How to Remove VBA Password from SolidWorks File?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 10th, 2024 • 5 Min Read

As we all know all applications of Microsoft like Excel, Word, PowerPoint, access, SolidWorks, etc can easily protect with a VBA password. But the trouble comes when you forget or lost the password. but don’t worry, now we have the safest and quickest solution to remove the VBA password from the SolidWorks file.

As we all know, VBA is an abbreviation that stands for Visual Basic for Application. It is a part of Microsoft Office that is used by several Microsoft applications such as Excel, Word, and Access. It is the extension given to a file that uses the visual basic programming language and stores the source code for visual basic. This file is used to add the capability to the Microsoft Office program and automate common activities, particularly in Microsoft Excel. This feature may be found in Microsoft Excel.

Why Do Users Want to Unlock the VBA Password from SolidWorks

“Hello there, I am just starting out with the VBA programming language on both Excel and SolidWorks. Now, yesterday, I accidentally locked my project using some code written in VBA to investigate how it operates. I can’t remember the password either. I place a high priority on completing the assignment. In addition, I have no idea how to unlock the file. I would appreciate it if you could point me in the direction of the fastest approach to remove VBA password from SolidWorks file.”

“Hey, I needed some SolidWorks files for some professional projects, so I downloaded them off the internet. since I am now working on a time-sensitive project for some upcoming meetings. I really need that VBA code, but the file is locked and I can’t access it. Could you please advise me on the most secure methods for removing the VBA password from the SolidWorks file?”

The Quickest Solution to Remove VBA Password from SolidWorks File

BitRecover VBA Password Remover Tool is a highly recommended software in the market. The software is very famous because of its highly advanced features like users can easily and quickly remove the VBA password from SolidWorks files. Also, the software supports all SolidWorks files. The software has a simple and easy-to-use interface for all types of users technical and non-technical. Some of the amazing and advanced features are mentioned below:

Download for Windows

Download for Mac

Advance Feature of the Software to Remove VBA Password

  • The software takes only a few minutes to install and run.
  • Also, users can easily upload the SolidWorks single and multiple files at one time.
  • There are no file size restrictions, to remove VBA password from SolidWorks file.
  • All the Modules and macros are preserved the same during and after the process.
  • The software has advanced-level algorithms, which can easily remove the high to high and low to low level of VBA passwords.
  • Users can install the software on any Windows OS including Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, and earlier versions.

Steps to Remove VBA Password from SolidWorks File

  1. Download and run the software on your windows machine.

    run the software to Remove VBA Password from SolidWorks File

  2. Now upload the SolidWorks file using the given icons.

    upload the SolidWorks file

  3. After that, all the files and folders will show on the screen, and select the required files.

    all the data will show on the screen

  4. Next, browse the saving location to save the unlocked SolidWorks files.

    browse the saving location

  5. Lastly, click on the “Remove” icon to remove VBA password from SolidWorks file.

    click on the “remove” icon to remove VBA password from SolidWorks file

The software comes with a free version, so users can download and install the tool for free and see how does the software works properly. Not only this, the software supports all the VBA project files including Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Access, Visio, AutoCAD, and other files.

Client Reviews

I bought the tool a few days ago in order to delete the VBA password from the Visio file, and I have to say that the product is truly fantastic. It provides me with a wide variety of advanced features. In addition to that, this software is compatible with all VBA project files. Thank you very much for the incredible software, BitRecover. – Lavina from USA

This software was recommended to me by a friend because I needed to decrypt certain protected VBA project files. The files included passwords that needed to be removed. Because it enables me to erase entire passwords from files in bulk, the first thing I did was test out the free trial version of this tool. After that, I went ahead and bought the professional versions of the software. I am grateful to BitRecover. – Jennifer from Brazil

Time to Say Goodbye

In conclusion, we have an understanding of the challenge faced by users as well as the needs they have. And we know that many developers are searching for ways to remove VBA password from SolidWorks file. Therefore, we offer you a solution that is free of errors and is able to recover passwords from SolidWorks files without any issues or restrictions placed on the file size. This utility also supports broken and corrupted VBA Word files. In the event that your VBA Word file was infected by a malware infection.