How to Transfer Godaddy Email to Gmail?

Mark Regan | December 20th, 2020 | Move Data


Yes, you can transfer GoDaddy email to Gmail in an effortless manner. There exists a direct and workable approach to migrate emails from GoDaddy to Gmail tenant. Today’s Bitrecover post is dedicated towards the explanation of a solution, which allows users to move GoDaddy emails to Gmail.

Firstly, it is important to be known with a reality that there is no manual method to perform GoDaddy to Gmail migration. This clearly means that we have to opt for an alternative third-party solution to attempt this task. But, picking up one of the suitable methods is really a complicated phase.

People from different corners of the world search for a foolproof approach to migrate GoDaddy webmail to Gmail account. Requirement of such email migration could be any because it is completely dependent upon the business individual. Independent from the set of requirements, we are going to suggest a solution that is preferred and appreciated by many large business users. So, come lets begin with its explanation!

Transfer GoDaddy Email to Gmail – Simple Way

You need to download and install the setup file of a program named as Email Backup Wizard. This application is purposely coded and designed for GoDaddy business clients. Without wasting time in lots of thinking, quickly use this program to transfer GoDaddy email to Gmail in an effortless manner. None of the manual and technical configurations are needed to attempt this task via our recommended solution.


Well, the steps that are required to migrate GoDaddy webmail to Gmail are listed below. You can read them to understand the simplest method for transferring GoDaddy messages to Gmail tenant.

1. Run GoDaddy to Gmail migration tool on your computer.

2. Select GoDaddy option from the list of ‘Email Source’ and enter the source account credentials. Click on Login button to continue with the procedure to migrate GoDaddy email to

3. Choose the desired mailbox folders of GoDaddy account. Now explore the menu of ‘Select Saving Option’ and choose Gmail option.


4. After that, enter the Gmail account credentials in their respective fields.


5. If you wish to customize the migration procedure, you can do this in the ‘Advance Settings’ field of the tool.


6. Finally, click on Backup button to end up with the GoDaddy to Gmail migration.

Why to Pick GoDaddy to Gmail Migration Tool?

The solution described in this post is authentic and verified by a team of global experts. It reduces overall migration time and also, eliminates lots of unusual human efforts. Apart from this, it will provide the exact outcome without breaching a single word. Following listed are the major core highlights of this solution to transfer GoDaddy emails to Gmail :

1. Establishes a secure path to perform the task of cloud to cloud data migration.

2. Download all email folders of source GoDaddy account just for temporary purpose.

3. Enables customers to export GoDaddy messages to the computer in 15+ formats.

4. Holds the folders and subfolders hierarchy throughout the migration procedure.

5. Different filtering options are available to move desired data from GoDaddy to Gmail.

6. Effortlessly supports migration of unlimited emails with attachments in quick time.

Transfer GoDaddy Emails to Gmail For Free

There are several users who prefer a free method to migrate GoDaddy Webmail to Gmail. But there is biggest problem with this desire i.e., none of the official approach exists for this respective purpose. The main reason behind this is that both services are entirely different from each other. On one hand, GoDaddy business tenant can only be used through the domain registration. Whereas Gmail is an entirely free mail service that does not demand for any domain registration. Therefore, sadly we have to accept the truth that ‘No official manual method is available to move GoDaddy emails to Gmail’.

Seems as if you are little bit sad! Well, there is nothing to worry about. The solution that we suggested to migrate GoDaddy email to Gmail is available for free downloading. Customers can download FREE version of the software to check its performance and efficiency. All features that are promised in this solution will be provided to clients.

The only limitation with this version is that it allows users to export only 25 emails from each of the selected GoDaddy email folders. Not to worry, it is simple to completely eliminate this limitation by opting for full version of GoDaddy to Gmail migration tool.

Let’s Resolve Some Commonly Asked Queries

Ques. 1. Is this GoDaddy to Gmail migration program suitable to add GoDaddy email to Gmail?
Ans. Yes, you can use our suggested method to add emails from GoDaddy account to the target Gmail tenant.

Ques. 2. Can I use your recommended solution to migrate GoDaddy Webmail to Gmail account?
Ans. Yes, of course, you can use this method for migrating GoDaddy Webmail to Gmail account.

Ques. 3. I wish to export GoDaddy email to Gmail. Please help me by suggesting me as solution.
Ans. You can use our GoDaddy to Gmail migration tool to export mailboxes from GoDaddy business account to Gmail. This solution helps business clients to switch their cloud mail platform without any risk of data loss or integrity.

Its The Verdict Time

In the end, we would like to tell that the solution recommended in this post is suitable to transfer GoDaddy email to Gmail. Also, it is a professional program that enables enterprises to experience a hassle-free cloud-to-cloud migration procedure. Rest, you can test the solution for free and later on, buy it to migrate GoDaddy Webmail to Gmail effortlessly.