How to Take SmarterMail Backup – Free Tutorial

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 13th, 2024 • 5 Min Read

Have you ever though what you will do if any you lost all your SmarterMail data?

Roxanne Roy shared a solution to backup SmarterMail account for data management. In a way to be at safe point during any disastrous situation, Roxanne Roy talked about “how to copy SmarterMail mailbox.” He said that once he was also the one who searched for the same solution to download all SmarterMail account data.

After exploring a lot of solutions, he got a direct solution from BitRecover. He had detailed us the whole story that how he got this solution and backup all the data.

Why do you want to create a copy of your SmarterMail mailbox?

Being in a technical field, I know the importance of data very well. If it is lost, it creates a hurdle to maintain the work continuity.

Creating a backing up your SmarterMail account is a worthy practice as backup turn out to be handy helper at the time when server crashed, hacked or even an upgrade has been done that have major bugs that you want to restore to last good well-known configuration.

SmarterMail has been designed in such way that creating backup is much easy. But what is if you want to create a backup of multiple data files of SmarterMail at once.

How did to begin your procedure to backup your SmarterMail mailbox?

Getting a precise solution to execute backup procedure was challenging as well as important choice. A wrong step can take to the situation of data loss. I begin to explore for some direct way to backup mailbox at once to required format or other any cloud application.

Continuing my research for the solution, I got SmarterMail Converter Wizard by BitRecover. The tool seems well-intentioned to copy all SmarterMail data. I directly contacted at the support to understand about tool in complete details. The person on the support helped me all the way through. He also told me that application comes up with trial edition that I can utilize before investing on the software. In a way to understand all the application’s working I utilized free of cost demo of application.

I found the utility, actual solution for which I was searching for. Then, I buy the full edition of the tool. And continue on to download all my mails from SmarterMail mailbox.

Let us check out the steps to execute the backup procedure as stated below

  • First of all download BitRecover SmasterMail Backup Software and after that go with these simple steps.


  • Run the tool and load SmarterMail data in the software UI via clicking on Select Files of Select Folders option.

Run SmarterMail Backup Tool

  • After choosing the data, click on the Next button.

 Next button

  • The tool shows all folders including contacts, inbox, draft, junk, sent items, users, etc. in the software panel. From here, you can choose only preferred folders and items to backup them and press the Next button.

choose only preferred folders

  • SmarterMail Backup Software offers various saving formats to backup SmarterMail data, users can choose any format.

various saving formats

  • This application comes with multiple file naming options, choose according to your requirement.

file naming options

  • Users can save resultant data at same source folder by selecting a separate option. By default, the tool will save resultant data at desktop but users can change the destination path by clicking on the Folder icon. Now press the Next button to start the SmarterMail Server backup procedure.

destination path

  • SmarterMail backup process is running, please wait.

process is running

  • Email backup process has been completed successfully, now click on Ok.

completed successfully

  • After completing the procedure, the tool will automatically open the destination path so that users can easily get their resultant data.

resultant data

Backup in Any Cloud Application Directly

  • From the list of saving options, choose the desired cloud application like Office 365.
  • If you want to execute an auto-mail mapping feature then, just check the option of “I am admin.”
  • Enter the credentials of your mailbox to perform the migration
  • Once the migration is done, you will get a pop-up message on the screen.

How do you feel like this SmarterMail Backup Tool is diverse from other utility?

I felt that the application was one of my good investment. As SmarterMail Server Backup Software provides plenty of options to backup the SmarterMail emails, contacts, and calendar. SmarterMail Server Backup Tool does not any external application to execute the backup process.

The best thing about the software is that it retains the integrity in exact form after migration to another format. Not only this, even it is all-in-one software as it gives plenty of options to save the data.  It is easily operable on all Windows OS (32 and 64-bit).

Advantages of SmarterMail Server Backup Tool

  • Gives several saving options so that we can say it as the all-in-one application.
  • Alleviated backup helped as software anxieties no any technical skills for being functioned and even non-technical can run the software.
  • Runs effortlessly on all editions of Windows OS without any kind of limits or any hang-ups skilled.
  • While your backup, the utility will confirm that data leftover safe and intact through handling with even Metadata preserved sustained as it is.
  • No external utility is needed to implement the SmarterMail backup process.
  • Backup unlimited SmarterMail data without any problem.
  • It is capable to backup SmarterMail emails, contacts, calendar, etc.

By concluding, I would only like to say that SmarterMail Server backup is crucial but making a backup by using a suitable solution is also significant. With the detailed solution like this I have utilized, you will get an exact way to predictive accomplishment.

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