How to Migrate SOGo Email to Office 365?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 10th, 2024 • 5 Min Read

A warm welcome to the article where you will explore multiple ways to migrate SOGo email to Office 365. The following methods in this post will include two modes professional and manual. If you are already aware of the limitations of the manual method, then directly utilize the automated solution that would easily solve all your problems at once.

Quick Steps to Migrate Emails from SOGo to Office 365

  1. Start SOGo to Office 365 Migrator on pc.
  2. Log in to the SOGo account using IMAP credentials.
  3. Select specific SOGo email folders for migration.
  4. Choose Office 365 as a saving and enter its credentials.
  5. Press the Backup to migrate SOGo emails to O365.

It was a glance to migrate SOGo email to Office 365 using the most powerful software. Continue reading to learn in-depth procedures.

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What Is SOGo?

Right before diving into the procedures, it is important to know about SOGo email and people who are looking to migrate from here. So basically, SOGo is a simple, quick, and scalable Collaborative software Server which is widely famous among thousands of users. This software is mostly used by businesses and organizations who look for a low-cost solution.

Reasons to Migrate SOGo to Office 365 Account

So, what is the reason to migrate emails from SOGo to Office 365? SOGo is undoubtedly useful and benefits several users but some limitations let people move from here. When it comes to the productivity of this software in comparison to Microsoft 365, then this platform lacks so many advantages. However, most of the users are opting for cloud-based solutions rather than choosing self-host. Apart from that, Office 365 has more advanced features with lots of productivity and enhanced security. Office 365 meets all the needs of businesses and industries. Now let’s see how to do SOGo to Office 365 migration.

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#1 Pro Way to Use SOGo to Office 365 Migration Tool

It is very important to make a smart choice whenever looking for a solution to migrate SOGo emails to Office 365. We always provide you the software, which is simple, reliable, and effective at the same time. Just as always, we found BitRecover IMAP Mail Backup solution is the most prominent solution to migrate multiple SOGo emails to Office 365 at once in just a few seconds.

This perfect platform allows users to migrate IMAP to numerous platforms such as Servers and Cloud. Not only this but also you get to save and download your files into 25+ formats that include MSG, EMLX, HTML, Thunderbird, Office 365, Hosted server,, G-suit, Gmail, etc.

The software takes care of the user’s security and credibility the most which is why it provides 100% data security and accuracy. Forevermore, it maintains and keeps the email’s originality, elements, and attributes the same as it as before. It is fully automatic software that does not let users make any effort, they just need to give a few clicks on their mouse, and everything will be done.

How to Migrate SOGo Email to Office 365?

Now you might be familiar with the advantages of the software. It is time to move to a step-by-step guide to use this powerful application. However, if you want to know more about the software, you can read about it on its official website. Follow these steps to easily migrate email from SOGo to Office 365:

  1. Start SOGo to Office 365 Migration Tool and click on the Select Email Source option available at the top of the screen. Enter SOGo Mail IMAP details and press the Login button.
    sogo to office 365 migration tool
  2. The tool is adding SOGo email folders in the software window, wait, please.
    adding sogo folders
  3. Select the required SOGo Mail folders that you wish to migrate.
    select required folders
  4. jump on the saving option and choose Office 365 from here.
    select office 365 as saving option
  5. Use a filter from the Filter option given in the software to ease the migration process.
    advance filters
  6. Enter your Office 365 email address and press the Backup button.
    enter m365 email address
  7. Fill Microsoft 365 password and hit click the Sign In.
    microsoft 365 credentials
  8. SOGo to Office 365 migration process is running.
    migrate sogo email to office 365
  9. The process to migrate emails from SOGo to Office is completed successfully.
    migrate emails from sogo to office 365
  10. Login to your Microsoft 365 account and see the output data.
    login to office 365

#2 Manual Way to Migrate SOGo to Microsoft 365

If you are thinking to utilize the manual method, then you must be aware of its limitations first. The most important thing you need to know is that it is not a recommended solution as it is too lengthy and time-consuming. Another drawback of the manual procedure is that it needs to be more capable for a non-technical person.

To migrate SOGo email to Office 365, you need to configure your SOGo account with Outlook first using Import and Export Method. After the Download the data file in the PST format and then import PST file to Office 365 shared mailbox and primary mailbox accounts.

Note: Keep in mind that we have just given a brief manual process. Each procedure of the method includes at least 8-9 steps. Configuration, Exporting, and Importing procedures itself are too lengthy.


If you are looking for a perfect solution to migrate SOGo emails to Office 365 then you should definitely utilize the software, we mentioned in the post. The article has clearly identified that there is no sufficient manual way of migrating SOGo email to Microsoft 365.

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