How to Open Outlook MSG File in Mac with Attachments ?

How to, February 24, 2020

Open MSG File on Mac OS X

What You’ll Find Here: Wondering what solution you should use to open MSG file on Mac OS X without Mac Outlook? Well, you’re in luck, because in this blog we will explain the easiest technique to open MSG files on Mac without Outlook 2011, 2016, 2019.

Let’s get started so you can open .msg files on Mac easily.

What to do When .msg files are not opening on Mac?

No one likes to be unable to open MSG file on Mac OS. To overcomes this, try the expert MSG Converter solution. It’s an unbeatable software when it comes to opening Outlook MSG file on Mac. It is compatible with all editions of Mac OS, including the latest and previous ones. Using the valuable utility one can simply open .msg messages on Mac without Outlook. Its design is nice and the interface is consistent. Anyone can use this program to open the bulk of MSG files with attachments. The solution is 100% safe, easy to use and fast.

Now, follow the step-by-step process to know the best way for opening .msg files on Mac without Outlook installation.

How to Open MSG File on Mac with Attachments

Follow the given steps for opening .msg file on Mac.

  1. Run the mentioned software on Windows PC.
  2. Choose Select Files/ Select Folder button to add .msg file and hit Next.
  3. Check the folder containing .msg files.
  4. Now, select MBOX as the file saving option and enter a final location.
  5. Tap on Next to start moving MSG files to MBOX.

Now, you have .msg files in the MBOX file format. One can simply import into Apple Mail for opening MSG file on Mac machine.

Follow the Screenshots to Open MSG File on Mac OS X without Mac Outlook

Here, we are explaining the detailed process to open .msg files on Mac machine with attachments. Please note that the free demo version of the tool allows opening 25 .msg file on Mac OS. It is the limitation of the trial edition. Activate the license key to open all Outlook MSG files on Mac.

1. Download, install and run the recommended tool. Then, read the mentioned pointers.

Download New Purchase New

2. Now, there are two buttons Select Files and Select Folders to add .msg files. Then, tap on the Next button to continue. 

opening msg on mac

3. Now, the tool lists all the folders containing .msg files. One needs to check the desired MSG folder and click Next.

desired MSG folder

4. Here, from the Saving option list, pick MBOX as the file saving option. Then, fill the desired location to get the final results. The user can also check the file naming option as shown in the screenshot.

open messages on mac

5. At last, click on the Next tab to start the MSG to MBOX conversion process. The user can also analyze the process.

 open msg file mac os

Now, to open .msg files on Mac, you need to import the MBOX file in Apple Mail. So, follow the mention steps.

1. Open Apple Mail.

2. Click on the Menu button at the top and choose Import mailboxes.

Import mailboxes

3. From Import Window, check the other and click on Continue.

open msg file on macos

4. Now, to select the MBOX file, choose the Messages option and press the Continue button.

open .msg file on mac without outlook

5. Pick the MBOX file and folder you want to import & hit Continue.

Pick the MBOX file

6. The MBOX file import process gets started. It will take time as per the MBOX file.

7. As the process gets over, you’ll find a folder name import in your Mac Mail.

It’s Good to Trust the Right Solution

With the recommended solution, you can easily open .msg file on Mac Mail with attachments. The program is error-free and doesn’t want any external installation. One can also open multiple of .msg files on Mac without limitations. The software holds the capacity of opening large MSG files on the Mac machine. It is one of the most efficient ways of opening Outlook MSG file on Mac OS.

Now, let’s see what is all you can like about the MSG file opener software. Take a look at the key features.

Read Notable Features of Software

  • It is an easy, quick and efficient way for opening .msg on Mac OS.
  • The tool does not require MS Outlook installation to open .msg file.
  • Capable to open multiple MSG files with attachments on the Mac machine.
  • Maintain the folder hierarchy while opening Outlook MSG file on Mac.
  • The product has no file size limitations to open .msg message on Mac.
  • Best software to open .msg file email on the latest and older Mac versions.
  • All the email properties, formatting, and other are maintained completely.
  • Support for opening bulk MSG files with attachments on Mac OS.

Expert Answer to Some Frequently Asked Queries

Que 1. Can I open .msg file on macOS Catalina with all my attachments?

Ans. Yes, the MSG opener tool has the ability to open .msg file on Mac Catalina with attachments.

Que 2. Why I am able to open only 25 MSG files on Mac OS?

Ans. The free demo edition has limitations and allows opening 25 MSG files on Mac. Activate license key for opening multiple .msg files on Mac.

Que 3. Does this tool maintain the integrity of messages while opening .msg file on Mac?

Ans. Yes, the software is secure and preserve the data integrity to open .msg file on Mac.

Que 4. Do I need MS Outlook installation on my Mac machine to open MSG files?

Ans. No, the software is standalone and opens MSG file on Mac without Outlook.

The Final Thoughts

If you want a solution for opening .msg file on the Mac machine, then try the possible solution mentioned in the blog. It is the most likely software to open .msg on Mac OS. It works with great speed and provides 100% exact results. The user doesn’t need any external installation to open Outlook MSG file on the Mac machine. The tool opens bulk MSG file easily.

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