How to Migrate Office 365 Tenant to Tenant ?

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Summary: – Are you looking for a solution for Office 365 tenant to tenant migration? Or do you have a Microsoft 365 tenant domain that you want to migrate from one Office 365 tenant to another ? If yes, then this article guides you on how to migrate from Office 365 tenant to another. Here, we will use BitRecover office 365 tenant migration tool to migrate data from one bittitan O 365 Tenant to another. So, let’s read the article to know the process.

Why users need Office 365 tenant to tenant migration?

A tenant in Office 365 refers to the entire Office 365 suite associated with a domain. When we set up an Office 365 Tenant, it stores all application data such as SharePoint, OneDrive, and Yammer. This allows all of your organization’s data to sit in the same environment and move easily within the tenants. Other major tenant data include Exchange Server data (which is used to store email messages) and Active Directory data (which stores user account information). But what does that actually mean? So, let’s understand about Office 365 tenant with an image.

In this image, we see two different companies Office 365 Tenant accounts. It has an Exchange and Active Directory that connect every employee to their mailbox. Both companies access separate email mailboxes. If these two companies decided to merge into one company, then they would need to migrate one Office 365 Tenant to another Office 365 Tenant account.

This is not an ordinary task. Sometimes, there are many users inside an Office 365 tenant account. So, if you are one of those who want to migrate office 365 emails to new tenant, then download the recommended software.

Challenges users will face while migrating from One office 365 tenant to another ?

There are a lot of challenges which users are facing while performing this task. Some of them are mentioned here:

  1. This o365 tenant to tenant migration is tough and tedious task. Users have to face a lot of hassle while performing this task.
  2. One of the biggest challenges while performing this task is maintaining the data integrity. Ensuring data integrity is must.
  3. This procedure can also lead to data loss and corruption. User may end up losing their crucial data.

Migration planning from start to end

Pre planning for migration

Step 1: Domain preparation

Users have to follow these steps for preparing domain

  1. Make sure that you have license for target Office 365
  2. Then, create admin accounts in both the source and target for having smooth migration.
  3. Now, user have to create user mailboxes, room/resource mailboxes, and distribution groups in the target.
  4. Perform AD DS consolidation using AD DS tools and sync source domain with the target domain manually or using synchronization (if needed).
  5. It is mandatory to train end users regarding the post-migration use of Microsoft 365.

Step 2: Domain Verification

  1. In Microsoft 365 start verification of target tenant domain.
  2. Then, add source domain in the target Microsoft 365 admin center and create TXT records in DNS.

Note: Make sure the domain is in use only by one tenant. Else, the verification will fail. After completing this process, it will take around 72 hours for the change to be noticed.

Step 3: Schedule Migration

  1. First, generate a list of user mailboxes that are to be migrated and for mapping create a CSV file.
  2. Write down the lowest value of TTL on MX record (of the primary email domain).
  3. Disable directory sync for the source tenant (from Microsoft 365 admin center) to avoid sync of any modifications in source tenant account AD DS to Microsoft 365 platform. Minimum 24 hours will be needed to complete the disabling process.

Step 4: Migration stage

  1. Top inbound mail flow

Stop inbound mail flow to the source tenant by changing the primary MS record to an unreachable value or by using any third-party application. As you have noted the lowest value of TTL on MX record of your primary email domain in the preparation stage, you can easily plan the time of this step.

  1. Preparing source tenant

Before migrate office 365 mailbox to another tenant, the primary mail domain should be erased from all objects in the source tenant.

  • Reset the default email address to the initial email address of Microsoft Office 365.
  • Delete all the Lync licenses from the source tenant with the help of Lync Admin Portal.
  • Then, reset the default email address of distribution lists, rooms, resources to the initial domain.
  • From all tenant objects remove the secondary email address
  • In the Windows PowerShell, run the command Get-MsolUser -DomainName that will retrieve all the objects which are still using the primary email address or refusing the removal.
  1. Preparation of target domain

This process involves verifying the source tenant in the target domain.

  • First, configure the auto-discover CNAME.
  • When you use AD FS, then configure a new domain in target tenant for AD FS.
  • Now, activate the new user accounts in the target domain and then assign licenses.
  • On the new users, set the source domain as the primary email address. Also, communicate the passwords to end users.
  • When the user mailboxes are active, change mail routing and point the MX record to the new Office 365 email address.
  • Finally, test the mail flow in and out of the target tenant.

Now, begin the migration process

  • When user have 500 users or less, then migrate the mail calendar and contacts separately to the destination tenant mailbox. For migrating email, limit the migration by any criteria like a date.
  • When you have more than 500 users, then use the multi-pass method to migrate the contents in multiple batches. User can migrate only contacts, calendars, and a single week of data.

It is time to decide the migration method. User can also decide the type and amount of data to be migrated. Migration process can be accomplished using PowerShell scripts.

But third-party migration applications are recommended as these applications offer complete control over the migration along with quick and efficient processes automatically.

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BitRecover Office 365 Tenant to Tenant Migration Tool – Automated solution

BitRecover is one of the popular company for handling large projects with its professional tools. If you are stuck in a technical problem, you can ask us the solution to our technical support center. BitRecover Office 365 Tenant to Tenant Migration utility helps you to move mailbox between Office 365 within the same and different domain. This migration application is one of the most reliable utility to help get the desired solution easily.

How to Migrate Mailbox Between Office 365 Tenant to Tenant ?

Follow the below steps to move mailbox from Office 365 Tenants: –

  1. Run Migrate Office 365 Tenant to Tenant Tool.
  2. Enter Office 365 Tenant Admin account credentials to connect.
  3. Select the required Tenant user mailboxes data to migrate.
  4. Choose Office 365 option in saving option to move Tenant data.
  5. Fill another Office 365 Tenant details and migrate all data between both.

Can I Migrate Mailbox from One Office 365 Tenant to Another Tenant Account – Complete Review

Download Office 365 Tenant to Tenant Migration Tool on Windows Machine.

Download for Windows

Download for Mac

Note: – The trial software allows you to migrate 25 emails from each Office 365 Tenant mailbox to another tenant account. If you want to migrate all emails from Office 365 tenant to tenant account, then upgrade the software with the license key.

After that, launch the software on your computer and select Office 365 option in the email source.

Thereafter, enter your Office 365 account credentials to connect with user mailboxes. You can also use “I am Admin” option to login Office 365 Tenant administrator account.

After that, choose the mailboxes folders which you want to migrate. Here, you can select the complete mailboxes if you want to migrate complete data from one Office 365 tenant to another.

Thereafter, select Office 365 option in the list of file saving options to proceed further.

After that, choose additional options such as save messages in default folders, I am Admin, and change language options.

Then, enter another Office 365 account detail in the user interface panel.

Now, click on the next button to migrate mailbox to office 365.

Common Features of Office 365 Tenant Mailbox Migration Utility

  • Migrate Complete Office 365 Tenant Mailbox Data, Emails, Calendars, Contacts, Tasks, Notes to Another.
  • Supports Office 365 Groupware and Shared Mailboxes Migration process.
  • Transfer Emails and Mailboxes between different Office 365 Tenant Domains.
  • Move employee and user mailbox from one Office 365 Tenant branch to another Office 365 tenant branch in the same Domain.
  • Advance mode to transfer selective mailbox folders office 365 tenant migration.
  • Maintains Office 365 Exchange and Active Directory data during migration mailboxes from one to another tenant.
  • If you want fast migration, the tool needs a break free Internet connection to migrate Office 365 tenants mailboxes faster.
  • Works on all Microsoft Windows operating systems including Server editions.
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In this article, we have explained the way to move mailbox between Office 365 tenant to tenant. With the BitRecover Office 365 Tenant Migration tool users can perform this task. Users can easily migrate emails, contacts, calendars, notes, tasks from one Office 365 Tenant to Another. It is a straightforward process that requires nothing more than account login credentials. If you have any issues with the software and its process, then contact us on live chat support.