How to Migrate Libraesva Archive to Google Workspace?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 10th, 2024 • 4 Min Read

Today, we will show you how to Migrate Libraesva Archive to Google Workspace via this blog. So if you are using Libraesva as an email solution and are looking for a solution for migrating from Libraesva to Google Workspace, then read this blog and choose the best option per your requirements.

But before going ahead with the blog and knowing the solutions, we need to know what Libraesva and Google Workspace have done and why, in today’s time, users are trying to complete this migration process.

Libraesva Email Archiver program is one of the most widely used email archiving services. Libraesva copies every user’s emails and holds them in its cloud storage environment.

In second place is Google Workspace, a set of software, products, cloud computing, productivity, and collaboration technologies created and marketed by Google.

Why does a User Want to Migrate Libraesva Archive to Google Workspace?

So, there are many scenarios in which the users want to transfer data from Libraesva that is archived into Google Workspace. Some scenarios are described below.

  • The first reason could be that the user wants to move from the Libraesva archiving solution to Google Workspace archiving solution and wants to move all the Libraesva archived data to G Suite.
  • Google Workspace has no software choices and is only available online. You’ll probably discover that Google Docs and Sheets aren’t as robust if you’re used to using Microsoft Office.
  • Google Workspace is still catching up to Office 365 in the enterprise sector, which it now dominates.
  • Off the bat, Office 365 does provide additional storage. However, if you switch to more expensive plans, Google Workspace does provide limitless storage.

So, after knowing all the things, let us understand the solutions. So, in the upcoming section, we are going to explain the most trustworthy and faster solution to migrate Libraesva archive to G suite.

Approaches to Migrate Libraesva Archive to Google Workspace

Now, to migrate Libraesva archive to G suite. First, we need to export archived data from Libraesva to PST and then import the exported PST data file Into Google Workspace. So, want to know how to export archived data from Libraesva in Outlook PST. So, explore this page: Export Emails from Libraesva

Point to be noted: If you choose to export archived data from Libraesva into RAW & Zip file format. So, your data is exported into EML file format. Because if you open the RAW and ZIP files you will get several EML files over there. Now, want to import exported Libraesva EML files into G suite. So you can use this EML Converter. A tool that converts bulk EML files into G-Suite.

With the help of this utility, you can hassle-free, quickly, and easily import Libraesva export EML files into Google Workspace. You can convert EML files into the following email formats using this tool: MSG, PST, MBOX, NSF, and Office 365.

In the second place, if you choose PST file format for exporting Libraesva archived data. So, your data is exported in a PST file. Now, we will use the PST Converter to import Libraesva PST files in Google Workspace.

Why Experts Suggest this Tool

  • This utility was developed by an IT administrator to migrate Libraesva archive to Google Workspace. Any user, whether technical or non-technical, can use this tool according to their needs.
  • With the help of this utility, users can directly & fastly import PST files into G suite by just following a few steps. Also, this tool offers you 30+ most popular file formats and email clients to convert PST files directly. This tool converts PST email, contact, attachments, calendar, journal, etc.
  • This converter also maintains the following settings: header (email and file), folder order, HTML formatting, and bulk conversion of both single and many PST files. You do not even need Outlook installed to use this tool

Stepwise Guidance- How to Use This Tool

1. Download, Install & Run the software on your local PC to start the migrate Libraesva archive to Google Workspace.

2. Next, choose the file or folder, which you want to upload PST files from.


3. After choosing the G-Suite export option, move on to the following action.

Select G Suite

4. Users must enter their G Suite credentials during the migrating process.

G Suite credentials

5. View the PST files in your G-Suite account by logging in as the last step.

Time to Close Out

We explained step-by-step guidance to migrate Libraesva archive to Google Workspace in this complete blog. Now, if you want to migrate Libraesva archived data to G-Suite. So, you can use the third-party tools mentioned above. It is a very reliable and profitable solution for this process. You can use it without any problem.