How to Fix Roundcube Export Greyed Out Error? – Top 5 Tips

Mark Regan
Published: July 16th, 2024 • 4 Min Read

This article explains how to fix Roundcube export greyed out error. We understand that errors like this, are frustrating, especially when you are a regular Roundcube user. Today we will discuss simple manual and expert’s expert-suggested tips to fix Roundcube export option not working and export your data. If you are ready, then let’s start.

Causes of Roundcube Export Greyed Out Error

  • The user account may not have the necessary permission to perform export.
  • The export function might be disabled in configuration settings.
  • There might be an issue in your browser that can hinder the functionality of roubcube.
  • Bugs in Roundcube version can also cause Roundcube export greyed out issues.

Challenges Users Face When Roundcube Export Option Not Working

  • Users cannot store their emails somewhere else.
  • They cannot sort their Emails by exporting them.
  • Some users are unable to transfer their emails to another email service or client.
  • Users can’t archive emails for later use or legal purposes.
  • Cannot download email attachments for use outside Roundcube.
  • Cannot sort or organize emails in different files or folders by exporting them.
  • Unable to forward specific emails to other people without the export option.
  • There is no straightforward way for users to back up email data without exporting.

How to Solve Roundcube Export Greyed Out Issue?

Following are the top 5 tips solutions you can try is the Roundcube export feature is greyed out :

1. Check User Permission

Ensure that you have the necessary permissions to export. Simply check the user role settings in the Roundcube file.

2. Update Roundcube

Ensure that you are using the latest version of Roundcube. Updates helps in fixing the bugs and errors.

3. Inspect Database to Fix Roundcube Export Option Not Working

Check for database error and issues. Make sure that the database schema is up to date and that there are no corruption issues.

4. Clear Browser Cache and Disable Extension

If the browser-related issues are causing Roundcube export greyed out, then clear the browser cache and cookies, and also disable the browser extension that is interfering with the Roundcube functions.

5. Try the Expert’s Suggested Solution

To fix Roundcube export option not working error, experts suggest using the BitRecover Webmail Backup Wizard. No problem if the export feature is not working in your Roundcube, you want simply export any data from your account using this tool. All you have to do is, simply enter your account credentials and save all the emails wherever you want. This offline tool is highly secure and has a large number of users solving webmail account issues.

Software has easy to use interface that can be easily used by anyone whether they have technical knowledge or not. You can download the software in your Mac and Windows computer and follow a few simple steps to get the data of your Roubcube account without trying challenging manual solutions to resolve Roundcube export greyed out.

How to Fix Roundcube Export Greyed Out Issue?

  1. Download and install the tool on your computer whether it’s Mac or Windows.
  2. Select Roundcube from the Email source option. Enter your Roundcube login credentials then hit the Login button to solve Roundcube export greyed out.
    choose a Roundcube service
  3. The software will detect all your Roundcube mailbox folders and show you on the interface. You can choose th folders you want to keep.
    choose folders
  4. Select in which format you want to export the data, these saving options include PST, MSG, EML, MBOX, HTML, DOC, CSV, etc. You can also migrate Roundcube emails to Hotmail, Lotus Notes, Zimbra, Thunderbird, ZIP, Gmail,, etc.
    solve Roundcube export greyed out
  5. You can also browse the path to save the data on your computer. Simply hit the browse button and specify the path.
  6. At the end, hit on backup button and you are done resolving Roundcube export feature not working.


So here are some possible solutions to the Roundcube export greyed out issue that you may attempt. All of them are validated solutions; all you need to do is ensure that they are implemented appropriately. However, if you find the manual approaches too complicated, simply utilize the expert’s suggested tool, which we have introduced above. If you utilize the provided program, you will not have to follow difficult procedures.