Shift + Delete Data Recovery – How To

Mark Regan | May 1st, 2021 | Recover Your Data

We usually delete the file(s) and folder(s) from our laptops or PCs, which are not important or are obsolete. But sometimes, we mistakenly delete some crucial file(s) or folder(s), and later, we realize the importance of these files, which seem to be important and useful and therefore, we wish to restore them back.

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2 Ways Which We Employ to Delete File(S) from Our System

  1. Normally every computer user deletes the obsolete files from their system either by pressing the “Delete” key, which can also be done by choosing the “delete” option from the menu, which appears when we right click the mouse on the file icon in the folder where it is located. Doing this process of deletion, the files thus deleted go and get stored in the “recycle bin” and can be easily retrieved back to the earlier location if needed later on by going to the Recycle Bin and right-clicking on the file icon and choosing restore option.
  2. The second way of file/folder deletion is by clicking the “Shift + Del” keys together after choosing the required file or folder that is to be deleted. On using this method of deletion, the files that are deleted cannot be restored as they do not get stored in the recycle bin and they bypass it. This is considered an advanced technique for deleting the obsolete stiff. In this case of deletion, no option rests with the user for shift+delete data recovery, and only a professional shift+delete recovery tool can help in performing shift+delete file recovery.

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What Really Occurs When You “Shift + Delete” A File?

What happens to the files deleted using “Shift + Del”? Do they get wiped off from the hard disk drive forever? In the case we do “Shift + delete” to delete any file, all entries regarding those files are erased from the file directory which indicates that space to be as the free memory space on which new files (data) can be easily written. But in real, this file would still not be removed permanently from the hard disk; rather, the file will be there on the hard disk until it will be overwritten by some new file.

Shift Delete File Recovery – How To?

For deleting any useless files, using the shift+delete way might save your time for work, but in case, you have accidentally pressed shift+del by mistake, and this is why, your crucial file/files are gone from your system, and you cannot locate that file anywhere on your system, then what should be done? On suffering data loss by pressing shift delete accidentally, then please maintain calm and follow the following instructions:

  • Stop using that disk from where the files are deleted.
    You need to understand the fact that shift+delete recovery is actually possible and is also not a very intricate process. This is because of the fact that when you erase a file from your system using Shift + Del Keys, the contents of that file are not immediately destroyed from the system; and MS Windows OS simply marks that hard disk space (which was taken by that file) as being “available for use” and this is done by altering 1 character in the file table. So if you keep on using that disk, you can let new and fresh files to over-write that space which will make shift+delete recovery difficult.
  • 3rd Party Tool:
    You can also perform shift+delete file recovery using an efficient professional shift+delete recovery software before the MS Windows operating system overwrites that space of the hard disk drive with new fresh data files. Also, because, this file will not have the entry in the file directory; so, the file data rests as raw data and therefore, a high-quality tool is required.