How to Migrate GoDaddy Email to G Suite? Troubleshoot it Now

Mark Regan ~ June 24th, 2021 ~ Move Data

There could be variety of reasons to migrate GoDaddy email to G Suite. Some of them could be –

1. You want to switch your email platform from GoDaddy to G Suite.

2. You notice that G Suite is more secure in comparison to GoDaddy.

3. Apart from email service, G Suite provides many other features.

4. Compared with GoDaddy, it is simple to manage data in G Suite.

People can move email from GoDaddy to G Suite either by configuring lots of technicalities in both online business tenants, or by using a specialized product. Nowadays there exists a specialized solution through which users can effortlessly transfer emails from GoDaddy to G Suite account. Also, this solution does not demand for any technical configurations and provides a secure environment to accomplish the task.
Well, we are going to learn about both manual as well as specialized solution. Whichever suits you the best, you can prefer it.

#1 Specialized Solution to Migrate GoDaddy Email to G Suite

There is an effective and efficient solution named as GoDaddy to G Suite migration tool. This Email Backup Wizard makes it possible to move email from GoDaddy to Google Suite without any complications. No chances of data breach are there and this particular point is ensured by a team of global experts. The intuitive interface of the program makes it simpler to transfer emails from GoDaddy to G Suite.

Download for Windows     Download for Mac

Step by Step Process

Following steps will assist you with the simple method to migrate GoDaddy email to Google Suite business account

1. Firstly, download, install and run GoDaddy to G Suite migration tool on your PC.

2. Secondly, select GoDaddy option from the menu of ‘Email Source’. Enter the email id and password of source account.

3. After that, click on Login button to complete the first phase of the process to transfer emails from GoDaddy to G Suite.migrate-godaddy-email-to-gsuite


4. Once the login procedure gets completed, the program automatically begins fetching email folders from GoDaddy. This data fetching is for a temporary purpose; just to effortlessly import data in target Google Suite account.

5. Now, select the GoDaddy mail folders that you want to move in Google Suite business account. After this, choose G Suite option from the list of ‘Select Saving Option’ to migrate GoDaddy email to G Suite.

6. After that, enter the email address and password of your G Suite business tenant. Make sure that you enter the credentials carefully without any mistake.


7. Lastly, click on Backup button to initiate the procedure of transferring emails from GoDaddy to G Suite account.

The solution will start moving mail folders from GoDaddy to G Suite account. So, when the procedure gets finished, it flashes a process completion statement. Now, you can login to your Google Suite account and view GoDaddy emails in it.

#2  Manual Solution to Migrate GoDaddy Email to G Suite

The support team of Google says that if you wish to migrate to G Suite from GoDaddy account, use data migration service. Also, this service essentially demands for super administrator rights to accomplish the task. Following technical prerequisites need to be checked before beginning the task.

• Check whether your G Suite version is supported in data migration service.
• Prepare a legacy environment for GoDaddy to G Suite migration procedure.

If you are unable to fulfill both the above prerequisites, it is of no worth to proceed with further steps. Also, ensure that proper knowledge of each and every step should be there to accomplish the task manually. Well after fulfilling the requirements, start with execution of following steps.

Step by Step Process

1. Set up a proper data migration service with all migration permission at administrator level.

2. Once done with the creation of data migration service, click on Add button. Now select User.

3. Now, mention the legacy email id of user in ‘Migrate From’ field.

4. After that, continue with the procedure to migrate GoDaddy email to G Suite by entering G Suite email id. This needs to be done in ‘Migrate To’ field.

5. Lastly, click on Start button to initiate the procedure.

We do understand the fact that it is not at all simple to move email from GoDaddy to G Suite tenant via manual method. Different difficult setups are to be executed to successfully complete the task. Also, there is high risk of data breach while attempting this procedure. It is so because if a single security configuration goes wrong, internet criminals will immediately attack on the target.

Chances of data loss are also there specially when a person does not setup legacy environment properly. Also, lots of challenges and complications are present in the manual approach to transfer emails from GoDaddy to G Suite. Therefore, we thoroughly recommend users to use the specialized approach.

At The End, Its Completely Your Decision

Customers who are currently using specialized approach said that ‘it is the simplest task to migrate GoDaddy email to G Suite’. You yourself can check the simplicity of the solution by examining its trial version. It is available for free downloading on the official website. All features are embedded in this program’s version. Also, the limitation with free edition is that it transfers only 25 emails from each GoDaddy mail folder to G Suite account. You can easily remove this limitation by buying software’s full version.