How to Print vCard Contacts Including All Information?

Rollins Duke   
Published: April 26th, 2023 • 5 Min Read

After reading this dedicated blog post, all business professionals and individuals can instantly print vCard contacts. Hence, if you are looking for a reliable way for resolving below mentioned queries.

  • How to print VCF contacts?
  • How to print vCard file?

Then, keep continue reading this article and get a step-by-step solution to take print out of VCF file. Thereafter, users can use printed hard copies according to the requirements.

User Query: Hello! I am having VCF files in bulk containing multiple contacts. There are around 1500+ contacts on the list. And many contacts include the complete details of the person. Now, I want to print vCard contacts. Can anyone help me to step out of this situation? If yes, then please suggest to me the best suitable solution for this issue. Thank you!

Are you guys also one of those users who are searching for a solution to print vCard files? If so, you’ve come to the proper location to find the best answer to your problem. Here, we are going to discuss an instant solution for fulfilling this task.

VCF file format (Virtual Contact File), also known as vCard file, is a file format for business cards that have been in use for a long time. A VCF is a text-based file format that can store multiple information like the contact’s name, phone number, and email address as well.

What If Users Have Multiple vCard Files?

There are many users who have more than one VCF File. The tool mentioned in this blog will help users in printing multiple VCF files. If users will choose the manual method to print vCard contacts, then users will have to face a lot of difficulties. With the help of the manual method, users will only be able to print VCF files one by one. Therefore, a manual solution is time taking and not a good option for users. By using a technical approach users can easily print multiple VCF files.

The Technical Way to Print Contacts from VCF File

BitRecover vCard Converter Wizard is a perfect and effective solution for all users. This software is so simple and easy that any type of user can smoothly perform this procedure using this tool. Users can also print selective VCF Contacts by using this application. Also, it keeps all the users’ data safe and secure. It is a professional solution to print VCF contacts list including all emails, metadata, formatting, and attachments without any changes.

Download for Windows Download for Mac

Users can directly accomplish this procedure without facing any hassle. Users will not have to face any data loss scenario at the time of using this application. The best thing about this tool is it always maintains the full integrity of data.

Software Benefits to Print a VCF File?

Save Converted data at the user’s desired location

The software gives freedom to the users to choose any location to store converted data safely. This feature is most helpful for users to save output data for printing on an external storage device

Always maintain the contacts fields and Structure

This amazing software always maintains the contacts fields like Name, Title, Address, Numbers, etc. during the whole conversion procedure. It saves all contact details as it is as mention in the vCard file.

No need for any external application

This software is a completely standalone application and there is no need to install any external application for performing the task. This is completely independent software and there is no need for any supportive app.

Dual option for batch print contacts from VCF file

This program comes with the dual option to load several vCard contact files. With the dual option, users can print multiple vCard files in any portable format in a single process.

How to Print vCard Files?

Just follow a few simple steps to complete the process.

  1. Start suggested software and upload vCard contacts into the software panel using the Select Files or Select Folders button.
    insert vcard contacts for printing
  2. Check only the required vCard contact files from the software GUI and press Next.
    choose specific vcf files
  3. Choose PDF as a saving option as this is compatible with printing needs.
    select required saving option
  4. Thereafter, browse the destination path to store output according to your preference.
    print vCard contacts
  5. Press the Convert button to start the process to convert vCard contacts to PDF documents. Please wait for a while.
    how to print vcf contacts
  6. After that, you can see a message of completion of the task.
  7. Lastly, it will automatically open the destination path. Get resultant documents and print them.
    take print out of VCF file

Final Words

We have discussed about how to print vCard Contacts. It can be difficult to print VCF files. Sometimes it is important to print vCard contacts for legal purposes as well. Hence, this blog post describes tips to print the vCard contacts easily. Manual techniques are quite lengthy and time-consuming. It contains some drawbacks as well. For those users who are looking for workarounds for a seamless experience, a more effective software solution has also been discussed in this blog.

The solution is also available for free trial users. Users can easily get to know about this tool by using the demo version. Users can easily print 5 contacts per VCF file by using the demo version. For more features, users have to purchase the license edition of the application.