How to Open RPMSG File without Outlook?

Rollins Duke   
Published: February 19th, 2024 • 5 Min Read

Outlook RPMSG (Restricted Permission Message) file gets used for email encryption, which restricts access only to the sender and the receiver. This blog post explores the solutions to open RPMSG file without Outlook besides the reasons, so read it to learn everything!

Why Open RPMSG File without Outlook?

You may have this question in your mind, and this section explains the reasons behind it in the following points:

  • No Outlook Installation: Your computer doesn’t have the Outlook desktop application, which makes directly accessing RPMSG files more difficult. Moreover, the mobile app doesn’t have the features of the computer app to open the secure RPMSG files.
  • Non-Windows Data Access: If you have a MacOS or Linux-based system, you must find solutions to access the RPMSG file content without Outlook dependence.
  • Data Extraction: Another reason to open RPMSG file without Outlook relates to the legal purpose of content accessibility. Many legal statutes require complete data backup for scrutiny in formats like PDF or DOCX, so you may have to create a backup in another format without the Outlook app’s involvement in data access.
  • Security Factors: RPMSG files find usage for sharing crucial information with complete security. However, many users wish to open RPMSG without MS Outlook because they can’t endanger content safety. Moreover, Outlook’s safety features – like multi-factor authentication and antispam filters – may prove insufficient to safeguard the critical textual data stored in RPMSG files. Hence, many Outlook search for alternative program to read RPMSG file.

These reasons describe the significance of accessing Outlook RPMSG files without the Outlook app.

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Open RPMSG File without Outlook via Free and Pro Tools

The lack of manual solutions for accessing RPMSG data file without MS Outlook brings forward the best method for viewing the file contents – automated software. We will mention two perfect software, helping you open your RPMSG file content without Outlook dependence.

Method 1: Use Free Software to Read RPMSG Files

The first automated tool you can use to open RPMSG without MS Outlook is the BitReover MSG Viewer software. This automated software to view RPMSG file without Outlook installation. You can open RPMSG files with total data security and intact details like To, CC, From, etc. Moreover, you can even save the attachments in the RPMSG file in their original formats to your computer separately. This software helps you search crucial emails by specific keywords.

Download for Win Download for Mac

How to View RPMSG Files without Outlook?

  1. Download and run the RPMSG file reader on your system.
    RPMSG file reader
  2. Select the RPMSG file folder from the left-side view panel.
    Select folder
  3. The software will open RPMSG file without Outlook dependence.
    Open RPMSG file without Outlook
  4. Next, select an email to view it on the right-side preview panel.
    Software to view RPMSG file
  5. Then, click on the Attachments tab and download them by clicking the Save All Attachments button.
    Software to view RPMSG file
  6. Click the Search button to find RPMSG emails based on Subject, Time, Date, Attachment, etc.
    Search options
  7. Next, add the specific keyphrase for selective email search in the Search For box.
    Open RPMSG file
  8. Click the Search button, and the software displays the emails according to the searched input.
    Seach button

Free RPMSG File Viewer Best Features

  • 100% free .rpmsg file opener that seems perfect if the RPMSG file not opening in Outlook.
  • Best program to read RPMSG files with attachments and save attachments separately.
  • RPMSG file reader permits to read RPMSG files with email header, and body content.
  • Advance search option allows you to find out a specific email from whole added RPMSG files.
  • RPMSG viewer offers various filtration options to read RPMSG files within a date and specific subject.
  • This software is compatible with the latest Windows and Mac operating systems.

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Method 2: Use Pro Software to View RPMSG Files

The second software in this blog will help open RPMSG files without Outlook installation by converting them into standard formats. After that, you can view RPMSG files in various programs accordingly. This software is BitRecover MSG Converter Tool. This automated tool permits to convert RPMSG to PDF, DOC, XPS, PST, MSG, EML, MBOX, etc. Moreover, you can save your RPMSG file data selectively using the Date, To, Subject, and From filters.

How to Open RPMSG file without Outlook?

  1. Install and run the RPMSG file viewer on your computer/laptop.
    RPMSG file viewer
  2. Click the Select Files or Select Folders button to add the RPMSG file(s).
    Add RPMSG files
  3. Select the sub-folder from the preview panel and click the Next button.
    Select RPMSG files
  4. Then, select the desired format for saving the RPMSG file.
    Saving options
  5. After that, choose the location for saving the resultant file(s).
    Browse destination path
  6. Finally, click the Convert button to save RPMSG files in the desired format.
    Program to read RPMSG file

Important Note: After saving RPMSG files into your choice format, you can open the resultant files with the associated program.

Pro RPMSG File Reader Top Notch Features

  • An excellent solution that permits to convert RPMSG to MSG, PST, EML, EMLX, MBOX, PDF, DOC, XPS, etc.
  • Use this utility to open RPMSG file without Outlook using several desktop and cloud applications.
  • Best software to view RPMSG files with date, time, year, subject, attachments, signature, and all data.
  • It provides various filter options to read RPMSG files within a date range, specific sender, and receiver.


This blog post discussed the reasons and solutions to open RPMSG file without Outlook. The reasons mentioned here highlight the significance of accessing Outlook RPMSG files without the Outlook app. The lack of a manual solution makes the automated software mentioned here the best method to open your RPMSG data file without Outlook requirements.