How to Remove VBA Password from CorelDRAW?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 10th, 2024 • 4 Min Read

I am aware that you are searching for a method that would enable you to remove VBA password from CorelDRAW. That is the reason you are on this page. Don’t worry about it, since we’re going to walk you through the whole process of removing the VBA password from CorelDRAW files here.

As we all know, the GMS file extension is known as Global Macro Storage, and its primary purpose is to serve as a repository for macros. Whereas, a Macro is a series of information that may be saved and retrieved, with a single command or Keystroke, to automate the job. Visual Basic is the language used to write the application that is included with CorelDRAW. There is just one file that Corel supplies, and it goes by the name globalMacroStorage.GMS.

How to Remove VBA Password from CorelDRAW File?

Best BitRecover VBA Password Breaker Tool is a highly recommended software available in the market. Many IT professional experts use our software to remove VBA passwords from CorelDRAW. Because it has amazing and advanced features like users can easily unlock multiple GMS files at one time. The software preserves all the Modules and Macros of the files during the procedure. Also, there are options to remove passwords from single and multiple files at one time.

Download for Windows

Download for Mac

Steps to Unlock VBA Password of GMS Files

  1. Download and run the software on your machine.

    run the software to remove VBA Password from CorelDRAW File

  2. Now upload the CorelDRAW files using the “Select Files” and “Select Folder” options.

     upload the CorelDRAW files

  3. After that, all the folders and subfolders will appear on the screen, and then check the required data.

    all the folders and sub folders will appear

  4. Next, browse the saving location to save unlock GMS files to Remove VBA Password from CorelDRAW.

    browse the saving location

  5. Lastly, click on the “Remove” icon and then a pop-up will appear on the screen.

    pop up will appear on the screen to remove VBA Password from CorelDRAW File

Features of the Software to Remove VBA Password from CorelDRAW

  • The configuration and installation of the software take just a few minutes to complete.
  • Dual options to choose between either a single CorelDRAW file or numerous files at the same time.
  • Users have the ability to quickly and simply delete the password from several GMS files.
  • In addition, there are no limitations imposed on the file sizes that may be used during or after the procedure.
  • After the operation, each and every macro and Module will still be accessible.
  • All CorelDRAW VBA project files may have their passwords quickly and simply removed with this software.
  • Additionally compatible with all Windows operating systems, including Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, and various earlier versions.

Client Reviews

“Hello, I decided to remove VBA password from SolidWorks files, therefore I got the software. due to the fact that I have forgotten the password. And the software works well, but I was scared that if I removed the password, it might result in the macros being removed or erased. However, the software keeps each macro in its original state. The tool comes highly recommended by me. I am grateful to you. BitRecover. – Amby from Dubai

“I had more than five hundred VBA project files, and I was seeking a solution that would delete the password. I had forgotten the password. After then, I downloaded this tool from the internet. The skills and functions that it gives me are a big selling point for me. It just took a few minutes, but it successfully unlocked all of my VBA project files. I’d want to express my gratitude to BitRecover. – Nany from USA

Final Words

In this write-up, we covered the expert approach that can be used to remove VBA passwords from CorelDRAW files. In this article, we provided information on the highly regarded BitRecover VBA password remover tool, which is included with the free version. Users are able to download the software and examine it to decide whether or not it works properly. Download the application right now by clicking the download button, and then understand its features.