How to Migrate Office 365 to Thunderbird Profile?

Rollins Duke   
Published: March 14th, 2024 • 6 Min Read

Most professionals prefer to use Microsoft 365 due to its business-oriented features. But still, some users want to migrate Office 365 to Thunderbird email client. However, Thunderbird is a desktop-based email client which is opposite to Office 365 cloud-based account. However, there are multiple situations when users want to import Outlook 365 to Thunderbird client.

Recently, one of our respective clients connected to BitRecover Support team for resolving his problem. Thus, we are sharing our client’s words and how we resolved his concern.

User’s Concern About Microsoft Subscription

Hi BitRecover, I am the owner of a business where my whole team is using Microsoft 365 for completing email requirements. We have approx 100 users and shared mailbox accounts. Now I want to switch all user accounts from Office 365 to Thunderbird because I want to stop my Office 365 subscription forever. Hence, I want to migrate Outlook 365 to Thunderbird account because TB is a freeware email client. Now I want to opt for Thunderbird without losing old crucial emails. Please suggest the best possible ways.

As you can see from the above query, the user wants to migrate emails from Microsoft 365 to Thunderbird. Thunderbird is a free and open-source email client application and is a prominent choice among millions of users.

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Expert Choice to Migrate Outlook 365 to Thunderbird

Most of the users intend to migrate O365 to Thunderbird so that they can access their emails from local desktop locations. The most efficient solution to import Outlook 365 to Thunderbird is Microsoft 365 Backup Tool by BitRecover. This software can proficiently migrate Microsoft 365 mailboxes to Thunderbird accounts with all email items and components.

First, download and install the recommended software on your computer and follow the mentioned phases step by step to complete the Office 365 to Thunderbird migration process at the enterprise level.

Note: Before starting the migration process, ensure that Thunderbird should be installed on your computer. Also, setup a temporary email account with Thunderbird.

Phase 1: Migrate Microsoft 365 to Thunderbird Profile

  1. Run Office 365 to Thunderbird Tool, enter your O365 email address, and press Login.
    office 365 to thunderbird tool
  2. Enter the M365 password and press Sign In.
    office 365 login
  3. Let’s see, the software is uploading Office 365 folders in GUI.
    uploading m 365 folders
  4. Thereafter, select the required Office 365 folders using the front checkboxes.
    select required folders
  5. Now set advance filter to migrate only filtered data between both programs.
    filter options
  6. After that, choose Thunderbird as a saving option.
    set thunderbird as saving option
  7. The software automatically selects the default storage location, hence don’t change it.
    migrate office 365 to thunderbird
  8. Thereafter, press the Backup button to migrate Office 365 to Thunderbird and wait.
    migrate outlook 365 to thunderbird
  9. Outlook 365 to Thunderbird migration task completed successfully, see the pop-up message.
  10. This utility also creates a log report about migrated data.
    log report
  11. Lastly, start the Thunderbird email client and see the imported data in the actual hierarchy.
    open thunderbird

Phase 2: Cancel Your Office 365 Subscription Plan

After transferring complete data from Microsoft Outlook 365 to Thunderbird profile. Now, you can cancel your Microsoft 365 subscription forever. You can also use the suggested software to export PST from Office 365 account and store this file safely as an extra backup.

You can visit these official links and follow the steps for canceling the M365 subscription plan.

Phase 3: Use cPanel to Create or Manage Your Business Accounts

Now login to your website’s cPanel and create separate accounts for all your employees by following the mentioned steps.

  1. Login to your cPanel and choose Email >> Email Accounts.
  2. Click on Create account to continue.
  3. Under the username text box, fill employee name @domain.
  4. Set the password for the newly created account.
  5. Press Create button to create a new email account.

After creating email addresses, you can manage them accordingly i.e., assign quota space, edit, and delete accounts using cPanel.

Phase 4: Setup Your Email Account in Thunderbird

After successfully creating email addresses for your all employees, now will need to configure it with Thunderbird for creating a dedicated profile. Let’s follow these steps for adding an account in TB.

  1. Launch the Thunderbird email client on your pc
  2. Go to Thunderbird’s Account Settings
  3. Thereafter, choose the Account Actions option
  4. Choose Add Mail Account option from the drop-down
  5. Enter your Name, Email Address, Password, and press Continue
  6. Thunderbird will automatically fetch your server settings
  7. You can also manually enter your IMAP and POP settings
  8. Lastly, press the Done button for completion

Note: Now you can use the Thunderbird email client to full fill your email requirements. As Thunderbird is a freeware email client hence you can use it free of cost. In this way, you can stop paying for O365 and switch from M365 to Thunderbird including old emails, and other crucial data.

What Is Special in Office 365 to Thunderbird Tool?

I am Admin: Check the “I am Admin” option which allows to download Office 365 emails from multiple user accounts at once. Even users can feel free to select a choice file extension to store data locally such as PST, MSG, EML, MBOX, PDF, DOC, etc.

Unique Filters: Microsoft 365 to Thunderbird Software offers various advance filter options. Use filters to import Outlook 365 to Thunderbird between a date range. It has multiple filters for different types of filtrations.

Fully Automated: This is fully automatic software to migrate Office 365 to Thunderbird profile that does not require any import or export process. There is no need to add or download an add-on during the process.

Keep All Email Data: This utility holds all email items and properties during Office 365 to Thunderbird migration i.e., Header (To, Cc, Bcc, From, Subject, Date, Time, Year), Body (Text, HTML Links, Inline Images, Headings).

Migrate All Mailboxes: The tool is capable to migrate primary, shared, and in-place archive mailboxes from Office 365 accounts to Thunderbird directly. Even users can select all or specific folders for migration.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1: Do I need to install any plug-in to add Office 365 shared mailbox to Thunderbird?

A: No, this software is independent and does not need any plug-in.

Q 2: Is this tool compatible to work on my Windows Server 2019 machine?

A: Yes, the software runs smoothly on all Windows OS and Mac OS including the Windows Server 2019.

Q 3: Can I bulk add O365 to Thunderbird with your tool?

A: Yes, you can easily batch migrate Office 365 to Thunderbird with our software.


In this blog, we explained how to migrate Office 365 to Thunderbird with all email attachments. You can choose this application if you are a technical or a home user. This software is best suited for all those individuals who wish to have a secure and efficient for transferring O365 emails to Thunderbird. The self-descriptive interface of the software helps any professional and novice user to a large extent.