How to Migrate Telus to Gmail Account ? – The Complete Guide

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 11th, 2024 • 4 Min Read


If you previously had a Telus webmail account, you are probably familiar with its email problems. Thousands of Telus users who have created Gmail account for the first time have found Gmail as a better application for their email correspondences. If you are wondering how to migrate Telus to Gmail, then you have landed on the right page. Here, we have explained a proper solution regarding the process to transfer Telus webmail to Gmail.

I have checked a number of web articles and forums about Telus webmail to Gmail migration. Can’t seem to find a good and concise solution to convert Telus to webmail. I want to migrate the inbox, outbox, personal folders, and some drafts also to my Gmail account. How do I transfer my Telus email to Gmail? – Stuart, UK

A One-stop Solution to Execute Telus to Gmail Migration

In order to properly transfer Telus webmail to Gmail, you will need an effective automated solution. The reason is straightforward- there is no manual workaround for this. Plus even if you try to do the solutions available on the web then your data could be at high risk.

So, you can choose the BitRecover Email Backup Wizard. As the name of this software suggests, it can instantly add Telus email to Gmail account with associated attachments. There will be no information loss issues during the process to migrate Telus to Gmail. Just remember your correct email address and password of Telus webmail and then you are ready for painless email migration from Telus webmail to Gmail account.

Steps to Migrate Telus to Gmail

  • Open Telus to Gmail converter tool.
  • Enter Telus webmail login details.
  • Enable specific email folders as per need.
  • Choose Gmail and fill in its login credentials.
  • Start to migrate Telus email to Gmail.

Complete Working Process to Transfer Telus Webmail to Gmail Account

Read the steps given below in order to implement the Telus to Gmail migration process-

To start with, download and install the software on your Windows PC.

Download for Windows

Download for Mac

Now, in the left panel of the software screen, you will see the email sources list. Scroll down and choose Telus mail. Enter the email address and password of Telus account credentials. Tap on the login tab.

Next, enable the mailboxes that appeared in the preview section.

Choose Gmail as the saving option. Also, put the email ID and password of your Gmail account.

Lastly, click on the backup button. The process to migrate Telus to Gmail is running. It will get completed in few seconds. After a successful conversion, open your Gmail account to view the Telus emails.

Best Tool for Telus Email Migration to Gmail

  1. The suggested application is made up with advanced algorithms. It gives the ability to the users to forward Telus webmail to Gmail with complete information. You will see the complete metadata in the results while transferring Telus email to Gmail service.
  2. It provides a fully secure Graphical User Interface and safeguards the user’s information during the entire Telus to Gmail migration process.
  3. The tool offers a special selective backupt feature which is useful for selectively migrating Telus emails to Gmail account.
  4. The proxy server option of this tool enables a user to sign into their email account in a very secure manner.
  5. During the task to add Telus email to Gmail, this utility will keep intact all metadata details like To, CC, BCC, Subject, etc.
  6. It also preserves the formatting of the text, embedded attachments, inline images, hyperlinks, etc.
  7. There is no change in the folder structure while converting Telus emails to Gmail account.
  8. The batch mode option of this software permits users to bulk migrate Telus to Gmail service within few seconds.
  9. The utility is compatible with all latest and earlier editions of Microsoft Windows OS like Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista, etc.


In the above blog, we explained the detailed method to migrate Telus to Gmail account. The software is available for free use also. But, it is meant for trial purposes and enables to conversion few email items to supported file format. For an unlimited Telus webmail to Gmail migration, it is highly suggested to upgrade the license keys.