How to Save Hotmail Email as an Attachment File ?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 11th, 2024 • 5 Min Read


If you ever need to send/ forward an email without any geographical barrier then you will always need it as an ‘attachment’. Learn in this post how to save Hotmail email as attachment (PPT, Word files, PDFs, images) for instantly transferring files to others, printing, and scanning purpose. But, first, see why a user wants to save an email as an attachment in Hotmail account.

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Hi everybody,

Today, I am using Outlook Live, and a few years back I was using Hotmail for my email correspondence. I remember the time when Microsoft Corp. replaced Hotmail with Outlook, it additionally changed the UI and rolled out some improvements.

Two years back, I was communicating with one of my friends who is the captain of a huge container ship. When I was communicating with him, I gave him some valuable data about local providers and the costs of a few of the products he needed to order for his crew when he came to my city. However, during migration to another ship, he lost all that data. So, now he is requesting me to forward all old messages to his new boat if I still had them.

All those emails are close to 250 and saved in the Sent folder of my Hotmail account. I sense if I save each email individually as a different text file, this will require large efforts and will not be time-effective. I wonder if there is some effective approach for doing this.

So, my query is how do I save an email as an attachment in Hotmail account to my HD? In this way, I can easily forward these emails as an attachment to my friend.

I discovered a few ideas on the best way to import messages from Gmail to Hotmail, however, I’m doing the inverse – save Hotmail email as attachment to my HD. Any suggestions are welcomed!!

How do I Save an Email as an Attachment in Hotmail Account ? (For a Single Message)

Open Hotmail account and navigate to Options

go to options

Select ‘Mail Display Settings’


In the ‘Message Headers’ section, enable the ‘Advanced’ button and then Ok


Open the message you want to save and tap on ‘View E-mail Message Source’


In the new window, hit on ‘View Source’ >> File menu >> ‘Save As’


Save the email on your HD by clicking on ‘As Attachment’ option


With this, you can save Hotmail email as attachment. Now, you can compose an email and attach this file to it.

Drawbacks of the above method

  • Long and not time efficient
  • Allows to save a single email as an attachment file
  • Requires technical proficiency or guidance
  • Missing email headers and attributes

How to Save Hotmail Email as Attachment in Bulk ?

The above method as we described is not recommended to bulk save Hotmail email as attachment. Thus, a professional and automated solution comes into play. In order to enjoy an unlimited and hassle-free conversion of emails, we suggest you the all-in-one Email Backup Wizard.

    • Download and open our software on Windows or Mac system

Download for Windows     Download for Mac

  • Choose Hotmail email source and specify its account login information

  • Select any number of mailboxes which you need to save

  • From the saving options list, choose PDF, DOC, TXT as per your need

  • Browse a saving location and a file naming option

  • Click on the backup button to save Hotmail email as attachment in bulk

Get some Top-notch Benefits of Using this Tool

  1. One of the major advantages of utilizing our application is that it does not impose any file restrictions. Hence, you can batch save Hotmail email as attachment without any hassle.
  2. By saving an email as an attachment in Hotmail account to a PC, you can transfer the resultant data to other people, can use it for printing and scanning purposes.
  3. It will help you to keep a backup copy of useful information stored in your Hotmail webmail to your local computer.
  4. Users can also choose the filter options to selectively save Hotmail email as attachment. So, it becomes easy to sort emails as per date range, email address, subject, etc.
  5. There are many individuals who have more than one Hotmail account (such as one for personal, another for professional). In such cases, if a user wants to save Hotmail messages as attachments from multiple accounts then that becomes very easy with our utility.
  6. The various file naming options are beneficial to save the emails in a systematic arrangement.
  7. The application grants to save the output at any storage location.
  8. It is easy downloadable on each of the Window OS like Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Server 2019, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2012, etc.

Closing thoughts

In the above article, we gave you an insight on the method to save Hotmail email as attachment using both manual and automated ways. You can choose any of the above that suits your requirements. The traditional method is although free but it comes with some limitations. Among which the major one is the file restrictions. Hence, if you don’t want to bother about such shortcomings, then you can try our professional solution. It is cost-effective and gives you permission to bulk save email as an attachment in Hotmail account to the computer. Give a try to the free demo edition for checking the core features and benefits of the software.