How to Save Gmail Emails to Google Drive Quickly? [Solved]

Rollins Duke   
Published: February 22nd, 2024 • 7 Min Read

Summary:- Saving emails is among the ultimate and intuitive solutions to take backups of emails effortlessly. Also, it can increase the wide range of data accessibility and sharing to multiple users easily. Since there are reasons to save Gmail emails to Google Drive, therefore, in this article, we will address those key factors. Before delving into the solutions, let’s first understand the reasons behind taking the saving email data locally.

User query:-  Recently, I’m continuously seeking methods to save Gmail emails to Google Drive due to security issues. With this, I can easily download confidential emails in my drive and then delete them from Gmail without any hindrance. Now, please solve my query and suggest to me the best go-to solutions.

Need to Save Gmail to Google Drive Automatically – know the Reasons

Since we understand that emails retain crucial yet confidential data of either users or clients, therefore, there are various reasons to store them locally. In addition, taking the backup of data adds relief for the users to be free from any risk of data loss. Here, we are going to unfold some of the factors behind downloading the emails.

  1. Accidental Email Deletion:- Sometimes unintentionally or accidentally users may delete the email. Since Gmail enables IMAP protocol, once the user removes any email, it will automatically be deleted from the server. For the same, save Gmail emails to Google Drive; one of the highly recommended solutions to download the data for easy transmission or accessibility.
  2. Data Backup and Security:- Google Drive is a cloud-based secure solution to save and access data. However, to safeguard sensitive data from any accidental deletion, save Gmail to Google Drive automatically. It enables users to be free from worry and risk of data loss.
  3. Anywhere and Anytime:- As we have mentioned in the earlier point, the cloud-based system offered by Google enables users to access the data anytime and anywhere. For the same, download the emails in Drive so, you can easily share, access, and save the data in any application without any error.
  4. Hassle-free Migration:- There are various instances where users want to migrate from one email service to another. For the same, save Gmail emails to Google Drive can add more convenience for the user to transfer the data quickly and flawlessly.
  5. Easy Sharing:- Storing emails in Drive makes it easier for users to access, share, and collaborate with other integrated apps of Google effortlessly. Also, if anyone wants some specific emails then, instead of sharing the whole data, extract those emails and then save them in Drive. It is among the ultimate solutions to save time and effort.

Overall, these are the prominent reasons to download emails in Google Drive. Now, you might be searching for the methods. Then, we walk through to know the manual methods to save Gmail to Google Drive automatically.

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Manual Methods to Save Gmail Emails to Google Drive

Here, in this section, we will mainly discuss two free solutions for saving emails i.e. PDF and Google Takeout Method. Now, let’s learn them in brief.

Method1. Save PDF

The significance of using this method is to help users upload a copy of the email in Drive as PDF file format. More importantly, PDF is a high-quality and print-ready solution that enables easy accessibility and sharing with colleagues, professionals, clients, and any individual. Now, let’s move to know the steps:

  • To begin the process, open a Gmail account.
  • Now, select the email you want to save in PDF format.
  • Here, check out the three dots in the same interface to open the drop-down menu.
  • After implementing the above-mentioned steps, click on the Print option.
  • Now, move the cursor to the Save to PDF option.
  • With this, upload the PDF into Drive. Hence, you can easily save Gmail to Google Drive automatically.

(Note:- Using this method, users can’t download the bulk emails. Moreover, it is considered as the drawback of using this manual solution. However, if you want to save one or two emails in Drive then, you can use this method easily.)

Method2. Google Takeout Method
As the name suggested, it is designed by Google itself. Using this solution, users can export a bulk copy of the email. Further, it can be used as a backup and for accessibility outside Google. Now, move on to know the steps:

  • Open your Gmail account and go to the Data & Privacy section.
  • Now, in Download or Delete your Data, click on Download your data.
  • In the pop-up window, first deselect the options, then, select Mail > Next.
  • Now, in the next window, choose the transfer destination, and here, select Add to Drive option > Create Export.

With this, you can easily save Gmail emails to Google Drive. Also, users can download the bulk export of email data without any risk factors.

(Note:- The limitation of Google Takeout options is; a tiresome and complex process. Moreover, if you have thousands of emails then, it will take days to transfer the data to Google Drive. On the other hand, once the process is done, it will provide data in a .zip file format. Also, if you want to access the emails in Drive then, you need an MBOX converter as it comes in .mbox file format.)

How to Batch Save Gmail to Google Drive Using Expert Solution?

As we have already mentioned the manual solution is to save Gmail emails to Google Drive and find out the drawbacks of using these methods. Now, use the professionally recommended BitRecover Gmail backup tool; one of the feature-rich and edge-cutting solutions to bulk download the emails in Google drive. This robust tool offers different file formats such as PDF, MBOX, EML, and more. And, if you want to save emails then, first save the emails in PDF and then, upload them into Google Drive.

Further, the significance of using this software includes flawless backup and lesser complexities. Most importantly, using the data filter option, users can easily save specific duration emails while maintaining the folders or label hierarchy. Now, let’s know how to run this tool:

  1. To begin the process, run the aforementioned tool in your system.
    (Note:- Enable the app password configuration using the two steps-verification in Gmail Settings.)
  2. Here, insert the Gmail app password > Login.
    Step3. In the current window, choose the Saving Options i.e. PDF file format.
  3. After selecting the file format, select the destination of the resultant file using the Change option > Backup.
  4. Now, this tool will provide the resultant file in PDF file format which you can easily upload in Drive. With this, you can flawlessly save Gmail to Google Drive automatically.

The Bottom Line

In summary, we have talked about the reasons to save Gmail emails to Google Drive along with the manual methods. Since there are several limitations in the free solution, therefore, using the expert tool can mitigate the complexities and be recognized as a time-saving solution. Besides this, it offers unparalleled features to the users hence, users can check the demo version to use its extensive features effortlessly.