How to Remove Blank Pages from PDF File? 5 Ways

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 10th, 2024 • 6 Min Read

Quick Overview: This post will introduce five different techniques to remove blank pages from PDF automatically. We have covered all the working methods, i.e., Python, Java, Adobe Acrobat, Browser and Expert Solution to delete blank pages in Adobe PDF.

Here’s What we are going to discuss:

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The adaptability of PDFs makes it one of the most preferred file formats in various fields, schools, universities, hospitals, courts, corporate offices, etc. But have you ever considered eliminating empty pages in PDF documents?

Well, it is common to find blank pages in PDF documents. The author might have left them deliberately, or you may have added them accidentally. If you don’t want these unwanted pages, then the best option is to remove them.

In the coming section, you will learn different strategies to remove blank pages from PDFs automatically. So, let’s begin the post.

Expert Solution to Delete Blank Pages in Adobe PDF

BitRecover PDF Buddy Wizard is a comprehensive solution that allows you to remove empty pages from PDF documents. This application is provided with a full set of features such as:

Also, the toolkit is admired by IT admins because of its advanced functionalities and straightforward interface. The availability of the toolkit is freeware and a paid edition. Users can download the free edition with the link mentioned below. So, let’s learn how to automatically remove blank pages from PDF.

Download for Windows

How to Remove Blank Page in PDF With PDF Buddy (Adobe Alternate)

Download and Install the wizard on your machine, and follow the tutorial to delete blank pages in Adobe PDF.

  1. Open Software, and read the instructions to know about it.
    Software Instructions
  2. Upload the file using the “Add File” or “Add Folder” button.
    Upload PDF File
  3. The software will perform a quick scan and list all the files next to each other.
    PDF file Directories
  4. Select the radio button to “Detect and Remove empty/blank Pages from PDF” file.
    Select option to remove blank pages from PDF
  5. Select the designation location, and click the Convert button to start the process.
    Live Conversion Process

This is how you can remove blank pages from PDF automatically. Once you are satisfied with the working of the toolkit, then you can activate the licensed key edition for unlimited functioning.

Remove Empty Pages from PDF With Adobe Acrobat Pro

Launch Acrobat pro on your machine, import the PDF using the File tab, and then follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. From the right panel of Acrobat, click the “Organize Pages” option.
  2. Select the required Thumbnails or pages that you wish to eliminate.
  3. Now, click the Delete Icon and press the “Ok” button.
    remove blank pages from PDF using Acrobat
  4. Select the location, and save the new PDF file.

That’s all for the procedure to remove empty pages from PDF using Adobe Acrobat Pro.

How to Remove Blank Pages from PDF using Python? Let’s Check!

remove blank pages from PDF using Python

In Python, users can apply various variables and objects, and the results depend on the code. Through Python, one can quickly delete blank pages in Adobe PDF.

For this purpose, you need a pyPDF package installed on your system. If not, run this command on the console panel >> pip3 install PyPDF.

Once the installation is done, then visit the link to copy the code: Remove PDF Blank Space With Python pyPDF Package

Note: This method is useful for technical professionals. We don’t recommend using it unless or until you are a Python expert. However, our recommendation for users is to go with the automated solution, which delivers accurate and precise results in no time.

Delete Blank Pages in Adobe PDF With Chrome Browser

Follow the steps mentioned below in order to remove blank pages from PDF automatically using the Chrome Browser.

  1. Navigate to the File location, and make a right click >> Open With >> Chrome.
    PDF File Location
  2. Click on the Print Icon listed in the top navigation bar.
    Click on Print Button
  3. Select Destination to Save As PDF” format from the drop-down list.
    Save as PDF
  4. Select Custom in the Pages drop-down menu and provide custom fields to the PDF documents.
    Custom Data Field
  5. Click the Save button and select the destination location with the file name to save the output.
    Save File

That’s all for the Chrome Browser to remove empty pages from PDF files. This process is time-consuming, and doesn’t support batch conversion. Let’s now learn how to eliminate blank pages in PDF with Java.

How to Remove Blank Pages from PDF With Java?

remove blank pages from PDF using Java

We recently discovered that the removePage () method of the PDDocument class can help you to delete blank pages in Adobe PDF files.

However, this method is quite long and requires loading of the existing PDF document with the static method (load) of the PDdocument class.

Additionally, users can install the external jar to complete this process with Java. For more details, users can refer to the link to download packages and copy the code for good.

Link: Delete Pages from PDF File Using Java. If you don’t want that complexity, then simply download the automated software that allows you to remove blank pages from PDF automatically in just 5 clicks.

Questions? We Have Answers

Q) Why Is there a Blank Page In my PDF File?

The blank page is created accidentally or deliberately. This occurs when the PDF document is incomplete, or there is an object missing in a key element.

Q) How Do I Delete Unwanted Pages From a PDF For Free?

There are different methods to delete blank pages in Adobe PDF adobe. Some of the methods are mentioned below:

  • Expert Recommended Third Party Software
  • Python Script Package (pyPDF, pyPDF2)
  • Java Code
  • Chrome Browser
  • Adobe Acrobat

Q) Can you Delete All Blank Pages in Adobe?

Yes, you can delete all pages in PDF adobe, using the following string:

  • Open PDF >> Organise Pages >> Select Page >> Delete

So There You Have It

We have shown you different methods (Python, Java, Adobe Acrobat, Browser and Expert Solution) to remove blank pages from PDF automatically on Windows OS. However, most PDF programs have simplified procedures in order to remove empty pages from PDF. Our recommendation for you is to go with an automated solution as it offers the best accurate results, without any failure or damage.