Know Best Trade Secret Data Protection Techniques

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 11th, 2024 • 4 Min Read


In the past several years, we are seeing a big boom in technology and users are looking for secret data protection methods. Because a lot of hackers are active in this digital world. Even it is a big challenge to protect trade-related secret data from unwanted users. In this dedicated blog post, we will discuss complete information about secret data conservation.

Secret Data Protection Related Queries

I am a Civil engineer, working on a big project as a project manager. My company assigned me several roles and responsibilities while completing the project. I am enjoying my work profile with full honesty but sometimes few things make me unsafe. As, in my office computer and other storage devices, I have stored a lot of crucial information about the project. Sometimes my junior team members want to use my external storage devices like Pen Drives or Hard Drives. Many times, after deleting crucial data, I gave data storage devices to them but I am always in concern. Because maybe they can recover permanently deleted files and use my crucial civil engineering maps illegally. Is there any secret data protection method available that allows preventing data retrieval?

– Wesley, California

I am working as an innovative entrepreneur in the USA. Currently, I am working on an upcoming smartphone design that will launch in 2023. I am inventing it secretly. But the concern is that if its design will be leaked then someone can do reverse engineering of this smartphone. Previously, I have used several BitRecover products that’s why I am asking you for tips or solutions for the protection and use of secret data. If you know secret data protection tips and techniques then please guide me. Thanks in advance!

– Braxton, Phoenix

What Is Secret Data?

Information that we don’t want to share with anyone can be considered secret information. But in the case of data, it can be a file, folder, database that we want to prevent sharing. Some secret data examples are photos, videos, plans, knowledge, recipe, etc.

Some Secret Data Examples

  • Credit / Debit Card Numbers
  • Medical Reports and Records
  • Financial Information
  • Research Data
  • Personal Contact Information
  • Employee Data
  • Unpublished Unique Novel

Trade Secret Data Protection Awareness

  • Use strong passwords while protecting your secret files and folders to prevent unwanted users.
  • Encrypt your secret database files while archiving them for future use.
  • Avoid to handover your digital data storage devices to someone, even if it is a trustworthy guy.
  • Don’t share or discuss your crucial personal or business-related information.
  • Consider avoiding parties, especially drink parties to prevent or reduce information leak chances.
  • Never allow to access your personal or office computer, smartphone, and other digital devices to someone.
  • Wipe mobile phone data before selling or exchanging on online purchasing websites

Expert Choice for Secret Data Protection

Data Wipe Software is a most helpful utility for trade secret data protection. Using this recommended toolkit, windows computer users can easily wipe complete secret information from multiple devices such as Hard Drive, SSD, Smartphone, Pen Drive, etc. After overwriting no one can retrieve your secret data.

Download for Windows

Features to Protection and Use of Secret Data

  1. You will get different wipe standards within this software. you can choose any standard, according to your choice.
  2. You can confidently give your storage devices to someone but they can’t retrieve trade data.
  3. It allows you to connect external storage devices for secret data protection i.e., External HDD, Pen Drive, Memory Card, etc.
  4. It is capable to delete only unwanted files from storage devices instead of complete data accordingly.
  5. Users can use filter options and file mask options for trade secret data protection.

Ending for You

Secret data protection is most important for all of us. Here we have recommended you the best solution to prevent your secret data conservation. The tool is helpful for all Windows OS computer users. A lot of working professionals have been already used this technique. It is a 100% safe solution that provides value for money. If you have any doubt or queries regarding the product then our technical support experts are available to assist you.