Rackspace to Gmail Migration – Add / Transfer Rackspace Mailbox to Gmail Account Quickly

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 13th, 2024 • 4 Min Read

Introduction: – Are you someone who has been looking for a good solution to make the Rackspace to Gmail migration? Do you want the process to be automatic and reliable? If so, you are on the correct page. In today’s guide, one of our senior engineers, Fredrick, will help you migrate email from Rackspace to Gmail. He will also answer some of the most common queries related to the topic. Then let’s get started.


Rackspace Technology Inc., based in the United States, offers many useful cloud computing services. One of them is Rackspace webmail. But, this webmail email service lacks many of the advanced features. Because of this many Rackspace users are planning the migration process. Google Mail or Gmail is one of the best email services available worldwide. The most impressive fact about Gmail is that it is absolutely user-friendly and updates services according to user needs.

Now, let’s learn about popular requests by users for Rackspace email to Gmail migration.
Ques-1: How to migrate email from Rackspace to Gmail without any loss?
Ques-2: How can I add my Rackspace account to Google Mail?
Ques-3: How can you transfer Rackspace webmail mailbox to Gmail account?
Ques-4: How to forward Rackspace email to Gmail account?
Ques-5: What is the best solution for Rackspace to G Suite backup?

Expert Solution to Migrate Rackspace to Gmail with All Elements

Email Backup Wizard is a top-quality solution to directly transfer Rackspace mailbox in Gmail account with attachments. The good thing the software is quite easy-to-use. You can work with it without knowing any specific technical skills. This utility has no limitation in migrating Rackspace email to Gmail with attachments. It transfers Rackspace data to Google apps with all the properties and elements. One can accomplish the Rackspace to Gmail transfer in a few clicks. Let’s see.

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Here’s how to Perform Rackspace to Gmail Migration in 4-5 Clicks

Use the following mentioned steps to migrate Rackspace to Gmail with complete information. It is simple and quick.

Download and setup Rackspace to Gmail migration tool on the Windows supportive machine.

Now, scroll the email source list and choose Rackspace. Then, enter the credentials of Rackspace account and click on Login button.

Here, the utility analyses mailboxes and folders from Rackspace. After data is loaded in the software panel, check the required mailbox / Folder to continue.

Choose Gmail in the saving list and enter the details like username and password to get Rackspace and Gmail migration done.

It’s time to click the Backup tab and initiate the Rackspace to Gmail transfer process.

Here you go – Now, as you can see the live migration from Rackspace to Gmail is running in the software panel. So, wait for a while. After the migration is finished, you will get a complete conversion message and after that a log report. Next, finally login to your Gmail account and see the final results.


Take a Free Trial of Software

If you want to test the tool before purchasing, download the free trial attachment. With this free program, one can easily check the functionality of the full program. It also allows you to migrate 25 data items from each Rackspace folder to Gmail account. Once you’re completely satisfied, upgrade it to the licensed version for unlimited Rackspace to Gmail migration.
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What are the Special Advantages of Rackspace to Gmail Migrator Utility?

  • The program supports the migration of multiple emails from Rackspace to Gmail account at once with attachments.
  • The program allows the transfer of emails, notes, attachments and items from Rackspace mailbox to Gmail accounts.
  • If you want to fully migrate your mailbox from Rackspace to a Google Mail account, the program maintains a hierarchical folder structure.
  • There is no limit to email message count during Rackspace for Gmail migration.
  • During the Rackspace transfer to Gmail, the program saves metadata and maintains the main elements of Rackspace emails.
  • Rackspace to Gmail Migration Tool is a 100% completely safe platform for migrating email from Rackspace to Gmail.
  • Technical and non-technical users can use this app easily without facing any problems.
  • The program works on all versions of Microsoft Windows including Windows 10 or Windows Server 2019 Edition.

The End Note

In the blog above, we learn about the process of completing Rackspace to Gmail migration. It explains the easiest and direct way to migrate email from Rackspace to a Gmail account. There is no manual way to add Rackspace mailbox to Gmail. BitRecover Rackspace to Gmail migration tool is a professional solution. You can try and transfer 25 emails from each Rackspace mail folder to Gmail ( Google apps) for free. You can activate this app by purchasing a licensed key. If you have any further questions, contact us in our live chat.

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