How to Migrate Emails From hMailServer to Zimbra?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 13th, 2024 • 5 Min Read
“I want to move mailbox data from hMailServer to Zimbra. The disappointing thing is that there is no support is provided from the side of hMail or Zimbra to do this. I know that the most common idea to perform this migration is to use IMAP. But how? I am really in big confusion because I am unable to find a suitable approach for hMailServer to Zimbra migration. Please, can anyone recommend a solution for the same!”

Most of the administrators seek for a solution to export messages from hMailServer to Zimbra. The common challenge they face is that they don’t know that what configuration settings or protocol settings are required for the same. Till today’s date, hardly there exists any suitable approach to migrate emails from hMailServer to Zimbra Webmail.

But now, your problem is finally fixed! Yes, you heard correctly. Today here we are with a full proof approach to move Mail Server messages to Zimbra. The best part of this solution is that it does not demand complicated settings in hMailServer or Zimbra. The solution name is Email Backup Wizard.

It seems as if you are excited to know about this solution. So, without wasting much time, let’s start with the explanation of this workable method.

Step-by-Step Way for hMailServer to Zimbra Migration

This solution demands a standalone utility named as an Email backup wizard. It is an application that is purposely designed to migrate data from one server to another. Enterprises can use this solution to move Mail Server messages to Zimbra without any risk of the data breach.

The program is a Windows-based application, which enables customers to access it on MS Windows 10 and all below versions. Its interface is easy to use and understand, making it simpler for clients to use it for their purpose. Well, the following steps describe the working of Email backup wizard to migrate data from hMailServer to Zimbra :

Steps to Migrate hMailServer to Zimbra:-

1. Download and install the setup file of the ‘Email Backup Wizard’ program.

migrate emails from hmail server to zimbra

2. Launch the software after its completion and then, click on the IMAP server option from the ‘Email Source’ list to start the process to migrate emails from hMailServer to Zimbra.

migrate emails from hmail server to zimbra

3. Enter the email id and password of the webmail account, which is configured in hMailServer.

migrate emails from hmail server to zimbra

Note – By default, IMAP settings are enabled in the Webmail account hosted in hMailServer. Still for a safe side, once check that the IMAP settings of source tenant are active. You can check this by going to Advanced option and then clicking on IP Ranges >> My Computer

4. In the IMAP Host field, mention ‘localhost’ to move data from hMailServer. After this, enter 143 in the IMAP Port No. text box.

migrate emails from hmail server to zimbra

An Important Point to Remember – Please disable the ‘Auto-ban’ feature of hMailServer. This will allows the software to easily fetch data from hMailServer without any hassle. You can do this operation under the ‘Advanced’ option, which is present on the LHS of the hMailServer window.

5. Just for a safe side, please enable the checkbox of ‘Advance Mode’. Enabling this feature will permit software to automatically fix any technical error (if any) at the logging time.

migrate emails from hmail server to zimbra

6. Click on the Login button to proceed further with the method to migrate emails from hMailServer to Zimbra.

migrate emails from hmail server to zimbra

7. Just after a few seconds, the software will load all mail folders of Webmail (hMailServer) account for the folder selection purpose. From LHS of the screen, select folders whose messages you wish to move in Zimbra.

migrate hmail server to zimbra

8. Expand the menu of ‘Select Saving Option’ and click on Zimbra.

migrate emails from hmail server to zimbra

9. Define the location where you wish to save Zimbra files after the conversion. If you wish to change the default location, feel free to use the ‘Change’ button.

migrate emails from hmail server to zimbra

10. At last, click on the Backup button to initiate hMailServer to Zimbra migration procedure. When the procedure gets completed, the program creates a TGZ file of the Webmail account that was hosted in hMailServer.

migrate emails from hmail server to zimbra

How to Import Resultant TGZ Files in Zimbra?

There are several customers who ask how to open the TGZ file in Zimbra. So for guidance purpose, we are listing down the steps to import .tgz in Zimbra :

a) Open the Zimbra desktop application on your PC and click on the Preferences tab.

b) From the Left-hand side of the screen, click on Import / Export option under the ‘local folders’ field.

c) A Browse button option appears in the Import section. Click on it and select the TGZ file that you achieved after hMailServer to Zimbra migration procedure.

d) At last, click on the Import button to successfully view the Webmail TGZ file in the Zimbra account.

Finally, The Solution Is Here

A workable method to migrate hMailServer messages to Zimbra is provided in this post. Interested users can try this on their own for free by downloading the trial version of the software. This edition permits users to thoroughly test the working of the software. But, the only limit of the free version is that it allows customers to export 25 mails for conversion.

You can experience a restriction-free service by purchasing the software’s full version to migrate hMailServer to Zimbra. Now you can finally say that “Yes, we have an effective and efficient solution to move hMailServer emails to Zimbra”.