesses choose Microsoft’s SQL Server services. That’s when they encounter SQL Server error 8946 out of the blue.

This error can severely hamper their workflow and if not resolved in time, can result in critical data loss. Thus, we provide users with this guide to make them aware of all the technicalities associated with this error as well as the mechanism to solve it.

Understand File Storage in Server to Fix SQL Error 8946

Users receive SQL Server error 8946 mainly due to the breakdown of stored procedures in the SQL Server. Therefore, it is vital to understand how file management in SQL Servers works.

  • Database Files: The actual data is stored on the primary data files (.mdf). Sometimes users may also create optional secondary data files (.ndf) for their database. Moreover, a third type, called transaction log file (.ldf), records all server modifications. 
  • Storage Allocation: At the hardware level the SQL Server stores data in the form of extents. Additionally, each extent is a collection of eight data pages which are further subdivided into a single page of max size 8 KB.
  • PFS Pages: The PFS plays a crucial role in managing page allocations and determining the available space within the database. Each page has a 1-byte entry indicating allocation status and occupancy level, from empty to different percentage ranges filled.

Now that users are well-versed in how the storage of an SQL Server works, it’s time to learn why the dreaded error 8946 occurs in the first place.

SQL Server Error 8946 Origins Clarified

The SQL Server error 8946 occurs in the database when page level corruption occurs due to difficulties in accessing the files. After the database page header, footer, body faces corruption issues, it ultimately leads to data loss. Evidently, to protect the vital information in the data files, users are advised to fix this error as soon as possible. The error message of SQL error 8946 code looks like this: 

Table error: Allocation page %S_PGID has invalid %ls page header values. Type is %d. Check type, alloc unit ID, and page ID on the page.

This error arises mainly due to the following conditions:

  • Disk Corruption: When the hard disk becomes corrupted, it can lead to the degradation of the stored header file, potentially triggering this error.
  • Software Bugs: Unexpected bugs in the SQL Server software may impact the header file, causing corruption and giving rise to SQL Server error 8946 in a database.
  • Improper Shutdown: An error like this can also occur when the user fails to follow the appropriate shutdown procedure for their server.
  • Power Failure: In the event of a power failure, if backup power is not promptly established, header file errors may arise, including error 8946.
  • Attachment Mismatch: Mistakes during the joining of a header file to its corresponding data file can result in an error, causing issues with the file’s integrity.

With this, users are now capable of finding the root cause of their particular situation. Moreover, they must be desperate to solve this error as fast as they can. However, they must beware as there is no authorized manual method or SQL queries that can exist to fix this error. 

Due to the nature and location of this error, even the universal DBCC CHECKDB Method fails. Next up we will go over the consequences of resolving this error without proper knowledge.

Limitations of Manual Method to fix Error Code 8946 in SQL

Manual methods of SQL Server error 8946 resolution have a likelihood of creating other problems. Therefore, it is important to be aware of such drawbacks beforehand. 

  • Absence of Support: Manual recovery methods lack the step-by-step procedures needed to solve error 8946. Also, the user’s own scenario may be unique in itself, so without a tailored guide they only have a hit-and-trial method which is not enough to solve this error.
  • Time and Effort: Even if the users manage to find patchy manual instructions, it may be quite complicated to use. So spending a lot of time deciphering the approach is wasteful and may fail to get the desired results. Once again, users find themselves where they started.
  • Lack of Expertise: Repairing errors like the one we are currently dealing with requires advanced knowledge of database recovery techniques. Users who don’t have sufficient experience in handling complex database structures can further damage their database.

Given these risks, it is recommended to go for the professional utility to solve the issue.

SQL Server Error 8946 Resolved Via Automated Tool

BitRecover SQL Recovery Tool is the one that stands head and shoulders above the rest when it comes to resolving SQL Server errors. It is designed to not only save users time but also maintain the integrity of their data.

The tool can work on all versions of the Windows operating system and is versatile enough to handle every SQL Server version from 2000 and above. It gives its users the added advantage of exporting their recovered data in three different formats including default SQL Server files, SQL scripts, and CSV files. So, to get started, follow these simple steps:

Step-1. Get the software and launch it on your PC.

Launch Tool

Step-2. Choose the damaged file from the left-hand side menu.

Add Files

Step-3. Go for the Advanced Scan feature for thorough file recovery.

Select Advanced Scan

Step-4. Then customize the output settings according to your preferences.

Select Export Options

Step-5. At last, specify the destination for the file and click the “Export” button.

Specify Destination

By using this advanced software, users can protect their database from potential pitfalls. So don’t waste any more time thinking, opt for the automated solution and stop the hassle.


Finally, we reach the end of our discussion on SQL Server Error 8946. Users who have read this guide can now confidently claim to have a comprehensive understanding of both the “why” and the “how” of the error.

Additionally,  users who choose to equip themselves with advanced utility can deal with the absence of manual methods & SQL error 8946 easily. In the end, it is almost certain that with the expert-recommended software, database administrators can ensure a stable and error-free SQL Server for their organization.