How to Delete Duplicate Contacts in Oppo Mobiles?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 10th, 2024 • 6 Min Read

The arrival of smartphones has changed human communication and idea exchange. A full-screen user experience, with almost zero physical buttons (except the power and volume switches), has made them the ideal type of mobile phone in the present times. Oppo is one of the major smartphone brands in the world, owned by a Chinese multinational conglomerate. If you are an Oppo user, you must be experiencing a major disturbing issue – duplicate contacts. If you are looking for solutions to delete duplicate contacts in Oppo, this blog is for you!

We will discuss the reasons and solutions to remove duplicate contacts in Oppo mobiles, so keep reading!

Reasons For Duplicate Contacts in Oppo Devices

There are many reasons you see duplicate contacts in your Oppo phone’s in-built Contacts app, and some of these are:

  • Accidental Synchronization – When you shift from one Oppo phone to another, you accidentally synchronize the already synced contact list, leading to contacts getting duplicated.
  • Allowing Contact Access – When messaging apps like WhatsApp and Telegram get access to your contacts, they make another copy of your already stored contacts, leading to the duplication problem.
  • Entering The Same Number Twice – Another reason the contacts get duplicated in your Oppo phone is the re-entry of the same contact number, and this happens when you enter a person’s contact details without knowing the current existence of that person’s contact details in your mobile.

These reasons show the importance of the deduplication of contacts in your Oppo mobile phones and tablets, and we will now discuss the solutions, so keep reading further!

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Solutions to Remove Duplicate Contacts from Oppo Mobiles

Since we have discussed the reasons that lead to the duplication of contacts in your Oppo phone, let’s discuss the solutions you can use to deduplicate the in-built Contacts app on your phone, beginning with the manual solutions and followed by the automated solution.

#1 Manual Way to Merge Duplicate Contacts in Oppo Mobile

The only perfect manual solution in the name of deduplication is merging the duplicate contacts in your Oppo phone. The tiring process of going through your entire contact list to delete duplicate contacts gets replaced by the quick and effective Contact Merge method.

Here are the steps to merge duplicate contacts in Oppo Smartphones using the in-built contacts app:

  1. Open the Contacts app.
  2. Click the Settings icon and select Merge Duplicate Contacts. You will see the duplicated contacts chosen automatically for the merger.
  3. Click Merge or Merge All (depending on your Oppo mobile), and the duplicated contacts will get merged.

#2 Use Google Contacts to Merge Oppo Duplicate Contacts

If you have the Google Contacts app installed on your Oppo phone apart from the in-built contacts app, you can use it to merge duplicate contacts in Oppo Smartphones and tablets. The following steps describe the deduplication (or the merger) process using Google Contacts:

  1. Install the Google Contacts app on your Oppo phone. If you already have it, then open the app.
  2. Click Fix & Manage next to the Highlights option.
  3. Click Merge and Fix and select Merge Duplicates.
  4. You will see the duplicated contacts in your phone.
  5. Click the Merge All blue box, and the duplicated contacts get successfully merged individually.

The manual solution to delete duplicate contacts from Oppo devices proves ineffective due to the factors we discussed in the beginning. Add to this the manual work of checking every contact and then deleting it, and the entire manual process becomes too time-consuming. Hence, an automated tool to deduplicate contacts on your Oppo phone becomes necessary.

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Automated Solution to Fix Oppo Duplicate Contacts

Since the manual method to deduplicate contacts in Oppo proves unsuccessful, albeit it’s easy, we will use an automated tool to remove duplicate contacts from Oppo smartphones. This tool can safely remove Oppo duplicated contacts without data loss. This tool is BitRecover vCard Duplicate Remover.

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Read Me First: All Oppo Smartphones allow to export of contacts in a vCard file, so first export all contacts and use the software to fix duplicate contacts. Thereafter, use the Import option to import processed contacts again in your Oppo mobile devices.

import export options

Some Features of the Tool

  • It offers multiple options to deduplicate Oppo contacts – First Name, Last Name, Mobile Number, Email Address, and All Data Fields.
  • The tool can process endless VCF (vCard) files and folders without restrictions.
  • This software maintains the metadata of the original Oppo exported vCard file(s).
  • This tool is user-friendly with a simple graphical interface.

How to Delete Duplicate Contacts in Oppo Mobiles?

  1. Download the tool on your computer and open it after it gets installed.
  2. Click the Select Files or Select Folders button to add the vCard files or folder.
    add oppo contacts
  3. Click Next, and the tool will display the vCard files or folders present on the software GUI.
    select oppo contacts
  4. Select the duplicated contacts and click Next to apply the Duplicate Filters according to your wishes.
  5. Click the Browse button to decide your preferred location for the deduplicated vCard files.
    delete duplicate contacts in oppo
  6. Check the Create Single VCF box to create a single vCard file for all the contacts.
    create single file
  7. Click the Extract button to begin the deduplication process.
    merge duplicate contacts in Oppo
  8. Go to the destination folder to access your deduplicated vCard file(s).


The blog discussed the reasons and solutions to delete duplicate contacts in Oppo. The reasons discussed in the blog highlight the necessity to deduplicate the contacts list in Oppo smartphones. We discussed the manual and automated methods for deleting duplicate contacts in your Oppo phones. The manual solutions involve Oppo’s in-built Contacts or the Google Contacts app, which proves ineffective due to the factors we discussed in the beginning.

On the contrary, the automated tool mentioned in this blog can delete duplicate contacts from your Oppo mobiles in a few minutes while maintaining the metadata of the vCard files. What makes it further helpful is an easy-to-use interface that everyone can use without any technical expertise.

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