O2PL Backup Software – Download Emails from Poctza O2.PL to PC Safely

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 13th, 2024 • 5 Min Read


While performing O2.PL backup, you may want to save selective folders or files on your computer. In this guide, we will inform you of both methods: Selective Backup of Poczta O2.PL emails to Computer and Bulk download emails from Poctza O2.PL Webmail to Local PC. The process is completely simple and fast. So, keep reading the guide.

Everything about Poctza O2.PL Webmail Application

Today, we all know the importance of email accounts. Helps maintain strong communication both personally and professionally. There was a time when only limited email apps were used to manage the data. But looking at the present, we have hundreds of email clients and applications to choose from. One of them is the Poctza O2.PL webmail. It is an online email service that can be accessed anytime, anywhere with internet availability. This application is especially used by Poland people who speak the Polish language.

The application is less known to people and does not have advanced features according to current needs. That is why people look for the best solutions for: –

Ques 1: How can I take O2.PL Backup to my computer?

Ques 2: How to download emails from Poctza O2.PL emails to Local PC?

Ques 3: Can you save Poczta O2.PL emails to computer?

Ques 4: How do I archive mailbox from Poctza O2.PL email account to computer?

Now, read about the definitive solution to backup 02.PL webmail mailboxes to local pc safely with all information.

The All-Rounder O2.PL Backup Tool – Save O2.PL emails to Computer with All Information

BitRecover Email Backup Wizard is a powerful solution to download emails from O2.PL webmail to computer with full details. Its interface is simple and intuitive. Any user can access it with the least knowledge. The product is 100% secure and downloads email from O2.PL to the computer quickly. It is one of the best ways to back up your O2PL account without losing any data. Users can back up unlimited accounts from Poczta.O2.PL mailbox to local PC.

Download for Windows     Download for Mac

How to Download Poctza O2.PL Mailboxes to Computer ?

  1. Start the software and select O2PL.com as an email source.
  2. Fill the Poctza webmail email address and password.
  3. Choose the required mailbox and tap on Next.
  4. Pick option from saving list and backup O2.PL with information.

Besides, the tool also offers various advanced features that can back up O2PL email accounts.

Comprehensive Process to Download Emails from Poczta.O2.PL Webmail to Local PC

First, Use the Free Trial

Now, users can download and use the free unpaid edition of this software. It’s simple. Just click on the download now button given below and launch it on your system. After that follow the method mentioned below. Please note that the demo edition has limitation and save the first 25 emails from O2.PL.com to a computer with attachments.

Step-by-Step Guide

Open the O2.PL Backup Tool on any of the Windows OS computers.

Select O2PL.com as shown in the screenshot.


Fill the credentials of your O2.PL webmail account such as email address and Password. Then, click on the Login button.


Now, choose the mailboxes for the O2.PL backup to computer.


Check the full saving options and choose as per the requirements.

Enter a location in the destination path field to get the results at your specified location. Select the Fine Naming option and advance feature to sort O2.PL emails during the backup process by filters like date range, time, from, and more.


Finally, click on the Backup button.

Congratulations! Your O2.PL emails backup to computer successfully and safely.

Full List of Saving Options Offered by O2.PL Backup Tool

Using the software, you can download emails from O2.PL emails to Standard File Formats, Desktop-Based Email Clients, Webmail Application, and More.

Choose Computer-Based File Format: – Download the O2PL backup tool to save Poczta emails to various popular computer-based file formats, such as O2PL to PDF, O2PL to XPS, O2PL to MHT, O2PL to DOC, O2PL to RTF, and more.

Check Desktop Based Email Client File Formats: – Obtain an O2PL backup tool to download O2PL emails to PST, O2PL to MBOX, O2PL to MSG, O2PL to EML, O2PL to EMLX, etc.

Select Webmail Account: – O2.PL backup software allows users to back up Poczta O2.PL emails to move O2PL emails to online Webmail accounts. O2PL backup software can directly import O2PL into Outlook, import O2PL into Windows Live Mail, import O2PL into Lotus Notes, import O2PL into Thunderbird, import O2PL into Gmail, import O2PL into G Suite, O2PL to Yahoo, O2PL to IBM Verse, O2PL to Amazon Workmail, O2PL to IceWarp, O2PL to IMAP account, and more.

Read the Superb features of Poczta.O2.PL Archiving Tool

Download selective email: – The software provides various setting options to transfer only selected emails from the Poczta.O2.PL account. It will also provide an option to extract emails based on date, subject, and email address.

Save O2.PL Webmail email with attachments: This application allows users to download complete data from the O2.PL email account and all attached attributes.

Get 100% complete results: This is the best application to back up O2.PL to your computer. It can maintain all e-mail attributes and will not make any changes or modifications to the original format of the data.

Machine compatibility: – This application also supports all versions of Microsoft Windows operating system, including Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, etc.

The Conclusion

Now, you need not search for an accurate solution to take O2.PL Backup to computer. One of the simplest and safest solutions introduced to you in the above guide. In case of any doubt or any question, connect to our support experts anytime.