How to Remove Duplicate Contacts in Realme Smartphones?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 10th, 2024 • 6 Min Read

Smartphones have changed the mobile industry with a touchscreen user experience and quick idea dissemination. And Realme is one of the fastest-growing smartphone brands in the world, offering many amazing smartphones with high-end features. But many Realme users complain about one irritating problem – duplicate contacts. If you are among many people looking for perfect solutions to resolve how to remove duplicate contacts in Realme smartphones and tablets, this blog is for you!

We will discuss the reasons and solutions for deleting duplicate contacts from your Realme smartphone, so keep reading!

Reasons For Duplication of Realme Contacts

There are many reasons for contacts getting duplicated in your Realme mobile, and some of these are:

  • When you merge multiple address books in your phone, you ignore merging all the contact records for the same person(s).
  • Allowing messaging apps like WhatsApp and Telegram access to your contact list, leading to the contacts getting duplicated (since they make another copy of your contact list).
  • Another reason for contacts getting duplicated is the accidental syncing of your already synced Realme contacts when you shift from one Realme phone to another.

These reasons necessitate the deduplication of contacts in your Realme mobile phone, and we will now discuss the solutions, so keep reading further!

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Solutions to Delete Duplicate Contacts in Realme Mobiles

Since the reasons discussed above highlight the urgency to remove duplicate contacts in Realme smartphone, let’s discuss the solutions you can use to deduplicate your Realme mobile contacts, beginning with the manual solutions and followed by the automated solution.

#1 Use Inbuilt Option to Merge Duplicate Contacts in Realme

Merging the duplicated Realme contacts is the only solution in the name of deduplication. This method replaces the manual task of scanning the entire contact list to delete the replicated contacts. Here, we will discuss the in-built Contacts and Google Contacts app for the contact deduplication process in your Realme phone.

Let’s begin with the steps for merging duplicated contacts in Realme using the default contacts app:

  1. Open the Contacts App on your Realme smartphones.
  2. Click the Settings icon and select Merge Duplicate Contacts. Here, Realme gives you two options – Merge Duplicate Names (merging duplicated contacts by names) and Merge Duplicated Numbers (if you want to combine duplicated mobile numbers).
  3. Select the desired option, and the duplicated names or numbers get chosen automatically for the merger.
  4. Click Merge or Merge All (depending on your mobile), and the duplicated contacts merge as a single vCard file.

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#2 Use Google Contacts to Remove Smart merge Contacts in Realme

Google Contacts is a digital contact manager by Google. If you have the app installed on your Realme mobile (apart from the default Contacts app), you can use it to merge duplicate contacts in Realme and store the merged contacts in your Gmail account for later access.

The following steps describe the contact merger process with Google Contacts:

  1. Install Google Contacts on your Realme phone. Open the app if already installed.
  2. Go to Fix & Manage (you will find it next to Highlights).
  3. Click Merge and Fix and select the Merge Duplicates box. Under the words Merge Duplicates, you will see the total number of contacts waiting to get merged in a single file.
  4. Click Merge All, and the duplicated contacts get successfully merged in single vCard files.

Although this method is effective, it isn’t since it involves manually checking every contact and then deleting it (if any duplicates are still left), making it time-consuming. An automated tool is the best solution to remove duplicate contacts in Realme.

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Automated Solution to Remove Duplicate Contacts from Realme

Albeit the manual method to deduplicate contacts in Realme smartphones is easy, the time taken to ensure a duplicate-free contacts list makes it unsuccessful. Hence, the only best solution is to use an automated tool to delete duplicate contacts in Realme while ensuring no data loss. This tool is BitRecover vCard Duplicate Remover.

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Note That: This software is compatible with all Windows Operating Systems. So first export Realme contacts and use software to fix duplicates. After that, import the processed contacts file back into your Realme smartphone.
import export option

Some Features of Tool

  • The tool can remove duplicate contacts from Realme exported vCard versions 2.1, 3.0 and 4.0.
  • The tool maintains the folder structure and file hierarchy of the original Realme vCard file(s).
  • It is capable of deduplicating Realme vCard files in bulk.
  • This tool generates a process report for future use.

How to Remove Duplicate Contacts in Realme Mobiles?

  1. Download the tool on your local system and open it once installed.
    start software
  2. Add the Realme exported contact file(s) or folder(s) by clicking the Select Files or Select Folders button.
    add realme contacts
  3. Click Next to see the Realme exported contact files or folders present on the computer.
    choose realme contacts
  4. Choose the duplicated contacts, click Next, and apply the Duplicate Filters for all contact fields. Or check the Use Selective Duplication Settings to deduplicate contacts according to the first or last name, mobile number, and email address.
  5. Click the Browse button to decide your preferred location for the deduplicated Realme contacts.
    how to remove duplicate contacts in realme
  6. Select Create Single file and make one vCard file for all Realme contacts.
    create single file
  7. Click Extract and start deduplicating the Realme contact file(s).
    how to delete duplicate contacts in realme
  8. The tool will automatically open the destination folder with the deduplicated Realme contact file(s).


The blog discussed the reasons and solutions to remove duplicate contacts in Realme smartphones. We discussed the manual and automated methods to merge duplicate contacts from Realme phones. The manual solutions involve the default Contacts or the Google Contacts app, and they prove unsuccessful due to the time taken in manually checking the contact list and then deleting any duplicates remaining in the list.

On the contrary, the automated tool can delete duplicate contacts from Realme mobiles in a few minutes while ensuring the metadata integrity of the Realme contact files. Non-technical users can use this tool without any worries.

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