How to Save Multiple Yahoo Emails as PDF Format ?


Being a manager of my company, I have to send many financial and business information to my clients. I have been a professional user of Yahoo Mail for a decade now.

I have chunks of crucial business information emails in my Yahoo account. The Yahoo messages are more than hundreds in numbers.

Hence, I thought to apply a password to my received emails so that no unwanted data theft could happen to my account.

Since PDF file format is a universal file type and we can apply a password on it also, so I contacted to the BitRecover team for an appropriate solution for the same.

They recommended me Yahoo Backup Software to save multiple Yahoo emails as PDF format. I have used this product and now I can’t believe how an application can be so useful.

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As you can see from the above client review, the user is so much satisfied by using this product to save bulk of Yahoo emails as PDF format.

Hence, we are writing this article to describe how you can also save multiple emails from Yahoo account in PDF format for printing or for other purposes as required.

How to Save Multiple Yahoo Emails as PDF Format ?

Follow these steps to save multiple Yahoo emails in PDF:

  1. Download suggested toolkit on computer.
  2. Enter account login details of Yahoo mail.
  3. Choose PDF option for saving multiple Yahoo emails.
  4. Enable advance settings option for selective conversion of Yahoo to PDF.
  5. Start to save multiple Yahoo emails as PDF file format.

Know the Step wise Solution for How to Save Yahoo Mailboxes in PDF File Type ?

First of all, download the software on Windows machine.


Choose Advance settings options for saving multiple Yahoo accounts in PDF file type in batch mode.


Now, enter the email credentials of Yahoo mail account such as Email ID and Password. Press on the Login tab to proceed further.


Thereafter, choose the desired folders that you wish to print in PDF format. And, after that select PDF as saving option from the software panel.


Then, choose a required file naming option for arranging the resultant data.


Next step is to enter a destination path in order to save the output at a target path.


Also, if you wish to do selective conversion of all emails from Yahoo account into PDF format. Enable this option “Use Advance Mode for Selective Saving” option for this.


Then, click on the Backup button to start to save multiple Yahoo emails as PDF format.


Now, open the resultant folder which contains your PDF files.


Now, you can print these PDF documents or put a password on these files so as to protect from data theft.

What are the Features of this Software ?

If you have decided to save multiple Yahoo emails as PDF format then, you should go with this software. The three topmost reasons that makes this utility versatile as well a reliable one are explained below:

Save Many Yahoo accounts: Working with so many Yahoo mail accounts? Then, you may get fed up to save multiple Yahoo account in PDF format one by one. This entire process will be quite tiring. So, as to handle this, the licensed version of this software offers an option of “USE ADVANCE MODE”. This option enables users to save multiple Yahoo accounts into PDF format in a single processing. For this, you need to upload a CSV file comprising of major details of your Yahoo account such as Mail ID and password.

Selective email conversion: If you have bunch of emails in your Yahoo account and want to save only selective emails of a particular date, subject. Then, this utility allows to give you a selective conversion feature using which you can choose only specific email files or folders from Yahoo account. It will sort all the email data in time, date range, subject, from, etc.

Store complete Yahoo data items: This application is programmed in such a manner that one can save multiple Yahoo emails as PDF Adobe format comprising of all data. It will save all Yahoo Inbox,  Outbox, Sent Items, Personal folders, etc. It has the ability to save Yahoo mailboxes as PDF format in batch mode without any file restrictions.

Few Valuable Benefits of this Application

  1. It is compatible with all versions of Windows OS. The tool supports Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista, etc.
  2. This application offers many file naming options for better email management while you save multiple Yahoo emails as PDF.
  3. You can save the output at a desired destination path with this tool.
  4. It keeps the structure of folder intact throughout the entire processing.
  5. The tool maintains all the email components like Subject, Date, From, To, hyperlinks, etc.
  6. Along with emails, it will also save Yahoo attachments into PDF format without any trouble.
  7. It has a simple and interactive GUI for all kind of technical and non-technical users.
  8. The software has a complete 24*7 technical support available to you while you are saving multiple Yahoo emails as PDF format.
  9. You can analyse the tool’s functions with the free demo version. It allows to convert first 25 items from each Yahoo folder to the selected format.

Time to Conclude

In the above write-up we have explained how one can save multiple Yahoo emails as PDF file type with attachments in few seconds. While you exchange information through email with anyone, the file format changes. Hence, in such scenarios PDF file format is best suited for saving those emails. So, now hopefully you will save emails from Yahoo account in PDF format without any hassle.