No Valid MBOX files were found – A Common Error Message

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 11th, 2024 • 5 Min Read

There are a number of applications that are used enterprise-wide for a number of different organizations. But some areas mission-critical and pervasive as well. The quick gratification information in such an uncomplicated way is acquired for granted up till something goes wrong. No one actually feels the sting of vulnerability in such a way when an email address is lost or more explicitly retrieves saved email messages which do not exist due to loss or corruption. There may even be legal consequences according to laws which govern your specific employer or industry or those imposed by state or country.

Nowadays, businesses requirements are increasing at an exponential rate. Moreover, different email applications are coming up into existence and each of them is using explicit file format to store their mail database. MBOX file format is one such common file format that is used across various operating systems. In fact, it is one of its own kinds of a file format used to save electronic mail messages. MBOX file concatenates entire messages in a single plain text file.

The most commonly used MBOX file supporting clients are Thunderbird, Eudora, Entourage, Mulberry, Pocomail, Spicebird, Gnu Mail, Sylpheed, etc. But as we all know, that world is filled with lots of worries, there are situation comes which result in corruption of MBOX files. Moreover, whenever users face the situation where MBOX files are corrupted badly, users come across an error message showing “no valid MBOX files found”. To understand it properly, let’s go through the below scenario and its solution:

no valid mbox files were found

Query asked by a customer

Yesterday, a customer came with a query asking to open missing MBOX files. Actually, he works on Mac OSX and use Mac Mail for email. All the email files of Mac Mail get stored in MBOX format. But, the customer is very worried now as he is unable to find MBOX file. He was trying to import MBOX file using following method:

Go to file >> Import Mailbox, choose Mail for Mac OSX >> Click continue and navigate to the folder that was earlier created. But this method didn’t go well. Because when customer tried this he got the following error message “No valid MBOX files were found”.

How to Get MBOX files From Error no Valid MBOX Files Were Found?

Email is the most extensive means of communication which can only be achieved by using email applications that are provided by a number of email providers available in the market. Every operating system supports different email clients. Similarly, Mac OSX has many email clients. One of the most popular Mac OSX email software is Apple Mail which also is called Mac Mail. Mac-based email clients mostly saved email folders in common format i.e. MBOX.

Many users face the situation where they try to import MBOX files and suddenly error message occurs displaying Apple Mail no valid MBOX files were found. This arises difficulties for users. To make you properly understand, let us consider a situation, you are using Apple Mail where you archived old mailboxes as MBOX files and try to copy them to an external storage drive. With the import option available you tried to import one of the MBOX archives into the mail. You tried to import the MBOX folder, but every time unexpectedly a dialogue box was encountered displaying mac mail no valid MBOX file found.

But, after the entire import procedure gets successfully completed, a confirmation screen will be displayed in order to indicate about effective importing of files and their existence in the import folder. A mailbox folder import will be the duplicate of files and folders from locally stored MBOX folders or external backup MBOX files. Again, a confirmation screen pop ups provide information about the location of the imported files.

Best Solution  – No valid MBOX Files Were Found

Now the real problem with the manual method is its complexity which occurs when it comes to dealing with the import process of mailbox folders or restoring essential emails of users or even loss of email. Instead of this, users can overcome such scenarios by taking the help of third-party MBOX file recovery software. Moreover, the perfect approach you can opt for is taking the help of smartly programmed which not only extracts corrupted, missing data but also allows to repair them in nine individual formats. The software facilitates its users to conduct accurate MBOX file recovery. Within a few seconds, complete email items contained in the MBOX file gets converted and saved in nine different file formats as per user requirement.

The amazing aspect of the application is that it includes the functionality of the filter option. The in-built filter option allows users to filter MBOX files with attachments, attributes, and other information. When users perform the recovery using this tool, it does not matter whether you require dealing with multiple MBOX files. The tools manage it simultaneously on their own. Moreover, its availability in the free trial version also proves convenient for those who want to assess its functionalities before making any decision to purchase the complete licensed edition.