Can I Migrate Zoho Mail to Office 365 Directly – Complete Guide

Mark Regan | December 12th, 2018 | cloud

No more a problem to perform Zoho Mail to Office 365 migration. Now, you can utilize your Zoho mailbox on Microsoft cloud application.

Mr. Ronan, Assistant Manager had a conversation with Technical Assistant Miss. Bambi on the way to export Zoho Mail to Office 365 mailbox directly.

Let us check their conversation and know what the issue was exactly and what Miss. Bambi suggested her to execute error-free migration.

Miss. Bambi: What exactly problem you are getting?

Mr. Ronan: I work in a firm where we utilize to manage our work on Zoho Mail. Now, our company has come up with plan of Office 365 buisness. Therefore, we are planning to migrate our data from Zoho Mail to Office 365 account. As, it will be simple for us to accomplish all data at a place. Now, the major problem is that we need to migrate more than 2 GB of data, which covers about 700 mailboxes, calendars, contacts, etc.

Miss. Bambi: Ok! I got your concern. Actually, two ways are available ‘to implement migration, i.e. Manual and Third-party tool. As, you want to transfer bulk of Zoho Mail data to MS Office 365 mailbox. Therefore, I must suggest you to go for some third-party software.

Mr. Ronan:  Yes, but there is one more problem, i.e. I don’t know any solution, which can export bulk of Zoho Mail to OWA account.

Miss. Bambi: I can understand your problem. Well, there is one solution for you, Zoho Mail Backup from BitRecover.The utility is simple, and straight-forward to utilize. Moreover, it moves bulk of your Zoho mail data to O365 account at once.

Mr. Ronan: Seems good! But how can I belief over this utility means like how can I spend on the software without knowing about it. Moreover, my data is essential for me what if it will get vanish after using this tool then, what I will do?

Miss. Bambi: No need worry! I know this is concern is of almost of every person.As data is most crucial thing for any firm. You can use the application before spending on it. As it’s the most valuable thing about this utility that one can utilize the demo edition of software to know all its features and working.

Mr. Ronan: That’s a wonderful thing. But how much I need to pay to utilize its demo edition of the software?

Miss. Bambi: You can utilize demo version without spending anything. As it is totally free of cost for knowning the software’s functionality.

Mr. Ronan: Is it secure to utilize as free things are Virus infected?

Miss. Bambi: Yes for sure! It is completely safe to use. Your data will keep in its original form after moving  from Zoho to O365 mailbox.

Mr. Ronan: What’s the restriction of using demo version of Email Backup Wizard?

Miss. Bambi: The restriction of utilizing free demo is that you can simply migrate 25 data items. If you wish then, I can also even help you step-by-step to import Zoho to Office 365 mailbox.

Mr. Ronan: Yes, It will be supportive for me if you help me throughout the procedure.

Miss. Bambi: Ok sure.

Let us check out the steps to perform data migration from Zoho Mail to Office 365 account.

  • Download and launch the software on your Windows machine.

Download for Windows     Download for Mac

  • Software comes up with several email backup solutions. Choose Zoho Mail from the list of email sources.


  • Enter credentials of your Zoho Mail account and click on Login button.


  • Software will start analysing the folders after entering the credentials.


  • Tool will preview all the folders, along with its message count.


  • From the list of file saving options, choose Office 365.


  • If you need to store messages at its default folder then, check for option “save messages in default folder.”


  • Check an option “I am Admin.” if you are an admin. It assistances to execute multiple mailbox mapping.

For utilizing user accounts be confirm that Application Impersonation and mailbox delegation is permissible.


  • For testing this option, open your Office 365 mailbox and enter credentials.


  • Click on permissions and choose Hygiene Management. After this, click on “+” icon for the addition of Application Impersonation role.

  • Choose ApplicationImpersonation and select Add >> click on OK button.


  • Select “+” icon for addition of admin account members list.


  • Choose desired member and click on Add button and then, click Ok.

  • Choose the save button after completion of update, you will get message of completion after that click on Ok.


  • Add mailbox allocation permission for administrator. Select Recipients.


  • Click on Mailbox Delegation and select on “+”icon for adding Full Access to Admin. After addition simply click on the Save button.

After this, go back on tool panel.

  • If you want to change language then, check change language option.


  • Enter credentials of Office 365 mailbox on utility’s panel.

  • If you need to move selective emails then, check option of “Use Advance Settings for Selective Backup.”


  • Enter date range along with other required details for specific email backup >> click on backup button to begin the procedure.


  • After completion of process, you will have message of completion on screen.

Mr. Ronan: Wow, amazing Thank you so much! I feel it’s a worthy utility the exact that I was searching for. “Thank you so much Miss. Bambi.”

In this way, their chat comes to end and Mr. Ronan got an accurate solution for Zoho Mail to MS Office 365 Migration. At last, I will only just say that purchase a worthy software after knowing about it as Mr. Ronan did.