How to Migrate Libraesva Archive to Office 365 – Complete Guide

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 10th, 2024 • 4 Min Read

Today we will tell you through this blog how to migrate Libraesva archive to Office 365. So, if you are using Livraesva as your email archiving solution but parallelly looking for a solution to export your Libraesva in O365, then read this blog till the end and solve your problem according to your need.

But, before starting the techniques, first, we have to understand the Libraesva Archive and Office 365 and why users want to transfer Libraesva archive to O365.

A Short Definition of Libraesva

Now, if we talk about the Libraesva Email Archiver solution, it is one of the most popular email archiving services, and many businesses utilize it to safeguard their vital data. The Libraesva Email Archiver duplicates each user’s email and keeps them in a central archive to protect corporate data.

On the other hand, we talk about Office 365, which is a SaaS-based service that is provided by Microsoft. It is a productivity suite that includes apps like MS Word, MS PowerPoint, etc. For email management, Office 365 provides Outlook 365 applications. It is both web-based and desktop-based.

Why Do User Wants to Migrate Libraesva Archive to Office 365

So, there are many conditions under which the user decided to transfer Libraesva archive to O365. Here are some reasons are mentioned below in detail:

  • The first reason could be that the user wants to move from the Libraesva archiving solution to Office 365’s archiving solution and wants to move all the Libraesva archived data to O365.
  • The second reason may be that a company wants to save the data of all its works in office 365 for auditing emails.
  • While managing and downloading your archived data requires a different option, Office 365 may be accessed entirely with just one login.
  • Office 365 is popular with both large and small businesses because it offers a variety of cutting-edge features and services, such as email and email archiving.

So, we have understood all the important things and why users want to do this process. Now, we will understand how to do this process. Then, in the coming part, we will tell you the step-by-step process. read the blog through to the conclusion.

Briefly, Procedures to Migrate Libraesva Archive to Office 365

First, we need to export the data from Libraseva that is archived. And then we will import the exported PST data into O365 using the automated methods which are mentioned below:

How to Import Import Libraesva Exported PST to Office

So, after exporting data from Libraesva to PST. Now, we will use PST to Office 365 Converter to import exported Liberesva PST into O365. This process is recommended by IT administrators. There is no need to be technically savvy to use this tool, non-technical users can use this tool.

Why is this solution better than the manual method?

  • If you go with the manual method to import PST into O365, you have to face many problems, such as file size limitations, installed Outlook application data loss, and many more. But the solution We’ve mentioned above is very trustable and easy to use for this migrate Libraesva archive to Office 365.
  • With this tool, you can easily, quickly, and directly import PST files into O365 by just following a few steps. There is no restriction on the size of PST files. There is no fear of data loss and no need for any extra third-party tool.
  • The program contacts the details of email properties, such as header and body information as well as folder hierarchy also, this program has a feature that allows users to move individual emails based on Date, To, From, Subject, etc.

Stepwise Process to Migrate Libraesva Archive to Office 365

1. Download and run the tool on your local system to start importing Libraesva Archive to Office 365.

2. Now, select the files or folder from which you want to upload PST files.

3. After selecting Office 365 as the export option, proceed to the next step.

4. During migration, users are required to enter Office 365 credentials.

5. As the last step, log in to your Office 365 webmail account and view the PST files there.

Time to Wind-up

In the above post, we have briefly mentioned the solution to migrate Libraesva archive to Office 365. The solution in this blog is best suited for users. If users follow the instructions provided here, they will not encounter any difficulties.