Easily Migrate Libraesva Archive to Outlook Email Application

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 9th, 2024 • 5 Min Read

Today, we’ll explain how to migrate Libraesva archive to Outlook through this blog. Therefore, if you are utilizing Libraesva as your email archiving solution while also seeking a way to export your Libraesva in Outlook, read this blog post through to the finish and resolve your issue as needed.

However, before beginning the approaches, we must first comprehend the Libraesva Archive, Microsoft Outlook, and the reasons why people desire to move their Libraesva archives to Outlook.

Let us discuss the Libraesva Email Archiver program now. It is one of the most widely used email archiving services, and many companies use it to protect their crucial data. To protect company data in the event of a breach or a natural disaster that results in data loss, the Libraesva Email Archiver replicates each user’s email and saves them in a central archive.

In the second place, Microsoft Outlook is a popular email client with facilities for managing contacts and calendars. You can access emails, contacts, and appointments wherever you are because it syncs all of your information across signed-in devices. For both personal and professional users, Microsoft Outlook is a fantastic email and scheduling tool.

Why do users want to Migrate Libraesva Archive to Outlook?

So, there are many scenarios in which the users want to transfer data from Libraesva that is archived into Outlook. Some scenarios are described below.

  • There are the first reasons the users want to move from the Libraesva archive solution to MS Outlook and save the data of all its works in Outlook for auditing emails.
  • With Outlook, you can send and receive emails, organize your calendar, store the names and phone numbers of your contacts, and keep track of your tasks.
  • A high level of security is provided by Microsoft Outlook. If you keep it current, it will filter junk mail effectively while also preventing downloaded photos, web bugs, and information from unknown websites.
  • Microsoft Outlook’s user interface is simple to understand and makes it simple to discover, retrieve, and exchange information.

After knowing all the requirements and scenarios to migrate Libraesva archive to Outlook. Now, let us move on to the next part,

What formats Libraesva Export?

If you want to know what is the procedure of export data from Libreseva then explore this blog post “Export Emails from Libraesva Email Archiver ”.

Now, there are three file formats that Libraesva supports for exporting data. We have described all three of them in the following section:

  1. Raw: All emails exported in this will be stored in a single EML file format.
  2. Zip: EML files that contain exported emails will be kept in compressed zip archives. Along with the zip file size, a zip password is an optional setting that can be used.
  3. PST: This is a file format supported by Outlook, if you choose a PST file to export data, then all your data will be saved in this file, which you can open in Outlook or Office 365.

Import Libraesva Archived Emails to Outlook 

If the archived data from Libreseva is exported into RAW & ZIP format. then you will get the EML file format after opening the ZIP file or RAW file. If you want to de-dupe your Libraesva EML files then you can take help of our BitRecover EML Duplicate Remover software to remove duplicate EML files. Now, we know that Outlook support PST file so, we have to convert the EML archived data to PST in order to import it into Outlook.

Now, want to import all the data in Outlook then you can use the EML Converter. A tool that easily converts multiple EML files into PST without data loss.

With this tool, you can easily, fast & direct import Libraesva export EML files into Outlook after the conversion without facing any type of hassle. Also, convert EML files into another mail format: MSG, PST, MBOX, NSF, & Office 365.

How to Use It

1. Download and install the software and then choose Files or Folders in the software panel.

Choose files or folders

2. Then, Select the EML file and hit on the Next button.

Add files

3. Then, choose the PST as an exported file type.

Choose PST

4. Then, press the Convert button.

Migrate Libraesva Archive to Outlook

5. Once the Libraesva to PST conversion is complete, confirm by tapping the Ok button.

Convert Libraesva to PST

6. Open the destination path to view the data from the converted PST file.

Once the file is converted to the PST file follow the steps of how to import PST to Outlook in the next section.

Important Note

On the other hand, if you have, you export the stored data from Libraesva in PST file format. So, you can import PST files directly into Microsoft Outlook using the manual way Import/Export wizard. The steps listed below are some of the ones you take.

Import PST in MS Outlook

1. Open Outlook on a system first.

2. Then, click the File menu then Open & Export, and then choose Import/Export.

Open & Export

3. Then, Click “Import from another program or file” and press the Next button.

Import from another program or file

4. Then, select Outlook data file (.pst), and finally click Continue.

Outlook data file (.pst)

5. Select the PST file you wish to import by clicking Browse.

6. Choose the duplicate item management option you want to employ under Options.

duplicate item management

7. Enter the password and hit on OK if a password has been assigned to the PST file.

8. Choose the folder you want to import into, then choose the option to import everything into the same folder.

import everything

9. Click the Finish button after the procedure is finished.

Time to Last Word

We briefly mentioned approaches to migrate Libraesva archive to Outlook in this post, and we describe the best solution. These techniques are helpful for all users who want to transfer archived data from Libraesva into Outlook.