Export SmarterMail to Gmail Mailbox – Know How?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 13th, 2024 • 4 Min Read

Have you ever assumed to save SmarterMail emails on your Google Gmail? Ever though why? What associations might be on SmarterMail file? If so then, read on…

Some questions as well as variations of it, I asked myself with rising of technology as well as email management over past years. And I am starting to believe over it.

Complete line of thinking began a year back at my organization. While I was thinking on it, my friend was sitting along me. I shared the complete matter with her that what I was planning to execute this.

She told me that he used SmarterMail in her previous company. She further added that before joining this company, she migrated her important emails from SmarterMail to Gmail account.

Then, she told me to use SmarterMail File Converter by BitRecover. She said that performing manual is almost not at all possible.

Then, I asked that is it safe to use this software to perform SmarterMail to Gmail migration? She said that she had utilized the software and exported multiple SmarterMail forward to Gmail.

She said that I can utilize the free of cost demo edition before purchasing the software to understand the tool’s working. Then, I gave a try on the demo version of the tool, which made my trust over software.

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How to Migrate SmarterMail to Gmail Account?

The question, which naturally arises in mind after knowing about conversion is How? After utilizing demo edition of the software, it is now cleared that conversion by using SmarterMail Server to Gmail Converter is a stress-free task.

To implement error-free SmarterMail to Gmail migration follow given steps:

  • Download SmarterMail to Gmail Converter and after that follow given steps to continue…


  • Run the tool and choose one option from Select Files or Select Folders to load SmarterMail email messages.

Select Files

  • After selecting the files, click on the Next button.

selecting the files

  • Software showing all SmarterMail folders in the panel, now check or uncheck preferred folders.

check or uncheck preferred folders

  • Select Gmail as saving format.

saving format

  • Fill Gmail account login details in the software UI and press Convert button to start the process.

Gmail account login details

  • SmarterMail to Gmail migration process is running, it will take very less time for completion.

SmarterMail to Gmail migration

  • SmarterMail to Gmail uploading process has been completed successfully with a completion message. Now select Ok.

SmarterMail to Gmail uploading

  • Now login to Gmail account to check imported data.

login to Gmail account

In this way, I efficiently imported all data from SmarterMail to Gmail without any data loss. Before concluding, let us have a look over software also.

Quick Glance on SmarterMail to Gmail Converter

BitRecover SmarterMail to Gmail Software is easy-to-use software to migrate SmarterMail emails into Google mailbox. The application does not require any external utility to move SmarterMail emails to Gmail format. The application is designed in such a way that it supports all version of Windows to execute migration with software. No, any size limitation is forced by the utility to implement the data migration procedure.

The software gives various options, which makes easy for the users to move data such as speedy migration, bulk data migration, Windows accessibility, desired data migration, etc.

The application is designed in such a way that it does not require any external application to implement the migration procedure. Not only this, even no any kind of technical knowledge is needed to implement the migration process. All the Windows versions are supported by the tool. The integrity of data is kept intact throughout the process of migration that makes easy for users to manage the work even after conversion of data.

What are the advantages of using this SmarterMail Server to Gmail Wizard?

If you are moving forward to migrate SmarterMail to Gmail then, you will be happy to know about the technically sound facts aided by the tool.

  • Gives various saving options, therefore, we can say application as the all-in-one tool.
  • Eased conversion served as the software does not want any technical skills for being performed, even non-technical can run SmarterMail to Google Mail Software.
  • Runs smoothly on all versions of Windows OS without limitations or any hang-ups faced.
  • While you move data, the application will confirm that data remains safe as well as intact throughout handling with even Metadata retained constant as it is.
  • No, any external application is required to execute the data migration procedure.
  • Migrates unlimited SmarterMail files without any issue.
  • Permits to migrate email from SmarterMail to Gmail with contacts and calendar.

By concluding, I would like to say that migration is significant by using appropriate solution is vital. With the precise solution like this, I have used, you will get an exact technique to success.

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